Tegan Owensby

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Tegan Owensby
Biographical Information
Full nameTegan Rhian Owensby
Born29 October 1921
ResidenceWith Lynne Owensby, resident unknown
Blood StatusHalfblood
Physical Information
Family Information
ParentsMichael Gray (halfblood), Meredith Owensby (halfblood)
SiblingsSamael Gray
Other Family MembersThe Gray family
Magical Characteristics


Something wasn’t right. Tegan didn’t know the strange man standing on her porch. The small girl looked back down at the sandcastle she was trying to build, knowing her mother would take care of the situation. But when she looked up the second time and he wasn’t there, she assumed her mother knew him and let him in. After a couple of minutes though, she realized that things were quiet. Too quiet. Tegan could usually hear music or other sounds from the house, drifting through the one or more windows that Meredith left open during the warmer months.

After another minute of silence, Tegan got out of the sandbox, slowly making her way up the steps. The door was locked. Her small hands grasped at the handle, trying unsuccessfully to twist it open. She tried knocking, but neither her mother nor the strange man opened the door. Panic started to rise, and her knocking became louder, accompanied now with a frantic voice.

“Mama? Open the door. Mama! I need in. Mama!”

Why didn’t she answer? Tegan was scared now; she just wanted in the house. Tears slid down her puffy cheeks as she sat down behind the plant on the porch, not really knowing what she was supposed to do now. Just wait? Maybe the door would open eventually. After what seemed like forever, she heard a noise, and stood up quickly as the door finally opened. But instead of her mother coming out, it was the man.

Tegan sniffed loudly, only able to look up at him for a second before averting her gaze. His eyes were scare, and she didn’t understand the way he was looking at her, but Tegan didn’t like it. Instinctively, she took a step back when he touched her, but not before the stranger ran a couple of fingers down the side of her face. if her own tears hadn’t already dampened her cheeks, she might have noticed the trail he left behind. As it were, she simply let him guide her, confused, as the man opened the door and led her inside.


Her voice timid, Tegan didn’t hear the door behind her close and lock. She was focused on finding her mother. The house was dark, and there was a strange liquid on the ground as Tegan rounded the corner and entered the living room...

Spring, 1931

“Tegan! Wake up! You’re ok!”

There was a screaming, loud and scared, and after a moment she finally realized it was coming from her own voice. Her aunt stood over Tegan, wand out, trying desperately to get the girl to calm down. When the child showed no sign of quieting, she touched her wand to her niece's head, whispering an incantation. Almost immediately, the screaming stopped, and Tegan’s heart rate began to slow.

“It’s ok, honey. I’m here. It was just a dream.”

She got into the bed beside Tegan, the small girl scooting over and wrapping her arms around the woman’s waist. With her head against her chest, the child held tight, trying to focus on the Welsh lullaby coming from her aunt. Everything would be ok. It was just a dream. Slowly, her eyes closed again and it wasn’t long before she drifted back to sleep, this time peaceful. For Lynne though, it was a while before she went to sleep. After making sure her niece was asleep, she went to the kitchen and wrote a note to the Ministry worker in charge of Tegan’s situation. This was strange behavior. For a whole week now, the girl had been having nightmares. And even though she wouldn’t say what they were about, her aunt was pretty sure if was of that one memory that was supposed to be wiped from her mind.

She had been warned, that a memory wipe of a girl so young could have problems. The magic could fade, and the memories could come back, as the girl grew up and her mind got stronger. But that was a risk that Lynne was willing to take. She just didn’t want her 5 year old niece to have continual memories of the day her mother was murdered.

Lynne and her husband took Tegan into their home shortly after the murder. Unfortunately, there was a lot of damage to the girl from the incident. Not only had she seen the murderer, but she had been locked in the house for a whole day before someone had come by and discovered the scene as well. By that time, Michael was long gone, and the only thing they could do was try and help their traumatized niece recover from the situation. The Obliviators had been a last choice, when nothing else was helping.

Tegan hadn’t been eating, or talking, or doing anything, really. Well, she cried a lot. But she was inconsolable and it was getting to the point that if something wasn’t done, it would be threatening to Tegan’s own life. So they made the decision that taking a chance with an obliviation was better that seeing her like that.

And it had worked. After their visit to the Ministry of Magic, Tegan’s demeanor completely changed. There were still things they had to work though. Like the fact that her mother was gone, and they had to help the girl come to terms with that. All the Obliviators did was wipe out the memory of those two days, the terrifying details of the situation. But her mother was still dead, that as something they couldn’t have wiped from her memory. With time though, things got a little better for the young girl, although Lynne always worried that there were things going on in Tegan’s mind that she wasn’t sharing with her aunt and uncle.

