Ren Cole

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Ren Cole
Biographical Information
Full nameLawrence Russell Cole
BornAugust 3, 1945
Blood StatusHalf-Blood
Physical Information
Hair colourbrown
Eye colourbrown
Family Information
ParentsAsher Cole & Vera Cole
SiblingsJulia Cole, Miranda Cole, Dahlia Cole, Mara Cole
Magical Characteristics


Ren is the third child out of five. He has lived his whole life in Hogsmeade. He enjoys learning guitar from his father, and keeps his younger sister Dahlia entertained. He has an older sister, Miranda, who is too grown up for his taste. She’s only 14 but likes to boss him around. Ren just wants to run around and play and have fun. He doesn’t see his oldest sister terribly often since she went to Hogwarts, but he thinks she’s pretty cool.

A few summers ago, his mother, father, and oldest sister went to St. Mungo’s for his new youngest sibling to be born, while he, Miranda, and Dahlia were watched by the neighbor. Ren hoped he’d get a brother, already being surrounded by sisters. But when his father came home the next morning with tears in his eyes, it was worse than he could have imagined.

It was strange, having a ghost as a mother. She couldn’t play with him like she used to, and was sad a lot. But she was still around, at least? With their mother unable to do much for them, Ren and Dahlia were enrolled into daycare, while Miranda stayed home and helped her take care of his new sister (yes, sister), Mara.

A year after Mara was born, his mother left to go teach at Hogwarts. This made Ren sad too. He loved his mom and hated to see her leave. He’s glad he’ll get to spend more time with her now that he’s old enough to go to school.

Course Listing


  • Conjuring & Summoning
  • Muggle Studies
  • Astronomy (NPC)


  • Muggle Studies (Fail)
  • Care of Magical Creatures (Fail)
  • Astronomy (NPC)


  • Herbology
  • Magical Theatre (NPC)


  • None


  • Conjuring & Summoning
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • History of Magic
  • Magical Theatre (NPC)

Extra Curriculars

  • Quidditch 1956 - Present
  • Hospital Wing 1960 - Present