Michael Gray

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Michael Gray
Biographical Information
Full nameMichael Dominic Gray
Born12 March 1897
Blood StatusHalfblood
EducationHogwarts (1908-1915), Slytherin
Physical Information
Hair colourBlond
Eye colourGrey
Skin colourCaucasian
Family Information
ChildrenTegan Owensby (b. 1921), Samael Gray (b. 1937)
ParentsColin Gray (pureblood), Louise Gray (nee Bennett, muggleborn)
SiblingsDorothea Monterey (nee Gray, b. 1889), Seth Gray (b.1892), Benjamin Gray (b.1894), Adele Pines (nee Gray, b. 1895)
Magical Characteristics
WandHawthorn, Pegasus wing feather, 12 inches, flexible
PatronusCannot produce
OccupationAzkaban inmate
Former Occupation(s)Criminal, murderer, Azkaban inmate, Head of Auror Office at the Ministry of Magic (1934-1945), Merlin's Order of Defence, Lieutenant (193?-1945), Supra Mortalitas


Impulsive and irresponsible, Michael Gray must be regarded as a highly dangerous person. In his relationships he is fleeting, seemingly not really close to anyone. He is unmarried, but it is said that he has a child, with whom he has no relations. Feelings in general seems to be somewhat lacking, Gray seems to lack the ability of empathizing with others, as is expressed in the handling of his victims.

These have been prominent features through his whole life, as a child he was known to bother fellow classmates and making them do things against their will. In Hogwarts he was a quiet boy, not participating much in extracurriculars and other socializing, but said to be somewhat lost in his own world. Those who knew him say that he was difficult to reason with and to get to know, and was perceived as creepy in that he seemed to enjoy other people's misfortunes.

The Grays were once a powerful pureblood family, but the branch in question is now extinct in the pureblood sense, and those who remain have only the remains left of what was once something grand. Notable relations are his father, Mr. Colin Gray, who served the Ministry of Magic faithfully until his retirement, and Gray's older brother, Auror Seth Gray.

Some say that Michael Gray should have been landed in Azkaban for good a long time ago, because of his rash behaviour and repeated violent actions. Murders and the Unforgivable Curses has been connected with him on several occations, but most have lacked evidence or other fatal necessities to give him such a conviction. Instead he has repeatedly been in Azkaban for lesser, but often rather heinous crimes.

In 1927 Gray murdered a mother and left the helpless child to herself. Because of his mysterious disappearances he has not yet been caught. Since then new evidence has come up in relation to earlier crimes, and new crimes tied to the Unforgivable Curses and possible murders have surfaced, making Gray a most wanted criminal.

Gray and Organized Crime

The repeated disappearances and reappearances of Michael Gray has been connected with a possible involvement with several criminal organizations. Worth to mention is the attack on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1933. Witnesses saw Gray on the scene and say he operated within violent forces.

Known crimes:

CASE ONE - 1917: Assault, robbery, resisting arrest. Sentenced to 12 month (1 year) in Azkaban Prison.

CASE TWO - 1923: Multiple assalt, use of illegal magic, resisting arrest. Sentenced to 42 months (3 1/2 year) in Azkaban Prison.

CASE THREE - The Murders

a. 1927: Meredith Owensby - Discovery of evidence connected Gray to a series of other murders:

b. 1920: Fiona Jackson

c. 1922: Miriam Vasquez

d. 1923: Jessica Blake

e. 1930: Regina James

CASE FOUR - Resisting arrest (running from the law/hiding) after new evidence was brought up

CASE FIVE - Attack on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

CASE SIX - 1933: Kidnap of Ms. Daisy Corbridge


In September 1934 Mr. Michael Dominic Gray was cleared of all crimes previously blamed on him as a result of the revelation of a personal scheme by ex-Auror Cadoc Thorneson and his nephew, Mr. Alen Thorneson.

Michael Gray now works in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic as Head of Auror Office.


