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The Resistance
LeadershipAries Paladin, Pryce Hir
IntentionsTo oust Hexenreich from Great Britain.
AffiliationWizarding Britain


The Resistance is an organization created in response to the invasion of Wizarding Britain by the Hexenreich. The primary opposition to the occupying forces, the Resistance is composed of civilians and former soldiers alike. Its ultimate aim is the deposition of the Hexenreich government (1945—present).


Concurrently to the Ministry invasion by the Hexenreich's first division, the Merlin's Order of Defense Headquarters was attacked and razed to the ground by the other division of Hexenreich.

A day Col. Vincent Thalman set out to rally surviving members of MOD, many of whom had to flee the fire—and the Hexenreich occupiers—for fear of their lives.

After several weeks of being on the run, Col. Aries Paladin, following his own instructions from the now imprisoned General Kedding, set out to Galyn Manor, unearthed secret military protocol, and established the Taskforce division of the resistance.

As Col. Thalman outwardly cooperates with the new Hexenreich administration, Col. Paladin works in the shadows with the MOD members, recruiting MOD soldiers and their supporters to the resistance.

Present Day

The Resistance continues to build up its numbers so that it may, after ascertaining the true extent of Hexenreich's numbers and powers, engage it in a struggle to reclaim Wizarding Britain.

Known Members

As of 1946, the current known members of the Resistance are:

  • Alastríona Underwood
  • Aries Paladin — Founding Member, Leader
  • Amarantha Crimbleton
  • Ars Cadwallader
  • Asher N.-Cadwallader
  • Ashling O'Brien
  • Azrael Albear
  • Calcifer Duane
  • Calypso Galanis
  • Cameron Marksby
  • Cedric Galyn
  • Chantal Marie Renard
  • Elizabeth Woods-Taylor
  • Esther Song
  • Felix Oliveroot-Leontine
  • Galanis Family
  • Jabari Razi
  • Jezebel Morgernstern
  • Joy Detora
  • Juniper E-L Steele
  • Kathleen Ellwood-Luxe
  • Kristoffer Carlisle
  • Leander Laskos
  • Lincoln Litchfield
  • Lucille Hopland
  • Lucretia Crimbleton
  • Lydia Chant
  • Margaret Labadie
  • Martin Hawksworth
  • Maël Rey-Cadwallader
  • Michael Albear
  • Monroe Litchfield
  • Nathaniel Ross
  • Neva Alvear
  • Nora Lowsley
  • Pandora Duke
  • Patrice L. Kedding
  • Pryce E. Hir
  • Quincy Carlisle
  • Robert Oliveroot
  • Sarah Ann Darcy
  • Sylvianne Marceau
  • Tavish Cadwallader
  • Tegan R. Owensby
  • Theodore Litchfield
  • Ursula Nonpareil
  • Vincenzo J. Kedding
  • Vincent Thalman — Founding Member
  • Viola Ross

Families and organizations known to have supported the Resistance are: