Meghan Lambton

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Meghan Lambton-Gale
Biographical Information
Full nameMeghan Nicole Lambton-Gale
Born3 November 1917
BirthplaceChester-le-Street, County Durham, England
ResidenceLondon, England
Blood StatusHalf-blood
Title(s)Prefect 1933-1934, First Honours
Physical Information
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourGreenish-blue
Skin colourLight
Family Information
SpouseMaurus Gale
ParentsWilliam Lambton, Anastasia Leighton
SiblingsSarah, Victoria, Richard, and Kathleen Lambton
Other Family MembersDavid Leighton (Uncle), Edward Howard & James Leighton (cousins)
Magical Characteristics
Wand9 in, sycamore, phoenix feather, flexible




My name is Meghan Nicole Lambton. I was born on 3 November 1955 to William and Anastasia Lambton. We live near Bournmoor in County Durham, England. I have three sisters and one brother - Sarah, Victoria, Kathleen, and Richard. I'm the eldest. I have blonde hair, usually worn shoulder-length or longer. My eyes are a greenish-blue, which color is stronger depends on the shade of my clothing. I'm of average height, and fairly slim.


I have very few memories from the time I was born up until I was about four or so. My parents tell me that I was always seeking attention as a baby. I'd cry and cry if I was left alone for very long; I was happiest when I was being held. My earliest memory is of sneaking into the drawing room while Father was entertaining guests, and climbing onto his lap. I can recall vividly how he smelled like a mixture of cologne and cigar smoke. Instead of forcing me back to bed, he let me snuggle up next to him.

My sister, Sarah, was born when I was two (I wouldn't turn three until later that year), so I have no recollection of my short time as an only child. Sarah and I were a natural fit. According to our parents, she was calm and content to be alone, while I was not. This worked to our favor, because otherwise there might have been more sibling rivalry than normal. (Because there always had to be some, yes?)

Every Sunday, for as long as I can recall, we would attend St. Barnabas' Church (as long as we were at home, naturally). That's where I was baptized. We would go as a family - Father, Mother, Sarah, and me. Often, Father would have to be gone to London for business. (It was actually politics, but it was always easier to refer to it as business). Then it would be the three of us. I never liked church much. I had to sit still and keep quiet, two of the things I was worst at.

When I was four, I started at Bournmoor Primary School. That was an adventure. It was the first time aside from family gatherings that I was around many children close to my own age. I wasn't so fond of the actual lessons, though it's much easier at four than seven or so. I was more interested in socializing. As I mentioned before, I do like attention. I was an average student in anything that didn't interest me. Why put forth the effort to learn things I'll never care about? In the subjects I was interested in, I quickly excelled at, because I poured all of my effort into them.

Making friends was slightly easier, though more turbulent. I liked to have attention almost constantly, but it did make me feel self-conscious. At the beginning of school, it wasn't so bad. I was so young that all I wanted was to have fun. Sure, I cried if I fell in the mud and my uniform got dirty, but that wasn't from concern of others laughing at me. I simply hated when my clothes got ruined (and I still do)! As I grew a little older, I began to pick out fellow students who were really pretty or fashionable or smart, but mostly pretty. These were the ones I wanted to be friends with, and I would try my hardest to make it happen. This led to other students calling me a snob, but that was their own loss, wasn't it? I think they were jealous because my family was wealthier than all of theirs.

I went through a number of different lessons, both inside and outside of primary school. I've studied Latin, Spanish, German, and French. I only kept up with French (though Latin is important for spell-casting, so it might have done me some good to stick with it). There's something terribly pretty about French, isn't there? I also took lessons on piano, harp, violin, and guitar. I didn't keep up with any of them. Musical instruments require a patience that I do not posses. I also was placed in dancing lessons, which I did enjoy. I can dance all of the major ballroom dances flawlessly. There was a time when I took up ballet, but that only lasted for about three or four weeks. Also in the arts, I tried my hand at painting, sketching, and photography. Photography is the only one I continue to this day, though not frequently.

Not long after I began my education, my sister, Victoria, was born. I was five. This time, I did go through some fits of jealousy over Victoria getting all the attention. Not as much as I could have, though. I had become accustomed being forced to share the spotlight with Sarah (even as much as she didn't want it), and there was school. Sarah still had another year at home, so I was the only Lambton there, which meant my own fair share of attention and adoration (though not from everyone).

Over the years of my childhood, our family spent almost as much time at Grandfather and Grandmother Leighton's house as our own or in London where my parents have a townhouse. These trips became less frequent once I was enrolled in primary school, being taken mostly during my holidays. Christmas was always a time when we would make the trip. I always enjoyed these visits. Grandmother was never much fun to be around, because she's terribly proper. But, Grandfather always had a little gift or some sweets for me. The whole family would be there for The Christmas Dinner that Grandmother throws every year. I loved getting to see all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Edward always had some idea for a prank that he would try to talk me into. Most of the time, I went along with it. We would get in the worst trouble! Aunt Cady and Aunt Sofia would always play dress-up with me. They let me play in their make-up, wear their shoes around, and put on their fancy party dresses (even though they were much too big). Uncle David was always around, and usually had a different girl hanging around him. He was always my favorite uncle, though I do think I have the best ones around. They've never hesitated about spoiling me.

