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Thomas F.S Ellwood-Luxe
Biographical Information
Full nameThomas Flavian Scorpius Ellwood-Luxe
Born14th February 1930
BirthplaceLlanwyth Court, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, Great Britain
ResidenceLlanwyth Court, South Wales
NationalityBritish (Welsh Descendant & Heritage)
Blood StatusPureblood
Physical Information
Family Information
ParentsRafael Ellwood-Luxe (Father) Holly Ellwood-Luxe (nee Darcy) (Mother)
SiblingsEileen Ellwood-Luxe
Other Family MembersThe Ellwood-Luxe Family
Magical Characteristics
Wand15 1/8 Inches, Elder Wood, Dragon Heartstring, Unyielding.

Thomas Flavian Scorpius Ellwood-Luxe (b. 14 Feb 1930) is the eldest child and only son of Rafael and Holly Ellwood-Luxe (nee Darcy), and since birth has been the heir to the headship of the cadet branch of the Ellwood-Luxe Family. Upon his birth, it was declared by the local newspaper, a full front page spread with the bold heading The Ellwood-Luxe Clan Grows, the local mayor personally visited the family, presenting them with a gold dinner set as a gift.



His youth is largely dictated of that by rules and conventions, although unbeknownst to him, due to his young age, there was internal family war being declared. His father believed (and still believes) in the old ways, with the usual wet nurse to feed the baby, with nannies to take care of them while he and his wife would attend dinner parties, host luncheons, and visit the local village. However, his wife contradicted him, wanting to bring up her baby boy on her own, without the need of others, as she believed that is what a mother should do, she was modern compared to her husbands eccentric roots. Ultimately, Holly won the battle but not the war. After six months of rearing her son herself, she discovered that she was pregnant once more, Rafael finally got what he wanted and a wet nurse along with a nanny was employed at the family home of Llanwyth Court.

His childhood was heavily influenced by various other family members (to his fathers distaste for it was not his influence that was taken in Thomas' you). Apollinarius Ellwood-Luxe, at the time of his birth was head of the main branch of the family, and such met the youngling at various family gatherings, however Thomas would not remember anything about him in his teenage years, the only memory he has of him is when he received the family signet ring which was given on his third birth (Apollinarius knowing his death was imminent). When Apollinarius passed, one would expect the toddler to turn to his father in his hour of upset, however he did not, he turned to Marcellus Ellwood-Luxe, who gave him the guidance he needed. Thomas considered him to be his first friend, and when he too passed, Thomas just eight years old, he understood what happened this time, and he shut down. He would refuse food, reciting 'I want Cell to come back' (Cell being his nickname for Marcellus). It was however, his grandfather, Christophe who got Thomas to eat again, having taken his grandson to the fair that was in the local village.

Finally, Thomas suck guidance from his father. Even though Marcellus left an everlasting effect on Thomas (who to this day he still prays too), it was Rafael who influenced him the most. Due to him maturing, Rafael taught his son the values of family, that family was more than anything, so long as he had family, he would have a place in the world. He taught him also how to select the right group of friends, preaching his love for blood purity, informing Thomas he would find liars, who lied about their blood status in order to gain status within society. These were people Rafael warned him not to acquaint himself with. Something Holly discouraged, Holly believed it was more about the person than the status they held. However, Rafael taught him to be ambitious, to conquer the world before it conquered him, and so Thomas remained brave, and it could be said that this was the beginning of his thrill seeking ways.


First Year (1941)

It was all excitement for Thomas during his first year at Hogwarts, the fact he was sorted into the house of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, made a good start to the year for Thomas. Ultimately, Thomas settled into Slytherin like a fish to water, becoming that boisterous, brash child that he had always been, it was something that he would become well known for, among students as well as professors who taught him. Where many of his peers became accustom to other peers, he was more selective when it came to choosing who he would offer his friendship. So, for the first week or so, he remained friendless until he finally choose who he would become friends with. All of which, were purebloods, he made sure of that. This was his fathers idealistic mind coming through him, something he would begin to neglect as time went on, meaning he would become friends with someone based on their personality rather than their blood status. This could be considered his mothers side to him, her modern edge having rubbed off on him over his years as a toddler, and pre-adolescent years.

It was in his first year that Thomas actually got to compete on a quidditch team for the first time. He had fallen in love with the sport prior to arriving at Hogwarts, yet he ha never played on a team before, and so when he arrived, he was ecstatic to learn that there would be team trials, in which he attended with his friends. Him and Xavier Abercrombie (NPC) were the only two to make the team out of their group of friends, and so they grew somewhat closer together, them two sharing something special, a mutual admiration and love for one another. Xavier himself would be his second kiss ever, in their third year, prior to his death, which would leave an everlasting effect on Thomas for the foreseeable future and all the way through his adulthood. Much like the deaths of his grandfather, Marcellus and Apollinarius also, all effecting him in someway.