Put under arrest on 1 August 1949 for assault and conspiracy with the Hexenreich. New evidence is making it likely he is, in fact, guilty of the above crimes, of which he was previously exonerated.

Spring 1927

It was early morning. The dew was sticking to the grass like little pearls of crystal, gleaming in the early morning sunlight. Michael walked lightly through one of the streets of a small Welsh wizard village, wide awake, prepared, hungry. Most villagers were asleep, but some were up early. He passed several grassy gardens into which mothers had chucked their little sons and daughters to get ready for work and delivery to school and kindergarten. Michael looked at them with grey eyes as he passed, a smile on his lips, fantasizing. Their mothers would not have taken their children out like this if they had known who was walking their streets. But Michael Gray did not touch anything that he was not supposed to, he did not want to spoil his fun by getting impatient, not now.

He was visiting one of his girls.

He stopped in front of a small white house. The woman inside was young, beautiful, Michael had paid her several visits five-six years before, just for that reason. Meredith Owensby was in her twenties, he had had relations to her earlier, he had scared her, she didn't want to see him again and he knew that. But Michael didn't mind scaring people, especially not little women who thought that they were innocent and good to the world. Inside them, as in every of their little girls and boys, in their husbands, wives and friends, were something dark and disgusting. They all posessed it because it was part of their humanity. All humans are born tainted and nobody can escape it. All humans are born to bathe in their own filth, and then to die in it. And that fact was what fed Michael Gray, what justified what he was doing and what he felt while he did it.

If he'd had the emotions for it, Michael might have thrown himself off a cliff a long time ago. But he lacked the ability to empathize, and he was too hungry for other people's suffering, to see them desperate, begging for their lives. Instead of turning this to an inward depression he had become able to show it outwards, through anger and violence, and the feeling of excitement at what he was doing. Maybe that was what he was meant to be. He had always been told he was a freak at school, the others were scared of him. And Michael couldn't help it, he could see that he was different, but he couldn't understand why everybody else did not find the same pleasure in this in as him.

He missed to notice the little fair-haired girl in the sandbox as he turned to walk through the gate and onto the path that lead to the white house's wooden street door. He knocked three times, softly, trying not give himself away too quickly. Meredith was naive still, as she had been back then, not expecting him to ever come back even when he had threatened her that he would follow her and always know what she was doing. He had not exactly done that, but he still needed to make his point. She had spoken to the Law Enforcement too, made things difficult for him. But Meredith was stupid, opening the door too widely before recognizing him, terrified blue eyes staring at him. He had his dirty leather boot in the doorway before she could shut the door in his face, kicked it open, the impact leaving the woman sprawled on the floor.

Michael shut the door behind him.


When he was done there was nothing left of his girl anymore. Had he been somewhere less populated he would not have cared about doing it so silently, but spells easily shut out the noises, or rather locked them in, for only him to hear. He took his time. He always took his time.

Maybe he was proud of his work, maybe that was why he never took the time to clean up after himself. Still he always went outside before he apparated, he didn't care about the risk that people might see him leave, see in what a state he was in, and tie loose ends together. He would be long gone before they understood anything.

Stepping outside of the door he found something he had not expected to find. In the bushes by the door was a small girl of five years, as beautiful as her mother, but still as guilty, guilty for being human, born from the very filth in which she had been brought to live and later die. It was an endless circle, their fate, if it could be called so. And the little girl was just as much a part of it as everybody else.

Michael bent down slowly, his first impulse to finish it quickly for the little one. The girl had been trying to get in, it seemed she had heard something, because there were tears running down her round cheeks. Michael reached out a hand to stroke her down the side of her face, over her hair, leaving two stripes of deep red. Maybe, some day, she could grow up to become one of his girls too.

He changed his mind.

Before he left he helped the girl open the door, let her in, locked it with an easy Colloportus, and apparated.

It took almost a day before the girl was found.