Waldo Woodrow Angerville

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Waldo Woodrow Angerville
Biographical Information
Full nameWaldo Woodrow Angerville
Born16th October 1929
BirthplaceFordwich, Kent, United Kingdom (Presumed)
ResidenceHurst road 511c, Bexley, Greater London, United Kingdom
NationalityBritish (Presumed)
Blood StatusHalfblood
EducationHogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, Hufflepuff 1940-1945
ClassHufflepuff 1947 (Dropped out '45)
Physical Information
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourDark brown
Skin colourLight
Family Information
ParentsMother unknown; Edward Carstairs (deceased)
SiblingsBianca Carstairs (half-sister); Camilla Carstairs (half-sister)
Other Family MembersUnknown
Magical Characteristics
WandApple Wood, Griffin Claw Core; 11"; Rigid
PatronusNorth American Porcupine
OccupationMinistry of Magic; Magical Law Enforcement Department; Archivist & Administrative Assistant (1950-current);
Former Occupation(s)Kent County Council; Customer and Communities Department; Junior Archivist and Administrative Assistant (1945-1947); Ministry of Magic; Magical Law Enforcement Department; Archivist & Administrative Assistant-In-Training (1947-1950);


The psychological need to belong has always been compromised in the life of Waldo Woodrow Angerville. Always having found difficulty in settling down and accepting the way he misfitted the current context, always finding it hard to stay in one place for too long as he was driven by an unmistakable wanderlust which continually chases him from one place to the next. Uncertainties have always ruled his existence and plagued his ever busy mind, making him feel lost in the world more often than not - like the world is nothing more but an ill-fitting jacket he could not make himself comfortable in wearing.

Undiagnosed Condition Hyperthymesia

His undiagnosed case of hyperthymesia does not ease his search for answers. For this condition causes his mind to continuously replay past events and memories in response to the present happenings. This makes up for the fact that he lives more in the past than the present, his brain dwelling on events which have already occurred whilst finding it difficult to take in the present at the same time. It is difficult for him to distinguish the two and tell them apart, making him unable to tell whether he himself belongs more to his past memories or the present occurrences. It makes it hard for him to focus on the present at all times, especially if the present situation consists of social interactions. No matter how hard he would try, he would consistently prove himself to be incapable to follow along the lines of a conversation and fail to make sense of all the words linked together in sentences. Eventually, he finds himself to be pulled back into the past again and deviate from the conversation - posing himself involuntarily as rude. His condition, however, does not imply that his memory is infallible. Due to the continuous stream of recollections which passes his mind’s eye, he finds difficulty in recalling book knowledge and wisdom. The facts and the small little details would oftentimes surpass him, rendering his mind to be blank at moments he had to reproduce book knowledge. Waldo has always learnt best when he could practice, for as long as he would be able to link knowledge with a practice-gained past event, he would be able to reproduce it.

Infancy and Childhood (1929 - 1940)

Waldo was found on the doorstep of St Augustine's orphanage in Fordwich, Kent. He was wrapped up snugly in a little blanket, but still crying his little lungs out in search for attention and love. The caregivers who took him in had no idea where he had come from, whose child he was, why he had been left on the doorstep of an orphanage instead of kept and cherished by his parents, and nor did they know anything about who he was. There was no little note included which stated his name or his birthday. The caregivers simply had to guess at his birthday and made up a name for the little baby boy.


Hogwarts (1940 - 1945)


Dropping out and the muggle world (1945 - 1947)

Waldo dropped out of Hogwarts after a struggling fifth year and a rocky start of his sixth year. He encountered trouble in keeping up with the pace of the educational institute which expected him to push himself to the limits and to cross the borders of his comfort-zone, they expected him to perform better at the subjects he took and at least improve more steadily in the magical arts than he possibly could. He grew tired of the constant reminder that every single student around him was doing a better job than him, grew tired of having to watch how all his fellow students managed to gain skills before he did. But most of all, he grew tired of feeling like he kept them back and limited them in all they could potentially achieve.