His first year passed rather fast for Thomas, perhaps too fast for his liking upon reflection, though he appreciated every moment of it, and can still remember the look upon his charms professors face when he could already perform Wingardium Leviosa without a hitch. He made several memories, swimming in the big lake, almost drowning in the lake, playing quidditch, having various laughing fits as he simply had fun with his friends. He left his first year at Hogwarts with a rampant grin, a grin that has stuck with him, or so his professors have told him. That iconic Ellwood-Luxe side smirk that sets himself apart in yet another way, compared to that of some of his other peers.

Second Year (1942)

Third Year (1943)

His third year was perhaps the year that he would much rather forget, he knew that it would all go downhill when he had missed the train to Hogwarts. However, with the aid of his fathers apparating abilities, he managed to arrive at Hogwarts with the rest of his friends, though the Headmistress Ivanova was rather perplexed as to why his father was there. He found it rather trivial when his father told him he'd had a cup of tea with her... he never drank tea in his life, it was coffee or nothing. Nevertheless, this was the beginning of the year from hell, the year where everyone tried him, in more ways than one. Considering his first year was now over two years ago, there was more firsts in this year than his actual first year at Hogwarts.

Firstly, his danger seeking ways seemed to grow when he was invited to what was a 'Cliff Diving' party, essentially a party upon a cliff that included drinking, music, a little food too and eventually the big showcase of the evening, hurling oneself off the edge of the cliff and into the lake below. It was this move that his popularity begun to rise, getting approval from older seventh and sixth years that ha organized the entire event, they were impressed and did not seen him as a twiddling little third year, but a rather cool, slightly bonkers, ambitious kid that was alright to hang around with. It was this jump that started his ways, he had grown in courage in order to conquer better and bigger things, it would power his drive to leap from his broom in a bid to help win the Quidditch Cup by catching the seeker several hundred feet above the ground among the crowds. (This was among his more favorable moments of his third year)

Another first (and only time) was kissing his best friend, Xavier Abercrombie. It was a mutual agreement, they both had feelings, they simply wanted to explore these, and so hidden from view within the stands at the Quidditch Pitch, they kissed each other. It was Thomas' first kiss with a boy, having kissed his other (close-ish) friend, Catherine who he liked to admire, she was beautiful witch, and even to this day (prior to Thomas being with Caleb) can be found stealing drunken kisses from time to time. Depending on their mood, situation and respect for one another, he often respected Kate for her persistence, beauty, behavior and love. For she loved everyone, against her parents permission of course, but she could often be seen hanging around with a muggleborn, halfblood and even a pureblood if she felt like it.

On May 4th of 1944, Xavier passed away. He had been involved in a Quidditch incident, he had been knocked from his broom, causing him to fall hitting his head severely, the nurses did what they could until he arrived at St.Mungo's. Where nurses, doctors and healers prolonged the inevitable until his parents could arrive. Thomas having gone with him, along with the Headmistress as the game was called off. His parents arrived just in time, being their for all of fifteen minutes until his heart finally gave out, leaving all parties around his bed heartbroken, tears streaming down their faces. Perhaps the biggest light within Thomas' light had been put out, sending him into a month long depression. Everyone who tried to speak to them were shot down, with slurs, he refused food for several days until he was put in the Hospital Wing and his parents informed. However, it was at Xavier's funeral almost a month later that he was brought out of said depressed state with five simple words. Isabelle (Xavier's mother) said; "He loved you, you know". This was his fourth death in thirteen years of life. This perhaps being the hardest on him, leaving devastating effects.

Having lost Xav, he found that he himself was lost. He had lost his best, closest friend that he had ever known, he'd never been close to anyone, and so his body automatically felt that he had no one, he was a nobody. However, it was around this time that he befriended Caius Thorne. They had spoke before this though, they both had a mutual hatred towards potions, neither could do it and so the foundation of their friendship was based upon their failures. Even though Caius was in the year above, he didn't find him scary, when laughing together, he did not seem scary, not at all. However, there was a brief moment in which someone said he had replaced Xavier as if he had just been a piece of gum. The fight that followed would render Thomas on a months suspension, along with a black eye and broken nose. He would never replace Xavier, no one could possibly reach him. (Though Caleb does come close, closest anyone has ever gotten).

Fourth Year (1944)

Fifth Year (1945)

Sixth Year (1946)

Seventh Year (1947)


Conjuring & Summoning: O [Outstanding]

Charms: E [Exceeds Exceptions]

Divination: E [Exceeds Exceptions]

Transfiguration: A [Acceptable]

Astronomy: E [Exceeds Exceptions]





Thomas owns four dogs, all of them Labrador Retrievers (it was his breed, like his mother had Corgis, his father had German Shepard's, Eileen - she wasn't bothered about dogs, she much preferred her cats). The oldest being just four years, named Lupo, sisters (three years old) Regina and Empress, and the youngest being just a year old, Lady. All four dogs live in the house, rather than the kennels where his fathers five, and his mothers six dogs reside. He keeps them in the large house against his fathers word, and even his mothers word when he has just taken them out into the grounds for their annual morning and evening walk. Thomas also owns a pet snake, named Anakin. He is of jet black colour and remains in a large glass tank, for his mother would not have it running loose around the manor, especially with his dogs and Eileen's millions of cats running around.