Nehemius Ellwood-Luxe

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Nehemius Ellwood-Luxe
Biographical Information
Full nameNehemius Maxen Ellwood-Luxe
Born7 September, 1898
BirthplacePorthcawl, Glamorgan, South Wales
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts, Gryffindor 1909 - 1916; Auror Training 1918 - 1924
Physical Information
Family Information
SpouseAmelia Ellwood-Luxe (née Wainwright)
ChildrenDacian Ellwood-Luxe
ParentsApollinarius Ellwood-Luxe and Aderyn Ellwood-Luxe (née Astor)
SiblingsMarcellus Ellwood-Luxe, Adelia Chaucer (née Ellwood-Luxe), Aurelion Ellwood-Luxe, and Scipio Ellwood-Luxe
Other Family MembersThe Ellwood-Luxe Family
Magical Characteristics
WandHazel with a Unicorn hair core, 12 inches. Somewhat hard.

Childhood and Schooling

The third child and second boy born to Apollinarius and Aderyn Ellwood-Luxe, Nehemius was a passionate boy. Called 'Nem' by his parents and siblings, he was markedly more outspoken as a young boy than his brothers and sister, with oddly differing opinions from the bulk of the family. From rather early on he was spoken of by the adults in the family as something of a black sheep, though nothing of this sort was ever said directly to him.

But because of his opinionated nature and the fact that these opinions, as they developed, proved to be different from the values his father wished to bestow upon him, Nehemius' relationship with his father became very unstable. In fact, it was only truly his sister, Adelia, to whom he had any real attachment; his elder and younger brothers (Marcellus and Aurelion) very often left him out of their games and conspiring. Nem spent much of his time with his sister, or otherwise reading on the beach just off the estate.

At eleven, he was sent to go to school at Hogwarts, quite eager to begin learning. It was his family's slight dismay that he was placed in Gryffindor over Slytherin, as Marcellus and Adelia had: they had hoped that any of his strange behaviours were simply a boyhood phase, and would eventually be overcome. His being a Gryffindor seemed to solidify Nehemius' place as a black sheep to the family, being the first as such in two hundred years.

He proved to be a sensitive and dedicated student, enjoying many extracurriculars such as duelling, though he was never very good at Quidditch. He went through seven years without much incident, and graduated with exceptional marks in 1916.

Post-school and Disinheritance

Following a dream of helping those who needed it, Nehemius decided to enter the Ministry as an Auror in training in 1956. He moved to London in the spring of 1956 to begin his training, supplemented by income from his (surprisingly) supportive family. This was a rather unremarkable year for him in the sense that he did little other than train; it was the summer of 1957 that would seal his fate.

Nehemius met a Muggle woman called Amelia Wainwright in that summer of 1957 in a small café in west London. The friendship was almost immediate, as they bonded over their mutual homeland and the fact that they were studying in London, away from home. Unbeknownst to Amelia, of course, that Nem's studies were magical in nature. Their friendship endured over the span of months until they realised their mutual attraction and started a romantic relationship that winter. It wasn't until after this happened that Nehemius told her that he was a wizard-- a confession which she took in stride, being interested in "natural" magicks.

This relationship was, however, carried on in secret from Nehemius' family, who would be outraged at his traitorous behaviour. However, they managed to keep it under wraps for several years, even after numerous family gatherings due to his siblings' marriages and the subsequent births of their children. Having no children of his own at that age, Nehemius adored each one of his nieces and nephews, and often took his time off spent in Wales to visit them. All that his family knew of his relationship with Amelia was that he was "seeing someone in London," and nothing more, despite his mother's proddings and insistence that they soon meet her.

Though Nehemius was set in his values, not caring which way or another that Amelia wasn't of magical blood, he still feared the day that his parents-- most notably, his father-- learned of her heritage, because it was fated to happen. He asked her to marry him in December of 1958, to which Amelia enthusiastically accepted. They were happy, but only just. Knowing of his worries, Amelia suggested he go to his father and tell him, ask for his permission.

Nehemius did, and of course his father denied him, laughing him off with a wave of his hand. Apollinarius told his son that he would do better to find someone else, and stop wasting his time with such dirty blood. Discouraged, Nehemius did not take his father's advice; but rather persisted once more, asking again a couple of months later. This time the answer was much more forceful, and Apollinarius told Nehemius that he risked his place in the Ellwood-Luxe family if he continued seeing Amelia.

Amelia and Nehemius married in the spring of 1959, and Nehemius was dishonourably dropped from the family and burned from the tree. Shortly after, Nehemius graduated his training at the Ministry to become a full-fledged Auror, and Amelia became pregnant.

What came next was what Amelia called a "miracle:"

Having lost his supplementary income, Nehemius found himself without suitable income for living within the city limits. It was pure luck that one of Amelia's more beloved and rather well-off uncles happened to pass away right around that time, leaving Amelia a grand estate in the moorland countryside of northern Wales. With a child on the way, they decided this would be their best choice, and didn't think twice about moving house there.

In January of 1960, they welcomed a son, whom they decided to call Dacian Felix-- Felix, because they felt so lucky to have him despite their hardship.

Time Warp

The trio lived happily together, though rather isolated, upon the moor. Dacian grew up an inquisitive and quiet child, and Amelia doted upon him. They rather often had Amelia's family over for dinners, and all questions of Nehemius' family and their doings and whereabouts calmly laughed away with a wave of the hand. Not even Dacian knew the truth about his father's family.

Nehemius' dealings with the Ministry were relatively routine, and his life was happy. He loved his wife and his son, and despite that his bloodline had kicked him to the curb he had made a family of his own, wherein he was extremely content. But as goes with Murphy's Law (which Amelia often loved to blame for the world's misfortunes) the worst was yet to come.

When the Time Warp from 1974 to 1937 occurred, Nehemius lost nearly everything. He was having a quiet New Year's Eve celebration with Amelia and Dacian when the world shifted and they slid back in time. Amelia, being a Muggle, was lost immediately; he and Dacian were caught in the flux and landed where they had started, thirty-eight years earlier, right in the middle of a different New Year's party, undoubtedly that of Amelia's uncle. Because of this, the Estate, being of Muggle origin, was also lost. Quickly Nehemius grabbed his son and they apparated to London, landing amid clatter and chaos, in the snow.

It was two weeks before Nehemius could secure a place to stay at the Inn in Diagon Alley, and the entirety of that winter and spring until he was able to find a place for Dacian and he to live permanently, in Hogsmeade.

He lives now in Hogsmeade in a cosy waterfront cottage, commuting via apparition to London each day to fulfill his duties as an Auror.

Now a year after the Warp, he struggles to remember what it is he lost the year before.


Estranged son of Apollinarius Ellwood-Luxe. Other family includes his siblings, Marcellus Ellwood-Luxe, Aurelion Ellwood-Luxe, Scipio Ellwood-Luxe, and Adelia Chaucer (née Ellwood Luxe); his nephews, Cassius Ellwood-Luxe, Lysander Ellwood-Luxe, Perseus Ellwood-Luxe, Lucien Chaucer, Lucretius Chaucer, and Lotharius Chaucer; and his nieces, Kathleen Ellwood-Luxe, Aleda Ellwood-Luxe, and Camille Chaucer.

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