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Resources DirectoryA Masterlist of Helpful Links
Below is a directory of potentially useful links covering all areas of the site for players to refer to. Bear in mind that players whose applications have not yet been accepted will not be able to view all the links provided. All credit for this idea goes to Euphemia Vane. If you have any questions (or suggestions on other pages to link), please PM Calypso Ross.

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Application-Related Pages
Relevant resources for: players who are about to apply or are in the process of applying for a student, adult, professor, or shop.

Rules & Guidelines. please read carefully before applying.

* Welcome To HS-net: a brief introduction to our site.
* Site Rules: code of conduct, character policies, character creation guidelines, posting & roleplaying guidelines.
* Site Rating: this must be followed at all times.
* FAQ I: further information about the site's structure, our universe, applications, character creation.
* FAQ II: further information about general roleplaying, character creation, and our online chat system.
* Shops & Subforums FAQ: information about applying for an Elsewhere shop.Application Templates.

* Student Application Template: applications for Hogwarts students are open in April, August, & December.
* Elsewhere Adult Application Template: applications for Elsewhere are always open. This template is for characters aged 17 and over.
* Elsewhere Child Application Template: applications for Elsewhere are always open. This template is for characters aged 16 and under. If Student applications are closed, you can always apply as a Child while you wait for them to open again!
* Hogwarts Professor Application Template: applications for Hogwarts professors are open in April, August, & December.
* Elsewhere Shop Application Template: applications for Elsewhere shops are always open.Other Useful Resources.

* Birth Year Guide: an easy way to figure out what year your student was born.
* Character Classifieds: stop by to see if any wanted characters catch your eye.
* Era Guides: useful references for historical & cultural contexts.
* Magical Schools List: a complete list of all magical schools in our site canon.
* Sample Applications: unsure about what to write in your application? Check out our sample applications for some great examples!
Character-Related Pages
Relevant resources for: face claims, special requests, the HS-net Wiki, retirement requests, blood status registration, rosters, wandlore.

Face Claims.

* Face Claim Thread: register your character's Face Claim here. Please read the rules before posting.
* Face Claim List: a list of taken Face Claims. Check your FC is available before claiming.
* Face Claim Check-In Information: useful information about FC check-ins. These occur every other term.Special Requests.

* Special Request Guidelines: information about submitting a special request.
* Special Request Templates: special requests may be submitted at any time.
* Special Characters Check-In Information: useful information about Special Characters check-ins. These occur every other term.
* Special Characters Roster: a complete list of our special characters.HS-net Wiki & Retirement.

* HS-net Wiki: there's tons of information on here, so search for a keyword & see what you find.
* Wiki How-To: a step-by-step guide on how to create a wiki page. Wiki character templates can also be found here.
* Retirement Process: see 'deleting a character' section.
* Retirement How-To: a step-by-step guide on how to retire a character.Other Useful Resources.

* Blood Status Registration: register for a blood status badge here. This is not mandatory, but many players enjoy having blood status badges on their character profiles.
* Hogwarts Roster: a complete list of current Hogwarts students & professors.
* Shops & Shopkeepers Roster: a complete list of our Elsewhere shops & shopkeepers.
* Wandlore: a list of wand woods, cores, lengths, and flexibilities.
Magic-Related Pages
Relevant resources for: magical rules, our levelling system.

Magical Rules.

* Magical Rules: a comprehensive guide to what your character can/cannot cast.
* Portkey FAQ: information about Portkey creation & use.Levelling System.

* Castle Levels I: a guide to earning magical levels at Hogwarts.
* Castle Levels II: further information on posting levels requests & grading advisors.
* Castle Levels Request Template: an example of what your levels request should look like.
* Elsewhere Levels FAQ: a guide to earning magical levels in Elsewhere.
* Elsewhere Levels How-To: a step-by-step guide on how to post levels requests.
* Elsewhere Levels Advisors: information on grading advisors.
* Elsewhere Levels Request Template: to be used to submit levels requests.
* Castle Dropouts Levels FAQ: a guide to 'castle dropouts' and their unique levelling system.
* Castle Dropouts Levels Request Template: to be used to submit levels requests.
Player-Related Pages
Relevant resources for: player & staff information, suggestions, the Gringotts Exchange, subscriptions.

