Sylvia Renn

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Sylvia Renn
Biographical Information
Full nameSylvia Rose Renn
BornSeptember 15th, 1934
BirthplaceCardiff, Wales
ResidenceRenn Estate
Blood StatusPureblood
Physical Information
Family Information
ParentsRoselyn and Fredrick Renn
SiblingsTabitha (elder sister), Bran and Steffan (twin eldest brothers), Hope (nee Northcutt) married to Steffan
Other Family MembersRenn family
Magical Characteristics
Wand11 3/4 in. sycamore wand, with a blend of unicorn hair and fairy wing core (springy)



Sylvia grew up in a very tight-knit family, consisting of two eldest twin brothers, an elder sister, and her parents, Roselyn and Fredrick Renn. Sylvia was the fourth, and last, of the Renn siblings, taking the infamous 'baby of the family' position. Doted on by both parents and siblings, Sylvia lived an easy childhood of dresses, frills, toys, and as many books as she could read.

She began to read at an early age from bothering her siblings as they tried to study. In an attempt to make her go away, her sister Tabitha, would read her 'boring' History of Magic textbook aloud, which backfired as Sylvia immediately took an interest and wanted to hear all of it. She wanted to hear what was in all of the other big heavy books around the house, and began her journey of making as many people as possible read whatever was inside. History turned into just a huge story, magic spells transformed into silly words to echo and exclaim dramatically during meals, and potions were what every dinner became.

Sylvia had a very active imagination, constantly running around the house with her 'Patronus' (her imaginary animal friend, Patty, of course), and pretending she could perform all of the magic her family could. She had the Renn name to live up to anyways! The family that breeds strong charmers and successful wizards! Her family encouraged magic where-ever possible, and most of the toys Sylvia played with were charmed in some way to make them more interesting. Even her books could float in front of her and flip the page on command. The environment was saturated with magic and pride in their pureblood household as she was subtly taught that the reason their magic was so strong was because they were purebloods.

The invitation to Hogwarts was no surprise, as her whole family had attended, though was celebrated none-the-less. Armed with a companion owl to take with her, Sylvia was ready to take on this new challenge, having only been tutored her whole life, and determined to make her family proud. She was a Renn, after all.

First Year


Second-eldest brother, Steffan Renn is married to Hope Northcutt suddenly on February 16th, 1946. Hope moves into the Renn Estate. Twins boys are born in September.

Second Year

'46-'47 Determined to take charge of her experience at Hogwarts, Sylvia forced herself out of her comfort zone second year. She began to make friends from various houses (and blood purities), finding the company of others was much more enjoyable than the silence of the library. She not only began opening up to others, she also found a bit of excitement outside of her interactions with others. Joining the Quidditch team was an unexpected turn of events that she had fallen into, and Sylvia does not regret it. Although her parents did not really approve, Sylvia immensely enjoys the thrill of the game, and continues playing it anyways. She had a pleasant and fairly uneventful year, gearing her up for her third year at Hogwarts.

Third Year



Fourth Year



Sylvia is a curious child, always thinking, wondering, and asking questions. She loves to read, and can be typically seen carrying a book if not reading it while she walks (many the accidents have occurred as a result). Typically cheerful and welcoming when meeting new people, Sylvia is known to be unfalteringly polite. This stems from being born and raised to entertain the young guests of her family's partnerships, and is the classic greeting she does before deciding how to continue. Analytical and judgemental, Sylvia is quick to form opinions and assumptions about others, a skill honed from social parties. She is also quite proud, and from that, can have a sharp bite when she feels unnecessarily mistreated or demeaned, though only at Hogwarts. At school, Sylvia is under considerably less pressure to play her part, and enjoys the closer connections it allows with her companions, though she still struggles to drop her formalities. Of the opinion formalities mark respect in a relationship, and not distance, she feels more comfortable when allowed to continue them. At home, Sylvia is quite good at donning new personas to match who-ever she must entertain. From a naive girl who can spill nothing but awe and compliments, to a refined lady who can keep up with intelligent conversation, Sylvia has little trouble switching between them from years of practice.


Sylvia has light blonde hair that runs down to the middle of her back, with blue-green eyes. She has a very fair complexion, and is prone to burning if exposed to the sun for too long. She has no other notable features.



  • Eli Egneus - Slytherin - Second Year - Pureblood: After his unexpected gift on her birthday, Sylvia took immediately liking to the younger boy. They share a warm friendship, and write letters to each other often. She'd never admit it, but Sylvia quite enjoys that he calls her "Syl", since the nick-name is cute and makes her feel closer to him. Over the summer, Eli remained steadfast in his promise to keep in touch, and is currently one of the few people Sylvia would call her closer friends.
  • Oliver Razi - Slytherin - Sixth Year - Pureblood: The star Seeker of Slytherin, Sylvia has immense respect for his flying skills (and charms ... and conjuring ...). She is grateful he decided to teach her some things before he leaves Hogwarts, and enjoys the challenge of flying with him. They often see each other in class as well, and Sylvia is more than happy to help him where she can.
  • Lucas Clarington-Dupont - Slytherin - Sixth Year - Pureblood: To find out the DuPont family had a son was a shock to say the least. They had done business with the family recently, but thought the couple had no heir. Sylvia wonders why they hid the fact they had a son at Hogwarts, and is now determined to maintain a pleasant relationship with the boy. He is also very good at the violin, and Sylvia has no small admiration for his skill. Though she would never say, she hopes they might be able to play together one day.
  • Jack Coleson - Ravenclaw - Second Year - Muggleborn: Sylvia is on the fence about the improper Muggleborn she had run into while he sang on the staircases. He is a whirlwind to keep up with, though Sylvia does enjoy his company as much as she may deny it. Perhaps the boy will be a great wizard after all.
  • Adrian Alric - Ravenclaw - Third Year - Pureblood: It's ... complicated. They go from close friends to formal acquaintances in the blink of an eye, as Sylvia struggles to decide where she stands with the boy. Although she generally enjoys his company, and they study well together, Adrian seems fairly preoccupied with another girl as of late, much to Sylvia's distaste.
  • Tobias Mandrake - Gryffindor - Third Year - Unknown: They have a polite relationship, as Sylvia does not know him very well. She does find him amusing though, as he is surprisingly good at Charms for how silly he can be.