After he dropped out of Hogwarts in November 1945, Waldo was unsure what to do with his life. He did not know where to go, but returning to the St. Augustine orphanage did not appeal to him much - mainly for the judgment he was sure he had to face whenever he came face-to-face with Miss Temple who surely would have been informed by his dropping out of Hogwarts. With nowhere else to go, Waldo decided that he wanted to start anew and what better place for that than to flee to the muggle world where he could start over with a clean slate. Expecting the muggle world to expect less of him than the wizarding world wherein everything was centered around one's magical abilities and skills, he was also sure that the muggle world was unaware of his shortcomings and flaws on that level. Anonymous as he was in his new environment, they knew next to nothing about his past mistakes and missteps and cared too little to find out.

Yet, although the muggle world was unaware of his past and everything he had been through before, Waldo’s mind continued to revel in the beauties of the past. No matter how hard he had attempted to run away from his past and his roots in the wizarding world, his past would always continue to haunt him and plague him with memories. The harder he tried to run away from it, the more he found himself to be pulled back into the memories and recollections of everything he had ever been. It did not help either that he was lonely and had little to no distractions to take his mind off the matters of the past, he reveled in all that had been and oftentimes found himself having lost an entire day as he drowned in the nostalgia his memories sparked.

In an attempt to console the past as a recurrent theme of his life, Waldo picked up a job as a junior archivist and administrative assistant at the Kent County Court, department Customer and Communities. His responsibilities included, but were not limited to, arranging and describing records acquired and appraised by the more experienced archivists whilst also being shown and taught by them how to acquire and appraise historical records himself, providing reference service by assisting users in interpreting collections and answering inquiries, preserving by keeping the working environment neat, organized and somewhat clean. He found it easier to allow himself to loose completely within the past than the present. Always trying to run away from the consequences his past decisions had for him and the ugliness with which they presented themselves, ever trying to dash the expectations and desires others had had for him. Trying, but never really succeeding.

Although he had turned his back on the wizarding world, he too realized that he could not forever ignore the fact that it had left an imprint on his entire life and thus belonged to the past he could not run from. The wizarding world had shaped his character and his personality, its society with all of its prejudices and the people which inhabited it had made him into the person he was now. And he very much enjoyed the anonymity that came with the muggle world, he too found that they could not relate well to him. They did not seem to get him at times, failed to understand some of his conclusions and references. It was clear, more clear than he perhaps wished it to be, that their minds worked on completely different levels which proved themselves to be incompatible. It was hard for him to realize that he simply did not fit in with the muggle world, much like how he had not managed to fit into the crowd during the first three years at Hogwarts. How he had been alone, spending his days in solitude and hoping that any holiday would soon arrive so that he could get back to the orphanage and revel in the forced sociality with the other orphans and unwanted children.

A shameful return (1947 - current)

He could not continue to fool himself for the rest of eternity and not go back to where presumably his roots lay. He returned, but there was no telling whether his past self survived. He returned to the wizarding world shamefully, like a beaten dog who returns home after having run away. He felt terribly ashamed for having run away, felt guilty of having left his friends behind without saying goodbye. Memories about his past acquaintances and friends had continued to haunt him during his stay in the muggle world, much like a broken record which tried to spark all-embracing destructive feelings of guilt and shame in his system. And it was because of the guilt and the shame that he did not try to get back in touch with everyone he had left behind before without even bidding them farewell, he was scared to come face to face with them again for he thought it to be inevitable to be judged for his impulsive flight. Judged to the extent that all of the memories he cherished of his friends and acquaintances would be tainted for the rest of his life, dark shadows cast over the happy moments he had shared with them before. He knew that he the breakage of ties had caused friendships to diminish to estranged friends who would never reconnect, but he at least deemed that to be the better alternative in comparison to being called out for and despised for what he had done.