Player & Staff Information.

* Memberlist: a complete list of every character. You can use this to search for specific members.
* Player Directory: a list of players and their characters. Players must add their player name to their characters' profiles to be registered on the Player Directory.
* Staff Directory: a complete list of our current staff & the areas that they work in. Please contact the relevant staff member or an administrator if you have any questions.
* Suggestion Box: send us your ideas, comments, & concerns.The Gringotts Exchange.

* Gringotts Exchange FAQ: a comprehensive guide to our Gringotts Exchange.
* Earning Points: a complete list of ways to earn Gringotts points.
* Tracking Points: a guide to tracking points & a points tracker template.
* Rewards List: a list of available rewards. Subject to change.
* Vault Request: post here to request a Gringotts vault & participate in the exchange.Subscriptions.

* Subscriptions FAQ: how they work & how to purchase one.
* Subscriptions How-To: a step-by-step guide to purchasing a subscription.
* Order a Subscription: purchase a subscription here.
Site Canon-Related Pages
Relevant resources for: Camp Loki, Elsewhere institutions, Hogwarts.

Camp Loki. open in april, august, & december for 10-18 year olds.

* Camp Loki Guide: information about Camp Loki's history, location, and structure.
* Camp Loki Rules: IC Rules for campers.Elsewhere.

* Ministry of Magic Directory: a list of Ministry departments. Further information can be found here.
* St. Mungo's Directory: a list of St. Mungo's departments.
* Broomsticks: a list of all available broomsticks.Hogwarts.

* Maps: maps of the castle & grounds.
* House Cup Winners: a list of previous House Cup winners.
* Quidditch Cup Winners: a list of previous Quidditch Cup winners.
* Broomsticks: a list of available broomsticks.
Site Plot-Related Pages
Relevant resources for: complete site plots, including the Time Warp and the Hexenreich/Resistance, current site plots (Social Reconstruction Committee).


* Site Plots Directory: a directory of site plot threads.
* The Daily Prophet: our main wizarding newspaper -- major events are announced IC here!Complete Site Plots.

* Time Warp I: a summary of our Time Warp site plot.
* Time Warp II: further information on the Time Warp & its effects.
* Hexenreich: a summary of our Hexenreich site plot.Current Site Plots.

* Social Reconstruction Committee: a summary of our SRC site plot so far.
Miscellaneous Pages
Relevant resources for: further character creation/development, graphics & coding, social media.

Character Development.

* A Masterlist of Writing Resources: compiled by Pandora Duke.
* Char!Facts threads: Elsewhere | Hogwarts | Summer. Character facts threads for your characters. Originally created by Tallulah Sloe.
* Character Padlets: moodboards for your characters. Brought to HS-net by Kadence Brannen.Graphics & Coding.

* Graphics & Coding Resources: colours, fonts, & coding walk-throughs. Can also be accessed at Hogwarts & Elsewhere.
* Avatars FAQ: useful information about avatars.
* Plot Pages FAQ: useful information about plot pages.
* Sample Plot Pages: available for all players to use.
* Graphics Subforums: Camp Loki | Hogwarts | Elsewhere. Players sometimes open graphics/coding shops here, so you can request avatars, plot pages, signatures, etc.Social Media. run by our site promo team!

* Tumblr: our official Tumblr page. Former tumblrs can be found here & here. Our Spellbound Student Newspaper archives can be found here.
* Facebook: our official Facebook page.
* Pinterest: our official Pinterest page.
* Twitter: our official Twitter page.


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