Meriwether Throckmorton

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Meriwether Throckmorton II
Full nameMeriwether "Merry" James Augustus Throckmorton II
Born13 June, 1831
BirthplaceLondon, England
Died21 April, 1854
Place of deathHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Cause of deathA deadly fall.
HauntThe Ravenclaw tower, among other places.
Former occupationFreelance researcher.
ParentsErnest and Catharina Throckmorton (nee Ellwood-Luxe)
SiblingsBrighton Throckmorton


In life, Meriwether Throckmorton II was, in his own words, an enthusiast.

Not of anything in particular, however, because Merry (as his mother called him, when he was a lad) took interest in a very wide variety of things. He had an insatiable need to be doing something at all times in his life, and anything, truly would suffice. He sometimes went days without sleeping, running purely on a mixture of adrenaline and the feral need to finish his work: were it research, experimentation, or observation. And when he ran out of work to do, he descended into a vegetative state so deep that his mother dropped more than a few tea-trays upon seeing him sprawled upon the floor in his night-clothes, seemingly comatose on the rug.

After his time at Hogwarts (where which he made several enemies: it became known to him rather quickly that even Ravenclaws disliked having their dormitory toads and cats experimented upon, whether it were in the name of science or not) Merry was sanctioned by the Ministry of Magic to perform alchemical field research pertaining to yet unknown concoctions and their relations to the stars and the movements of the planets. It had been, at that time, Meriwether's hypothesis in the matter that only certain elements existed during certain times of the lunar phase, and others expressly during eclipses of the moon and sun.

It so happened that, several years after his graduation, Meriwether was to return to Hogwarts for a limited time, for the express purpose of using their then state-of-the-art astrology equipment to track the movement of the stars during a complete eclipse of the moon. He was to perform the research upon the astronomy tower, just like any student at Hogwarts would, as he had done in his school days.

Those familiar with the fact that Meriwether is currently deceased surely know what details are to come next.

It was a very clear night, perfect for observation, and Merry had not slept for several days, for the need to continue work on his research. It was to his misfortune, or perhaps simply his fate, that Meriwether Throckmorton fell asleep atop the tower, seated upon one of the lower-hanging walls with a telescope in hand.

To this day, it is unknown whether he fell from the tower or was pushed, because Meriwether himself does not recollect the beginning of the fall—only that he awoke suddenly to find that he was flying, and then - !

The year was 1854.

There is evidence supporting both theories, and that is why it remains a mystery; but Meriwether seldom worries himself with thoughts of how he came about his death.

When asked why he chose not to ‘move on,’ as they say, Merry will give the querent a most incredulous look.

“Because,” He shall reply, stuffing his ghostly pocket-watch quickly back into his waistcoat pocket. “There is work to be done.”

Appearance & Character


It is a little-known fact (as Merry himself dislikes speaking of such things, thinking them frivolous and presumptuous and other such long words)that Meriwether Throckmorton was second-born in a union of Throckmorton and the Ellwood-Luxe Family lines, his mother being Katarina Ellwood-Luxe, a sister of Flavian Ellwood-Luxe, a head of the family in the nineteenth century.

The Throckmorton line has yet to die out, to date, though it is rare to find one of the name.