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Pryce Hir
Biographical Information
Full namePryce Edgar Hir
Born5 April 1913
BirthplaceHir Estate, Wales
ResidenceLondon, England
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts, Slytherin
Title(s)Prefect 1928-30, Head Boy 1930-31
Physical Information
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourGreen
Skin colourLight
Family Information
ParentsEvan & Gwyndolyn Hir
SiblingsVictory Hir, Bowen Hir, Cameron Hir
Other Family MembersSebastian Petrocci (distant cousin), Bianca Lecuyier (distant cousin)
Magical Characteristics
WandSycamore, 12 inches, pliable, dragon heartstring
Special AbilityOcclumens
OccupationMinister of Magic
Former Occupation(s)Junior Undersecretary, Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic, Ministry Employee in the Department of International Magical Cooperation
LoyaltyThe Resistance


Age 12:

Pryce Edgar Hir was a slight, slender boy. He had a build similar to that of his older brother, Victory. However, Pryce did not have the grace that Victory did. That was fine with him. He was a proper Hir and didn't intend to do something as effeminate as ballet.

He was the youngest of his brothers. There was Victory, who was the oldest and biggest disappointment. Then came Bowen, who might have been considered a bully. Pryce thought of him as a protector. No one would dare mess with him with Bowen around. Cameron was only a year older than him. He secretly thought their mother played favorites and liked Cameron the most. Possibly because he liked to snitch on the rest of his brothers.

Pryce wasn't bothered by that, even though he picked on Cam from time to time about it. He was treated well by both of his parents. He didn't do anything that would make them disappointed. Vic had raised the bar for that anyway. He never questioned their pureblood beliefs or practice of the dark arts. Now, Pryce was an inquisitive boy. He didn't just blindly accept ideas without knowing the facts. Yet, if he had no evidence to disprove something, then it was fairly safe to believe until such evidence did show up.

He had no evidence that purebloods were not on equal footing with the rest. There was ample evidence that purebloods were better than rest. Therefore, Pryce didn't question his parents about their beliefs. As for the dark arts, he found them quite fascinating and even took to studying on his own. Because, you see, Pryce was one of those studious types. He spent more time with his nose in a book than nearly anything else. Even at twelve years old, he was a firm believer in the phrase 'knowledge is power'. He was not strong like Bowen and wasn't much for the physical activities, like quidditch. Dueling, though, was something he enjoyed from time to time. It required great knowledge of spells and gave Pryce an excuse to hex someone.

The youngest Hir was not shy, but quiet and more introverted. Pryce preferred to stand on the sidelines instead of being the center of attention. It was easier to observe people this way. It was surprising how much information could be picked up by just watching and listening, how people's weaknesses could be seen. Pryce rarely made use of the information he obtained, but then he was still young. When he was older, he might take even more after his family and find a way to use those weaknesses against people.

But, for now, Pryce was young and impressionable. He loved knowledge, but cared for his family even more. He wanted to please his parents and never become the disappointment Vic had. He wanted to grow up to become an important, powerful person in the wizarding world.

Age 18:

Over the years, Pryce grew taller, but he was still slight and slender, looking younger than he actually was.

He took as many classes as he could, spending hours pouring over textbooks in the library, the hospital wing, the commons, or his dorm. Knowledge slowly overtook the love he'd felt for anything else. The more information he obtained, the more he wanted. Knowing everything would have been a dream come true. Impossible, he knew, but it would've been incredible.

Pryce sought to find out everything he could. Many of his professors found his endless questions frustrating or irritating. That never stopped him from inquiring. Mostly, though, he studied on his own, finding out as much from reading as he could. To ensure, he remembered what he'd read or heard, Pryce took notes. They were organized and arranged with precise, neat handwriting.

