Vera Cole

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Vera Cole
Full nameVera Laine Cole (nee Hudson)
Born16 October 1917
BirthplaceLondon, UK
Died12 July 1952
Place of deathSt. Mungo's
Cause of deathChildbirth
Former occupationNurse
ParentsAnthony Hudson & Ellen Pearce
SiblingsAmber Hudson, Russell Hudson, Rosemary Hudson, Fredrick Hudson, Ruby Hudson, Lawrence Hudson


Vera was born October 16, 1955 to Anthony Hudson and Ellen Pearce. She came from a very Catholic family, and was the third of seven children. Her father was in the military and moved around, and when Vera was 9, they moved to France. As Vera grew older and received her Beauxbatons letter, her parents disapproved, but Vera’s maternal grandfather convinced her parents she should go, revealing that his sister had also been a witch.

Vera spent her first two years of magic school at Beauxbatons, until they moved back to England when Vera was thirteen, sending her to Hogwarts. There she was sorted into Hufflepuff, and through her adventurous nature made many friends of all houses. She often worked in the Infirmary and also was a Beater in Quidditch for a couple of years. She participated in Dueling Club as well, and eventually became a Hufflepuff prefect.

After many lost loves, Vera met a Gryffindor around her 5th or 6th year, Asher Cole. He was a year ahead of her and graduated to become an Auror. During her 7th year, he proposed and she said yes. During this year, she made plans with her younger sister, Rosemary, to meet for coffee and discuss wedding plans. Vera was closest with Rosemary of her siblings, and she was going to be her maid of honor. However, once at the coffee shop, there was an explosion. Vera made it out, but Rosemary didn’t.

After Vera graduated, she became a nurse. She and Asher got married, and shortly afterwards was the Time Warp. At first, it was very upsetting to Vera, being years behind the rest of her muggle family, but as time went on, the memories of the event faded. To her knowledge, her father died in war, and her siblings and mother died in other acts of war.

About a year after the time warp, Vera gave birth to her first daughter, Julia. When Julia was about two, the family moved out of muggle London and into the magical community to try to escape the war. Vera would try to teach Julia about the muggle world, but it was difficult. Vera feared losing what little family she had left and never let Julia go too far from her sight.

About 2 years after leaving the muggle world, Vera had another daughter, Miranda. When the British Force happened, Vera didn’t know where else to turn. It suddenly wasn’t safe anywhere. She homeschooled Julia and Miranda and didn’t let them participate in any activities outside the home. Due to this, the two girls became socially inept. When Julia’s Hogwarts letter came in, Vera was terrified, but Asher reassured her that Julia would be safe at Hogwarts. Vera reluctantly agreed with Asher that Julia needs to learn how to properly use magic, and Asher convinced Vera to try to get out more herself and apply to St. Mungo’s.

Vera has become a bit more lax as she's gotten older and the war has faded. In addition to Julia and Miranda, she also had a son, Ren, another daughter, Dahlia, and one final daughter, Mara. Her pregnancy with Mara was difficult, and she wound up dying giving birth. However, since she has spent most of her adult life fearing her family being separated, or her kids losing a parent like she had, she became a ghost.

Since becoming a ghost a year ago, she has stayed at home to help her family adjust, and make sure her newborn was getting proper care. But it's been heartbreaking to not be able to hold her baby, or hug her toddler without the small girl crying because 'Mommy's cold'. Her smaller children of course don't understand why, so she decided the best course of action for her was to watch over her children at Hogwarts. So in September of 1953, Vera went to Hogwarts with Miranda to teach Magical Art.

Unfortunately, being a ghost teaching something you can't do anymore wound up being more difficult than she imagined. So, in September of 1954, she came back as the Astronomy Professor, hoping it would be more her style since it didn't require any magic or hands-on learning.

After 4 terms of teaching Astronomy, Vera decided to compromise with her love of art and teach Magical Theatre. Sometimes these would include spending the term working on a play to perform at the end of term. However, after 3 terms of that, realized that perhaps her ghostliness was still too limiting for that.

As of the 1961-62 term, Vera has officially become the school Librarian, and is hoping to have found a position at Hogwarts she can finally settle down into.