  • Veronica Cadbury - Hufflepuff - Second Year - Unknown: Sylvia first met Miss Veronica at the Opening Feast, and they became fast friends. Veronica was an equal mix of proper and improper, which Sylvia found to be quite the agreeable companion.
  • Kell D'Scordato - Hufflepuff - Sixth Year - Unknown: Sylvia ran into the elder girl and broke her vase on their first meeting. She doesn't know her very well yet.
  • Irma Scrivner - Hufflepuff - Seventh Year - Unknown: Co-Captain of the team, Sylvia really enjoys the company of the eccentric girl. Labelled as one of her "scamps", Sylvia obediently follows Irma on some of her crazy travels with others also dubbed, including crawling around dusty tunnels through Hogwarts. She finds her quite exciting, and much different from her elder sister who is much more dismissive than the endearing girl. She thought the girl was insane when they first met, but Sylvia has grown to like her and think of her almost like an elder sister, though she'd never say that.
  • Joy Detora - Hufflepuff '47 - Unknown: Of all the girls in Hogwarts, Joy was the girl to look up to. She was a fascinating Head Girl, the star player on her Quidditch team, popular with the boys, and the hardest Captain Sylvia knew. Though she hates to admit it, Joy drew Sylvia way out of her comfort zone and made second year quite enjoyable with the addition of Quidditch, and the position as Chaser. Sylvia has a lot of respect for the elder girl, and writes to her occasionally to keep in touch.
  • Krystine Scarlethart - Slytherin - Fifth Year - Unknown: Sylvia met Krystine when she was not yet enrolled in Hogwarts, and they bonded briefly over their passion for reading.
  • Caitlin McCleod - Gryffindor - Third Year - Unknown: The courageous girl first made her impression on Sylvia when striding between two classmates who were on the verge of a fight. She quite respects Caitlin's bravery, and tries her very hardest to call her Caitlin as she keeps asking her to.

The Renn Family

The Renn family is an old and proud pureblood family, dating back hundreds of years. They know the sway of powers in pureblood society, and have learned to navigate its murky waters. They maintain their wealth through joining, supporting, and gaining from other families' endeavours. Politics, and business are their main concentration, and they regularly host families they wish to impress or maintain relationships with. For the most part they offer short-term, and small loans to various families, and build a pleasant relationship with them, when their support is finished they continue to maintain good graces with the family. They also are known to learn information about the families they maintain relationships with, the good and the bad, and have not been against using it to keep a certain family in line. By this, the Renn family is very well connected in the pureblood society, mainly in Wales, and their current head is working to extend the relationships beyond. There are very few families who are deeply connected to the Renn family, and if they are, are very old and successful families themselves. Not above cutting someone off from the family wealth, and name if seen unsuitable for their reputation, the Renn family upkeeps appearances quite well.

Sylvia, as the one who picks up other languages quite well, is the one who entertains the younger crowd of the families they host. Since they keep their loans short and small, it is crucial to build on their relationships with families as they rely on them to come back for other loans in the future to maintain the Renn flow of wealth. The ladies of the Renn family are very skilled in hosting, and Sylvia is no exception. Those too young to join in the discussions with their parents, and too old to stay with nannies, young ladies and gentlemen alike find themselves with Sylvia Rose, of the Renn household.

Current Known Relations

  • Thalman: A very old English family the Renn's have been partnered with for generations. It began as a hesitant venture into the United Kingdom, which turned into a rich relationship with the house that turned into quite the major family when they became signatories for the Statute of Secrecy. Even more motivated to maintain a good relationship with the Thalman's, the Renn's took a chance and loaned a large sum to them to invest in the war effort. The family began to descend in power soon afterwards, and though the Renn's got their money back, the Thalman's have all but disappeared. The Renn's still host the remaining members every-so-often, and hope the family will rise again, as they were quite good partners.
  • Clarington-DuPont: A newer partnership, as the Renn family took interest in the powerful American family. They have since done a bit of business together, and have maintained fair relations with them in an attempt to spread into America when the family returns to it. The Renn's have hosted the DuPont's at their Estate, but they never mentioned having a child oddly enough.

Out of Character Notes

Hey there! Do you want to be connected to the Renn family in some way? Great! Here are just some things to keep in mind:

  • Your family must be pureblood, the older, the better! (Or really good at lying, or have false information on their purity)
  • The Renn family is mainly located in Wales, and some parts in the UK, and that is where most of their money is invested.
  • They are currently only lending small amounts to trustworthy foreign families in a venture into other countries.
  • They will not openly support one side of a war effort!
  • They enjoy learning secrets about families they get close to, are partnered with, or have just learned about them.
  • They are fairly good at dropping gossip where they feel necessary.

I am totally open to families who have been connected to the family for a while, are new clients they are venturing with, past clients maintaining relationships with, even past clients that never paid them back! I also love dark secrets the Renn's can use! >D If you have any sorts of ideas, just shoot me a PM and we'll work something out!