Having no children of her own, Lynne tutored Tegan at home, teaching her the skills that the girl would have learned in primary school. She didn’t want to risk Tegan having an episode or something going wrong and her not being able to be there for the girl. So Tegan learned her schooling at home, along with the basics of magic that were appropriate for her age. When it came time for Tegan to attend Hogwarts, she would be ready for that situation, Lynne wanted to make sure of it.

Tegan grew, and learned a lot, and with time, she stopped being so shy and her real personality came out. She was outgoing, lively, just like her mother had been. never afraid to talk to a stranger, Tegan was a welcomed presence at any occasion. Her aunt did noticed how the girl tended to stay away from men of a particular physical appearance, but said nothing of it. She didn’t want to bring up the past if Tegan really was moving past it. Besides, she had been obliviated, there was no way the girl should really know what her mother’s murderer had looked like.

Until the nightmares started. After a week of them, her aunt had taken Tegan to the Ministry, to see what they could do about the situation. But it was different this time. Since she didn’t actually have the memories consciously, it wasn’t something that could be easily targeted and eliminated. Tegan could remember the dream for about the first five minutes or so after she woke up, but when her day went on and she focused on something else, she would forget about it all together. This wasn’t about getting rid of the conscious memory of a person. The subconscious was a lot more difficult, even with their magic.

November, 1931

“Who’s the man in my dream?”

The question came as a surprise to Lynne, because Tegan had never asked talked about the dreams before. But when she had another nightmare, shortly after her tenth birthday, she actually asked questions about it, instead of just falling back asleep.

Lynne shifted on the bed, contemplating her answer, hoping really that she could just ignore it and Tegan would fall back asleep.

“Aunt Lynne?”

She had to tell her. The girl had a right to know, even if she was only ten. The nightmares would continue, and knowing Tegan, her aunt was sure this would be something that would bother Tegan, and the girl would try to get her answer every night until she did. She was a very determined child.

“Tegan...” Lynne sat up, causing Tegan to do the same. “He’s...it’s complicated...” There was no easy way to say it.

“He’s your father.”

Eyes wide, the girl’s head filled with multiple thoughts and questions at the same time, but she didn’t express any of them. They had never spoken about her father before. Even from what she could remember with her mother, Tegan’s father was not a topic that was ever brought up. It had always just been Tegan and her mom and she was happy that way. She had no reason to ask about the absence of the male figure in her life.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Concern laced her tone, Tegan’s aunt was worried that this day would come and wasn’t sure how the girl would handle it.

“No.” A simple word, and nothing more, and Tegan laid back down and willed herself to fall asleep again. She didn’t want to talk about it, her father was a subject she would rather ignore, especially now that she knew what he had done.

The next year passed quickly, and Tegan had never brought up the question of her father’s identity. The nightmares continued, and as time passed, she would slowly remember more of them. So the spring before she was to start at Hogwarts, when the attack happened on the school, one of the faces of the attackers was already a clear face in her mind. Her aunt saw the papers first, and tried to hide them from the girl, but it was no use. The news was everywhere in public, and Tegan couldn’t avoid discovering that her father had been a part of the attack on the place where she as soon to study.

Still, she didn’t talk about it. And she didn’t tell Lynne that she knew, even though she was sure her aunt was aware of the fact. Tegan would rather just forget about it. No one else knew her connection, and she was intent on keeping it that way. So if she didn’t talk about it, maybe no one else would.

She just wanted to attend Hogwarts, have a normal schooling, and trying to not think about him at all. The nightmares of course, made that difficult, but that was something she would have to deal with when the time came to actually move in to the castle.

March 8, 1937

"Do you have any idea how worried we were? We had no idea where you had gone. Anything could have happened to you!"

Tegan sat in the samll chair i their hotel room, while her aunt paced in front of her., stopping occassionally to glare and shake her head. Her uncle, the more quiet of the pair, sat in the other chair, nt saying a word, disappointment etched across his features.

"And don't even try to excuse yourself just because you left a note. We tell you what to do, not the other way around. what if something had happened to you? How are we to protect you if we don't know where you are? Honestly Tegan, I thought you were smarter than this?"

The teenagers had been quiet until this point, knowing it was better to let Aunt Lynne get out her steam before saying anything. But now she stood, her voice raising as well.

"I am smart. And I was careful! Do you think I just haphazardly went running through the streets? I kept my eyes open for him. I steered clear of the Ministry. I'm back here and safe, aren't I? Why can't you trust that I know how to take care of myself?"

"Because you're only fifteen! You can't use magic out in public. And you can't even apparate. You have no way to defend yourself!"

"I had plenty of protection. Charlie would never let anything happen to me!"

The name was out of her mouth before she realized it, and Tegan's eyes went wide, sitting back down as her uncle stood.

"Who's Charlie?!? Not only did you run off, but you were with some guy we don't know? Who is he? How do you know him?"

