Zedric Flair

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Zedric Flair
Biographical Information
Full nameZedric Flair
Born9 December 1913
BirthplaceLondon, England
ResidenceFlair Manor, Windermere, Cumbria, England
Blood StatusPureblood, Human with Goblin Ancestry
EducationHogwarts, Slytherin
Physical Information
Family Information
SpouseElizabeth Flair
ChildrenMarlena Flair, Brokric Flair II
ParentsJimric Flair, Moolah Flair
SiblingsBull Flair, Luna Flair
Magical Characteristics
WandElm, Dragon heartstring, 7", Rigid
OccupationDivination Professor at Hogwarts
Former Occupation(s)Auror, Informant for Daily Prophet, Junior Auror, Auror Trainee


Zedric Flair was born into a "pureblood" wizarding family with the distant descent of goblins. His parents were overcome with joy when he was pulled out of the womb, as the first of his generation. Their family was full of strong men and women, though short in stature.

The Flair estate was comfortable. Neighbors assumed the jokes and myths of dwarves holding vast treasures from mining were true, and they wondered what other secrets the family held. There weren't many little people in his life besides his family. His cousins and siblings were his only playmates. He was the oldest of three children. His brother Bull is 4 years younger than him, and his sister Luna is 2 years younger than Bull.

He was picked on by the neighboring humans from an early age. His parents would occasionally forget him when they'd go on family trips, since he would often be hiding in nooks and crannies, reading about tales of Merlin. Once he became of schooling age, his teachers and classmates at Charm School helped him feel like he fit in. There were still the standard dwarf jokes tossed about at him, but for the most part, school was a good thing.

When the Sorting Hat placed him in Slytherin, he felt proud. His dad had been a Ravenclaw, and his mom had been a Ravenclaw. At that time, he would have much rather taken after his sturdy great-grandfather who was the only other Flair alive who was sorted into Slytherin. He excelled in school; although, at Hogwarts, he was never valedictorian of his year. His friend group consisted of mostly purebloods with a few half-bloods thrown in for sport. His personality was much bigger than he actually was. This got him into quite a few sticky situations before he was able to use his wand like a real wizard.

Relationally speaking, he didn't date anyone until after he graduated. He was once engaged to another girl of short stature, but he broke it off when he discovered she had been cheating on him with a full grown man. He broke it off silently, so not to destroy her publicly. His parents, infuriated with how he handled his personal life, then arranged his marriage to Elizabeth Savage, threatening to cut him out of the family if he refused. With no other choice, he wed Elizabeth, and they have two children, Marlena and Brokric. His marriage has been full of angst and tension.

His children annoy him to no end. He finds other kids much easier to get along with than his own. He was quite disappointed when Marlena was born. He had been hoping for a son, but the gods were not granting him any favors. She also took after the more stocky side of the family, so she would have a hard time fitting in with her classmates eventually, too. His second born has grown into a petite, little boy, taking after his mother's side. If both could have switched sizes and birth order, he would have been happier.


Zedric has been dedicated to his job at the Ministry; although, it has been hard to be accepted as a regular wizard due to size prejudices. Recently, Hawksworth has given him opportunities to teach the Aurors in Training, which Zedric has loved doing. The level of respect he has felt form the trainees has encouraged him to seek out teaching as a profession. He aspires to teach at Hogwarts, a school known for being open minded.

During his time at the Ministry, he continued to study and practice on his own. He has published a few books. The most notable is his guide to understanding and interpreting dreams called, Open Eyes, Visions & Dreams.

When the 1943-1944 school year ended, Zedric checked the professor position openings at Hogwarts. Magical Defence was available. He applied for it, but also submitted his resume for Charms and Divination in case there was heavy competition. The Headmistress deemed he would be fit for Divination, which was last on his list. This coming school year, he will be teaching on Dream Interpretation for the first time, using his own book.

During his first two years as Divination Professor, he continued to serve in the Ministry as an Auror and at the Daily Prophet as an Informant. At the start of the 1946-1947 school year, Zedric took a leave of absence from both positions outside of Hogwarts. With the Hexenreich in control, he felt he needed to devote his full attention to the protection of the students.

While at the school, he used his skills as an Auror to referee duels.



As a dwarf, Zedric is only 4'5" (1.35m). His hair is short to medium length and choppy, mostly brown. While much of his family are thicker and heavier, he remains one of the few of average weight. His face is a little rough from his years as an auror. His facial features are sharp, and his face is often between neutral and a grimace. He usually dresses himself stylishly with robes or three-piece suits. At grand functions, he might be seen using a cane.

Appearance information
Height 4' 5"; 1.35m
Weight 92lbs; 42kg
Eyes Black
Hair Brown
Build Average
Other Right-handed, occasional limp.


He was somewhat of a class clown during his years at Hogwarts; although, his time with the Ministry has strained his sense of humor. He tends to be a bit of a cynic. If in a foul mood or when disrespected, he turns to rude, blunt phrasing rather quickly. On rare occasions, he'll be the clown everyone wants. Some weekends, he volunteers in the kids wing of St Mungo's as an entertaining clown. He's a bit of a snippy, insecure adult, as could be expected. He's a little judgmental, due to the family he grew up in and the disapproving attitudes he has felt from many strangers and acquaintances.


  • Spellbound Editor 1928-1930
  • Spellbound Reporter 1924-1928

Family Tree

Jaikric Flair
Brokric Flair
Marlena Rhodes (deceased)
Jimric Flair
Zeus Savage (deceased)
Sable Savage
Bertha Phoenix (deceased)
Zedric Flair
Arn Dardak (deceased)
Hulk Dardak (deceased)
Trishina Martel (deceased)
Moolah Dardak
Dolph Martel (deceased)
Cherry Martel (deceased)
Elizabeth Flair (deceased)

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