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One of the oldest Harry Potter-centric RPGs out there, was formed in June of 2000 by a group of individuals seeking to create an intelligent, fun place to play out their characters. Since then it has grown, gaining momentum to become an active community with dedicated players exploring different plot themes within the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling.

What do we offer our players? For the students, we offer Hogwarts School and Camp Loki as playgrounds to enjoy their studies and their summers. They are educated in actively played magical courses such as Charms and Transfiguration, and can also compete in extracurriculars such as Quidditch and Duelling.

We also offer after-graduation possibilities for adults. Adults can live their lives in the Elsewhere forum, where they can enter an institution such as the Ministry of Magic or St Mungo’s Hospital, or start a flourishing business by themselves. Adults can also return to Hogwarts to come teach classes.

Currently set in the 1950s, we are currently struggling with the aftermath of World War II. Wizarding Britain is still in disarray, having been left reeling from the Hexenreich's rule of terror several years before. Enter the Social Reconstruction Committee, willing to step in where the Minister of Magic has failed. Their aim is to restore Wizarding Britain to its former glory... Will you help them in their quest to make things right?