I was nine when my first and only brother, Richard, was born. Poor thing had to put up with three older sisters. I think Father felt that was too many female influences, so he'd always make sure to spend time alone with Richard from the beginning. Male bonding time or some such nonsense. I really would have been extremely jealous over this, but I was beginning to spend more and more time with friends and less around my parents. I would spend the night often at the houses of my friends, and invite only my best friends or those I wanted to impress to stay at my house. This was also the time that I started taking a serious interest in boys. I'd always had crushes on boys, but nine was an important age. When we all played together, it became normal to have games where we'd end up having to kiss a boy! They were simple, almost chaste kisses, but we didn't know that at the time.

It was also around this time that I started showing signs of magical ability. I should correct that statement, untamed, explosive magical ability. I had long known that Mother was a witch. When she first explained it to me, I didn't believe she could really be a witch, because they were supposed to be really old and have loads of warts. I quickly dismissed that notion when I found out I was also a witch. Since nothing happened for a long time, I almost forgot entirely about the existence of a magical world. Father wasn't magical, which was why we lived in the normal world and had to hide the truth. They were unsure whether I would turn out to be magical as well, but it turns out that magical trumps muggle blood. Fortunately, most of my little magical outbursts happened around my mother, so there weren't many explanations that had to be made. Edward was already at Hogwarts by this time. Anything he had or did, I usually wanted to do as well, so I began eagerly waiting until I could go away to that school too.

Since my birthday was in November, I had to wait almost a whole year after I turned eleven before I got my chance at Hogwarts. Primary school was over by this time, so all of my friends were also going off to other schools. They didn't ask many questions when I told them I was going off to a very exclusive, private boarding school, because my family was so wealthy and privileged. Some of them thought I was being sent away to someplace in France or Switzerland. They never suspected I was only going to Scotland.


Unfortunately, my mother had discovered the existence of a summer camp for Hogwarts students, and those who would be attending in the next term. She sent me packing, because she thought I needed more of an introduction to the magical world and that making friends beforehand would help me adjust. Uncle Andrew and Aunt Elizabeth were taking Edward to the coast of France, so I would know no one. I only recognized some names from Edward's stories.

I hated the camp, but was fortunate to meet Eliza Mallory. We became quick friends, and I clung to her for support.

Mother took me to London a few weeks before the start of term. We bought everything I would need for Hogwarts, but also spent time going to operas, the cinema, and such. She was a little nervous about sending me off for such a long time. We stayed with Aunt Elizabeth and Edward (mostly for emotional support, I think). We all went to King's Cross together. Edward had abandoned me on the train after complaining that I made us nearly miss it, so I was forced on my own once again. It's really lucky that I am not, in the least bit, shy.

I was incredibly nervous about the sorting ceremony. That hat looked so old. Who knew how many heads it had been on? Is it ever even cleaned? The hat told me I was ruthless in my pursuit of getting what I wanted, even though I changed my mind so often. It said some other things, but I wasn't really listening. Really, I think it was just telling me I had an attitude problem. Who knows where it got an idea like that?

The classes I took were more interesting than anything I studied at Bournmoor. I liked Charms the best, because we learned really cool things and I could do most of them. I wasn't the top of any of my classes, but I never had been. Again, I found socializing to be more important; there were so many new people to meet.

A little over a month before school ended, my youngest sister, Kathleen (Kate) was born. I didn't get to see her much, since after the term ended, Mother shipped me off to the summer camp again. Babies get pretty boring after the first five minutes, so I wasn't heart-broken over being away from Kate. I would have preferred to stay at home, though, especially since I could have spent time with the friends I still have from primary school.

And so, another summer passed with relatively little excitement. Fortunately, Uncle David came to rescue me a few times with day trips to London and one visit to where the Falcons were practicing. I was overjoyed when it was time to leave the camp. I spent a couple weeks at home before heading to Hogwarts again. The year passed much the same as my first, except I spent less time hanging around Edward and more time with my own friends. I think he was glad to be rid of me, though he didn't say anything, because he knew I would tell his mother. I can't understand why he thinks it's so awful to be seen with someone so much younger. However, I was beginning to fit into the school better and establish myself - on my own terms. The next few years went by much the same, minus a few disruptions here and there (like murders and attacks).

Editor's Note: What Meghan downplays, or fails to mention at all, are her bad qualities. She touches briefly on her flighty nature, her jealousy, and her desire to be friends with only those she deems good enough. Meghan loves 'pretty things', which often leads to her being jealous of others. She is very shallow on the best of days, concerned mainly with appearances. She throws fits if she can't get what she wants, and will do anything in her power to get it. The problem is that she loses interest in things quite quickly. Her favorite things change from week to week, sometimes from day to day. She loves the chase more than anything; when there's no more chase is when she often gets bored and moves on. Meghan makes no mention of it, but she is very manipulative. She won't hesitate to use anything at her disposal to bend the will of others.