Still out of touch with everyone whom he had ever known, Waldo picked up a job at the Ministry of Magic (Magical Law Enforcement Department; Archivist and Administrative Assistant in Training) with which he was able to either placate his troubled relationship with the past as well as hide between and behind the file cabinets in the futile hope that he would not have to reconnect with everyone he had fallen out of touch with.

But slowly and surely, as he settled back into the wizarding world, it seemed impossible not to reconnect with some of the people whom he had befriended during his time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, especially since some of them had come to work at the Ministry of Magic as well. It didn't take too long, for example, for Joy Detora to find him at the archives when she came down to get some files on the case she was working on. They picked up right where they had left and are now once again friends who occasionally meet up in either Joy's office, or at the Ministry of Magic cafeteria.

Other than getting into touch with those whom he had previously been in touch with but had lost sight of, he also made some new friends. Amongst those friends was Camila-Valentina Hervás, with whom he became close over the course of a couple of months. They ran into each other often enough at the Ministry of Magic where they both worked, albeit at different departments, and little bars. Their relationship fell apart after Camila confessed that she had fallen for Waldo and Waldo had turned her down since he did not reciprocate those romantic feelings for her. They have awkwardly avoided each other ever since and Waldo is pretty sure that their friendship is now over.

He also met Marjorie Laskos, the then girlfriend of Leander Laskos, who came looking for her boyfriend at the archives. When she found that Leander wasn't there, she instead got caught up in talking to Waldo. Ever since, the pair has been in touch over random visits and occasional letter writing to one another. Marjorie has also gifted Waldo's beloved cactus-friend Harold the cactus, who sits perched on the edge of his desk at the archives.

Another new face who turned out to be rather important in his life, was that of Bianca Carstairs. First, they just became friends. Then, Bianca started a quest of searching for her family. She had always known the name of her father, but had never been in touch with any of her paternal family since she was his bastard. Waldo became the one to give her unauthorized access to files in which either her father was mentioned or her family name appeared. A couple of months slipping her files under the table eventually resulted in Bianca doing the discovery that Waldo was in fact her half-brother. She had found in one of the files, a sudden monthly donation to an orphanage in Kent. Following up on this lead and visiting the orphanage St Augustine's, she found out that the one baby who had been brought in in October '29 (the first month of the then monthly donations) was Waldo. She derived from this shred of information that Waldo was her half-brother. After this discovery, Waldo and Bianca have been working hard on catching up on all the lost time and are trying to make up for it via sleepovers and hanging out together.

Another important storyline comes in place with the entry of Ronnie Jay Beckham into his life. Having met at Bryce and Co's Bakery, they bumped into each other several times after. They became close over several conversations, lunch dates, hanging out at Waldo's apartment, and Waldo babysitting Ronnie's kids for her. Even though Ronnie is married, Waldo has never met her husband, and it appears that Ronnie's intent on keeping it that way.


Waldo Woodrow Angerville can be best be described as a chamber plant because he is oftentimes found hiding behind one, often enough that he sort of resembles one. Physically, he does not stand out much like all other chamber plants do not either. The young man has always been very skinny with slim shoulders and a fragile-looking frame, one would easily think that he was either starving himself or had such a quick metabolism that his body simply does not store any fat - the latter option rings true and it indeed makes it easier for him to hide behind chamber plants when being as thin as they are. He is very tall for the 1940s, standing at 6'2 and generally towering over everyone else. He himself does not really like being that tall, so he generally just hunches slightly in order to appear smaller and not to be noticed as much.

Due to his build and still not quite sure how to control his lengthy limbs, he is very clumsy and tends to knock things over a lot. His gestures are oftentimes exaggerated, making him flap his arms around carelessly until he feels he's hit something - either some object nearby or another person.

