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Tod Climbrock
Full nameTod Climbrock
Blood Statuspureblood
EducationHogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry


Tod is the only son of an average pureblood couple. His father works Cleansweep, helping to design new brooms, while his mother works as a clerk at a flower shop. He grew up in a fairly strict household with his worry wart of a mother who passed her hypochondria and germaphobia onto her son, and his bookworm father that assign him reports to do on random subjects in addition to his studies and throughout his breaks.

Personality and look

Tod is the quintessential example of what many think of as a stereotypical Ravenclaw. He is a wealth of useless facts that no one really wants to know, and always seems to share them at the most inconvenient times. He lives inside of books and whenever his nose is not buried in one, it is pointed up in the air telling whoever you are how you are wrong. Known to whistle when he breathes, especially when he snores, and lacking anything resembling people skills, Tod has few friends amd spends most of his time studying or following Patrick Primbleton around. However, he has decided to lend his services to the Ravenclaw quidditch team in exchange for the chance at being cooler. Tod is short, and is never seen without his overly-large glasses. He tends to stay in his school robes because his fashion choices often earn him taunting. He has blue eyes and a mop of light brown hair.