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| heading1 = Biographical Information

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Spencer Nox.jpg
Biographical Information
Full nameSpencer Ovtavia Nox
Born12 December 1940
BirthplaceSt Mungos, London
ResidenceNox Manor, Windsor
Blood StatusPureblood
Physical Information
SpeciesHuman Witch
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourBrown
Skin colourTanned
Family Information
ParentsEdin and Octavia Nox
SiblingsRidley Nox
Magical Characteristics
Wand10" Vine with dragon heart-string


There was a precedent set in the family, long foretold by a trusted seer that each first born child was to be a boy, strong and healthy to carry on the family name in both fortune and future. In this regard, from her first breath of life Spencer Nox was a disappointment to her parents.

Edwin and Octavia Nox had been prepared for the birth of a male heir, everything was prepared, right down to his name, his mother’s maiden name, homage to the strong lineage married in; and so, with the screaming, failing limbs of a child in front of them. They kept the name, they kept the ideals, she would do, in the meantime, unless she was replaced.

Seer after seer had been consulted through Spencer’s life, not to see if she would amount to anything, nor for enquiry as to her health but for two questions. Would she embarrass the family this year? When would the rightful heir to the Nox family arrive? Appearances were important and as Spencer grew, it became more and more apparent of her place as simply a placeholder in the family tree. Nonetheless, however, she was expected to upkeep appearances, maintain the obligation to the family name and behave in what was deemed an acceptable manner. Do not speak unless it was absolutely required, lest she say something damaging. She must look composed and clean at all times, you never knew who was watching. As a little girl Spencer was micromanaged by her mother and house elves until reprieve came for only a moment.

In the year she was ten, prepared to turn eleven, the owls above seemed to offer little Spencer two gifts. A letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, expected, of course. Secondly, reprieve came in the swell of her mother’s belly and the growing excitement of a baby to come. This one, would be the heir they wanted. This one would be the child to lead them into the next, strong generation of power.

Thus, with the upcoming birth of her brother Ridley Edwin Nox, and the ability to temporarily put some distance between herself the watchful eyes of her mother and staff, Spencer began to find balance and most importantly – her voice. Only to realize that impossible expectations don’t just disappear as the family grows.

Spencer spent seven years at Hogwarts in Slytherin, attempting to live up to the impossible expectations of her family and failing on most fronts. She competed in her fifth year dueling tournament and found only frustration instead of success. All while her mothers psychological torture at home continued. Spencer endured the hardship of her mother's opinion until she became less than she had been. Her final two years at school were spent in a timid near insecurity.

Graduation provided her with her freedom, and Spencer fled on the last night of school. Instead of returning home, as was expected of her, she disappeared to Eastern Europe with a vow to never set foot on British soil again.