Waldo has dark brown hair which is badly trimmed and always seem to fall into his eyes, making him reach up time after time in a futile attempt to rearrange it neatly. He himself fails terribly at rearranging it, so his friends have taken it upon themselves to serve as his occasional hairdresser and lend him pink clips which make his hair stand in place. The young man has dark brown eyes to the extent that they almost seem to be black, and it always appears like he is looking straight through his conversational partners - this dreamy gaze is a result of his hyperthymesia and he cannot really help it.

He is very expressive, and it is very easy to read his facial expressions. Although he generally walks around with a whimsical smile on his face, he too can oftentimes be found with big scared eyes and a trembling lower lip as a deer in the headlights or a scared little puppy.

Personality Description

Waldo Woodrow Angerville would be described as an ENFP personality, which means that he is the campaigner (turbulent variant). They are said to be true free spirits and fiercely independent, which explains Waldo's wanderlust which disables him to ever feel like he is truly at home and that he really belongs somewhere. He is always looking and searching for something which approximates the feeling of being home more than his current situation, always trailing on and therewith compromising his need to belong even more. He never really seems to settle down and take a moment to reflect on his life to make better future-oriented decisions based on experiences which hail from former bad judgment. One should praise oneself lucky if one can capture his attention and make him settle down if only for a bit and actually connect with him. Waldo is the happiest when he can craft social and emotional connections with others, trying to connect with people to placate his wanderlust if only a bit. He longs to find that deeper meaning in connections with others, relying more on his emotions and compassion than he does on his ratio. But that does not mean that Waldo is the most loyal of friends. This young man too is very prone to projection and that is oftentimes the reason for him to break ties with others. to assume that he knows exactly what another person is thinking from him and acting accordingly. This makes up for the fact that he relies too much on his intuition, that he assumes or anticipates too much about his friend's motivations and therewith easily misreads signals to the extent that he is quick to break ties with someone if he feels like it is better for the other person to not be connected with him. This is not a trait of apathy, it is more a token of self-sacrifice, wanting others to be happy and not wanting to hold them back.

Waldo can be praised for his curiosity, he wants to experience things even if he has to step out of his comfort zone to do so. This is a trait which is clearly visible in the way he picked up Quidditch in his fourth year of Hogwarts whilst he was well aware that he was a disaster on a broom, but it can also be distinguished in how he temporarily left the wizarding world and enter the muggle world which was so much unlike everything he had ever known. Waldo too is observant to a fault, which partly can be blamed on his hyperthymesia, his mind does not make the distinction between relevant and irrelevant actions but indeed just hits the save-button on simply every experience Waldo has. This young man is very easily excitable (had he been a little puppy, his tail would always have been wagging happily) and wishes to scare all interesting findings with all of his friends, he cannot easily be tempered in his enthusiasm as he tends to bounce around uncontrollably whilst still succeeding to get the message across well. All this adaptability and spontaneity comes together to form a person who is approachable, interesting and exciting, with a cooperative and altruistic spirit and friendly, empathetic disposition. ENFPs get along with pretty much everyone, and their circles of friends stretch far and wide.

He is clumsy to a fault, he is not the most practical. This can be blamed on the fact that he rather envisions how something could happen instead of actually acting on them, he is an idealists who only manages to get things done when the praxis aligns perfectly with his ideas about it. This alignment is essential for him to remain focused on the task at hand, for he tends to get distracted easily when the task does not interest him in the slightest. Even though he is an ENFP, that does not mean that he cannot perform administrative work well, in fact, he was made for the job. As his head constantly plagues him with memories, he finds comfort and relaxation in something which is more organized than his mind, it somehow manages to calm him down and indirectly create order out of the chaos that is his thoughts. ENFPs don't take things at face value – they look for underlying motives in even the simplest things. He is very sensitive, and care deeply about others' feelings. This empathetic nature oftentimes results in people turning to him for guidance and help, which easily overwhelms him as he finds it hard to turn people down.