Marlena Flair

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Marlena Flair
Biographical Information
Full nameMarlena Flair
Born8 June 1933
BirthplaceWindermere, Cumbria, England
ResidenceFlair Manor, Windermere, Cumbria, England
Blood StatusPureblood, Human with Goblin Ancestry
Physical Information
Family Information
ParentsZedric Flair, Elizabeth Flair
SiblingsBrokric Flair II
Other Family MembersThe Flair Family
Magical Characteristics
WandWillow, Dragon heartstring, 7", Reasonably springy


Born to Zedric and Elizabeth Flair in June of 1934, Marlena made a big splash as the first child of the next generation of Flairs and Savages. Her spunky personality stems from her free reign she has been given across the Flair Manor. Her exuberant and bright attitude has won her favor with everyone in her family. Almost everyone. Her great-great-grandfather, Jaikric Flair. The patriarch until 1944 was a cold, bitter old man. Most of the family couldn't wait for him to move on to the afterlife. Marlena's cutesy antics and silly games were not enough to warm up his cold heart.

She is a bit spoiled by the lot of her family. Taking after her father's side, she's a bit thicker yet shorter than the average child her age. Her younger brother, Brokric, lucked out and took after their mother. Marlena is not really aware that she's a heftier girl than the others; although, once she gets closer to her teenage years, that might become an issue.

Unlike her father, she didn't seem to care about being treated like a small person or a child. She loved the attention, no matter if it was at her own expense. She loved singing and drawing. Her best friend was a goat she rode around on their manor. Jaikric would argue that the goat sang better than Marlena.

Once she started school, she grew harsher. She is quick to judge others based on blood status but isn't completely anti-muggleborn. Marlena is a lover of books. She would much rather read than go outside. She is clever, well-read, creative, original, somewhat weak-willed, but very logical.


First Year
Marlena hoped beyond hopes to get sorted into Slytherin; however, the Sorting Hat felt due to her wit and creativity, she should be sent to the bookworms of Hogwarts. She took all the usual first year courses and dreaded having her father as the Professor of Divination. During her first year, her magical strength turned out to not be that of her father's but Conjuring & Summoning, while her weakness was Transfiguration.

She joined the Quidditch team and flailed about in the Dueling Tournament. Neither brought her much success. Thankfully, she was able to stay atop her broom on the Pitch, but she moved at the pace of a snail.

Second Year

After the invastion, she did not want to return to school; however, her father saw her objections as null and out of line. She volunteered in the Hospital Wing, wrote for Spellbound, tried her best in the dueling tournament, and even aided her house team to win the Quidditch Cup from the position of keeper. It was during this school term that her friendship with Lamia turned sour.

Third Year

The Hexenreich had control of the school. Marlena didn't mind it much. She was set on studying in the library as often as possible. In the little spare time she had, she met in secret with the dueling club and the dueling tournament. She played as keeper, again, on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. And she wrote more conspiracy articles for the school paper. However, she did decide to drop the Hospital Wing extra-curricular. Helping people in that facility was not her cup of tea.



Being a Flair (part-goblin), Marlena is short for her age. She is in the bottom five percentile of other children her age.

Appearance information
Height 4'2"; 128 cm
Weight 125 lb; 56.6 kg
Eyes Grey
Hair Blonde - Light Brown
Build Stocky
Other Great posture; right-handed.

Family Tree

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