"He's a friend. From school. He's a good guy, I promise!"

"From Hogwarts? What was he doing in London then, instead of at school?"

Oh. That was a tricky question. Because Tegan knew her aunt and uncle wouldn't like the answer at all. But the full answer wasn't hers to give. She would have to embellish her answer a little bit.

"Well...he's not at Hogwarts right now. He's being privately tutored. He's been in London since last year."

That wasn't completely lying. Tegan wasn't going to tell them the rest of it, because then they would surely ban her from ever communicating with him again. And she wasn't going to let that happen.

"And I don't think it matters who I was with. I told you I would be back, and I am. I just needed to get out for a while, is that so hard to understand? I feel like I'm a prisoner, and I've never done anything wrong. It's not fair!"

Her aunt stopped pacing, hurt obvious in her face. “Tegan...”

“No! I’m done listening to you. I’m almost an adult, but I’ve got less freedom than kids half my age. You’re worried, that’s fine. You can go hide all you want. But I’m sick of hiding, and I’m sick of my life being less because you fear him. I want to stop all of this moving around. I want to go back to Hogwarts!”

“You know we can’t do that. We have to keep you safe.”

“No! I’m plenty safe there! I will go back. If you don’t let me then, then I’ll just run away!”

Jumping up from the chair, Tegan ignored any attempts to stop her and pushed passed her aunt. She went into her own room, adjacent to her aunt’s slamming and locking the door behind her.

March 9, 1937 Morning

The atmosphere was tense that morning as Tegan joined her family at the table. She had locked her door after their argument, only speaking enough to assure them that she was still there when her aunt asked for her. The girl had woken up and got ready without so much as a “Good morning” to the occupants in the other room. Now she sat down at breakfast, determined not to speak a word to either of them.

Tegan knew they had been up all night talking. Charms could keep her from hearing the conversation, but she could see the light under the door. She knew when they went to bed. But Tegan wasn’t going to ask what they had discussed. They would have to speak first if they wanted her to talk to them.

“Tegan...” her uncle began, and the teen barely looked up from her toast to acknowledge him. “Your aunt and I were talking fora while last night, as I’m sure you know.”

“And first of all, I want to say that you’re not out o trouble. What you did yesterday was careless and selfish. you thought only of yourself, not caring at all what sort of worry you put your aunt and I through. We’ve worked hard to protect you, and if something happened, all of that work would be pointless. And it would break our hearts. You know we think of you as a daughter. We couldn’t bear to lose you.”

She knew that. Tegan never doubted that her aunt and uncle wanted to keep her safe. She just thought they were too paranoid about the situation with her father. They were more scared than she was, and Tegan had witnessed more of him and what he could do.

“However,” her uncle continued, “We are willing to consider letting you return.” Finally, Tegan looked up surprised. “As long as you meet our conditions. No more running off like you did yesterday. If you want to meet up with your friend, we’ll talk about it, and try to arrange something. But not on your own.”

“And you have to trust and listen to us, be on your best behavior until the fall. No more arguing, no fighting, and no attempts to sway our decisions. If your behavior proves you really want this, then we’ll let you go back.”

She couldn’t believe it, they were actually agreeing! Tegan looked at her aunt, and Lynne was nodding in agreement. This was truly happening.

“What about the summer camp? Can I go to that too?”

“Don’t push it, Tegan.” Her aunt finally spoke up. “We’ve agreed to the fall. Let’s see how your behavior is, and maybe we’ll talk about the summer.”

“But...” Tegan started to protest, but thought better against it. “Okay, fine. I’ll agree.”

A short pause.

“Thank you.”


Tegan has changed a lot in the past year. Where as she used to be pretty friendly with people, she's become more closed off and selective about who she considers a friend. She will still talk to people, but Tegan is cautious about with whom she shares important information about her life. Due to past circumstances, Tegan used to have a strong aversion to males, preferring to not let them into her 'circle of trust' at all. But she has realized that not all males are like her father, so she is starting to branch out more in her interactions with them.

While before, Tegan might have been content with just going along with how things were, doing what was requested of her, a year of being in 'hiding' with her aunt and uncle has made her feel shackled, and she's more keen to do the things she wants to do, no matter what anyone else says. She'll listen to those in charge, but only as long as it doesn't directly interfere with what she wants. If it does, she'll feign compliance, and then go do her own thing anyway. After being forced to follow her aunt and uncle for a year, she thinks that she deserves to get her own way. And will make sure that happens.


Hair still blonde, it stopped retaining it's tight curls after an incident during her 3rd year. Tegan prefers it grown out long, and prides herself in her hair. She either wears it straight, or with large curly waves.

Standing about 5'1", she obviously did not inherit the height of her father. But what she lacks in height, Tegan makes up in demand and voicing herself. This petite girl isn't a push-over!