At Hogwarts, Pryce made sure to participate in extra-curricular activities. Volunteering his time as a nurse in the hospital wing was the first activity. From his third to his seventh year, he spent many hours, under different nurses, learning the ins and outs of medicine. He worked hard and studied harder, being rewarded by moving from Junior Assistant to Chief Assistant. He was extremely proud of his accomplishment, despite never having any intention to become a Healer.

During his later years at school, he began participating in the duelling tournament. Pryce never won, which disappointed him. While he probably knew more spells than his opponents combined, knowing a spell and being able to perform it successfully were two very different things. He also found his strategy was better suited for chess than duelling. Nevertheless, Pryce enjoyed it.

He felt his truly defining moments were being picked as, first, prefect then Head Boy. Pryce was one of Slytherin's prefects during his fifth and sixth years, and the crowning moment had been his seventh year. Head Boy was the highest honor Hogwarts could bestow, and it suited his ambitious plans for the future.

Pryce achieved so much, but his relationships suffered. He kept the few friends he had close to him, spending time almost exclusively with them. Beyond those few, Pryce didn't form any other bonds. He was impatient, sardonic, and often looked down on those he didn't find intelligent enough. As the years progressed, he began to view the majority of his peers as a means to get what he wanted.

Keeping notes on everyone became even more important. Pryce was a keen observer, so he often picked up on things he wasn't supposed to know. The notes were there if he ever needed to make use of the information.

After finishing Hogwarts and receiving his N.E.W.T. scores, Pryce applied for the Ministry of Magic. He'd spent a summer working as an intern in the International Magical Office of Law. It was only fitting that he ended up back in the Department of International Magical Cooperation, though now he was working for the International Magical Trading Standards Body. The work was sometimes tedious, but Pryce was so thrilled to be one step closer to his dream that he never complained.

He believed working hard enough would eventually get him promoted and even closer to claiming the title of Minister.

Age 29:

Pryce had planned to work his way up through the Ministry. It wasn't ideal, but it would look good at least. People always had respect for those who earned their positions. The problem was how long he would have to wait - several years at best.

Then a stroke of luck happened when he met Zoe Bryant in Knockturn Alley. They shared political views, but she became much more than a political ally to him. Zoe became his tutor, helping him learn how to become better in social situations. With other people, Pryce was always awkward at best, but if he ever wanted a chance at becoming Minister, he would need to change that.

Zoe helped him, but they both agreed to keep their meetings a secret. In the end, she put in a word with Pieter St. Auxpris, the Minster of Magic, who gave Pryce the position as his junior assistant. He'd suddenly risen from nothing to something. He was one step closer to his ultimate goal.

Pryce soon realized that he would have a better chance of fulfilling his ambitions by being able to hide his thoughts and memories. He decided to become an Occulmens. It wasn't easy, but Pryce had always been able to compartmentalize his feelings (the few that he had), so after a lot of practice, he was able to succeed in blocking his mind.

Once St. Auxpris left the Ministry, Pryce was given the job of Junior Undersecretary to the new Minister, Adrian Beauchamp. This was another rise in status. When Beauchamp resigned, so did the Senior Undersecretary, Matthew Davies, which left no one in charge and there was a war on with scandal about to break loose.

Pryce was given the position of Acting Minister of Magic. He would only hold the seat until things calmed down and an actual election could be held. It was almost everything he'd dreamed of. Almost, because it wasn't permanent. Together with his new secretary, Florence Prothero, he set out to clean up the Ministry and do as much as he could before the election to shape it into his.

Employment File

Name: Pryce Edgar Hir

Age: 31

Current Department & Position: Administrative, Minister of Magic

Wizengamot Member - Head of Family

Expertise: Academic - Transfiguration, Potions, Languages

Employment Biography:


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Slytherin, Class of 1931


Hospital Wing (1926-1931)

Duelling (1928-1931)

Prefect (1928-1930)

Head Boy (1930-1931)


International Magical Office of Law - Intern

Department of International Magical Cooperation: International Magical Trading Standards Body

Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic


Junior Undersecretary

Acting Minister of Magic