Loxias Ricardus Junior

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Loxias Ricardus Junior
Biographical Information
Full nameLoxias Ricardus Junior
Born31 August 1898
BirthplaceRicardus Hall [[1]], Freethorpe, Norfolk, UK
ResidenceRicardus Hall, Freethorpe, Norfolk, UK
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, Slytherin 1909-1916
ClassSlytherin 1916
Physical Information
Hair colourDark Brown
Eye colourLight blue
Skin colourLight
Family Information
SpouseMorgan Ricardus
ChildrenSalazar, Emeric, Arcus (Disowned), Antioch, Herpo, Merwyn, Godelot, Owle, Sol Ó Conaill (Bastard)
ParentsLoxias Ricardus Senior, Salome Ricardus
SiblingsRichard Ricardus, Jarvis Ricardus, Adrian Ricardus
Other Family MembersThe Ricardus Family
Magical Characteristics
WandCherry Wood; Dragon Heartstring; 12.5"; Sturdy
PatronusHebridean Black Dragon
OccupationBusinessman, Head of the Ricardus Family, Head of the Wizengamot Subcommittee, Wizengamot Member for the Ricardus Family
Former Occupation(s)First Heir of the Ricardus Family (1898-1947)


Infancy and Childhood

Loxias Ricardus Junior was born on 31 August 1898 to Loxias Ricardus Senior and Salome Ricardus as their first Heir to the Ricardus Family. Later, his younger brothers Richard, Jarvis and Adrian would follow. Loxias Ricardus Junior has never been fond of Richard nor Adrian, for they seemed to help themselves pretty well and did not yield under the pressure and the expectations of the Ricardus Family, but he has always had a weak spot for his younger brother Jarvis Ricardus. Loxias has always stood up for his younger brother and shielded him from the omniscience of their Father, has always done the best he could to protect his little brother.

Yet, when he grew older and reached the age of eight, the expectations that had been thrust upon him due to his birthright became something that he had to mold himself to. They became criteria that he had to please, goals that he had to achieve wether he liked it or not, characteristics that he had to weave into the patterns of his personality. This made for the fact that Loxias grew cold and distanced himself from matters of the heart, forced himself not to let his heart become his weakness by caring about ones he had cared about previously, but only allow himself to be ruled by the iron will of his rationality and therewith to satisfy the wishes of his Father. Although he has never had the courage to tell Jarvis when he distanced himself from his younger brother, the main drive that pushed Loxias to confirm himself to the rules was protecting Jarvis. By drawing all the attention to himself and mold himself to his Father's mirage, their Father's wrath would not target Jarvis and therewith force the latter man to become the complete opposite of his fleeting and impulsive personality.

Because of the above, Loxias had never had the chance to have a carefree childhood and a subsequent carefree and unbound teenage years. He's always been forced to restrain himself and deny himself certain pleasures of the innocent and ignorant heart, only ever caring about the reputation that he was creating the foundations for. Knowing that his Father would always watch over his shoulder and would hear of all that Loxias Ricardus Junior would do, the latter one tried his absolute best to be everything that he was commanded. It was at a young age that he the ideologies of the Ricardus Family poisoned his mind and made up for his drives.

The Hogwarts' Era

It should be no surprise that the first Heir of the Ricardus Family was sorted into the serpentine house of emerald and silver, for he is the embodiment of Salazar Slytherin's values. Loxias Junior has always been traditional ever since he started to mold himself to the ancient traditions and expectations of his Family, and his rationality made for fact that he would ambitiously value his self preservation above anyone else's rescue - although he has never been able to deny the protective feelings he has cherished towards Jarvis Ricardus.

Loxias Ricardus Junior has never lowered himself to participate in extra curriculars, in the first place always deeming himself them useful for they did not count towards passing his terms. Secondly, he has therewith always avoided to get in touch with those of lower blood status than him, trying to avoid those beast the most and the best he could. He would only stumble across them in the corridors of the Hogwarts Castle or in classes. And when he would be faced with them, he did not deem them worthy of his attention and ignored everything they did or said with an air of unquestionable authority and superiority. This should also make it no surprise that Loxias Ricardus Junior has never cared to pick up Muggle Studies, something that he has always valued as preposterous and ridicule.

Over time and terms, Loxias Junior became better and better at molding himself to the ideal Ricardus Tradition that has been passed down for generations. He internalized the values of pureblood elitism and the view of superiority that came with it simply because his blood was purer than most. He embodied the ideal of a tyrannic ruler, the oppressor who would be able to keep those of lower blood under his iron rule. Yet, the more rational he became over time, the more his heart started to rally in an attempt to gain the stage once more.

It had been in his upper years that Loxias came in touch with Pepper Grace Kedding, a then young woman in the same house as he. They grew closer with every moment they spent together, and Loxias started to develop feelings for her. It was troubling for him to allow such feelings to settle in his chest and overrule him with a power he had never anticipated, and it took him time to finally speak up to her and out his feelings for her. She turned him down for reasons that were unknown to him, which made for the fact that Loxias' trampled heart was suppressed by his rationality even more until it was nothing more but a cold stilled stone to the left in his chest. He grew more bitter than he had already been and his loathing for his fellowmen started to rampant. He simply never wanted to feel so powerless ever again due to giving into the most humane instincts of all, and he wished to never fall prey to such insanity ever again. He deemed himself to be above the beasts, anyway, and the sole thing that makes man superior to beasts is his rationality.


Quickly after his graduation in 1916, Loxias Ricardus Junior was forced to follow up on the orders of an arranged marriage with an Italian niece of his, Morgan Ricardus. Inhumane, cold and bitter as he had become, he has merely granted her a silver ring for a wedding band. He himself wears the silver wedding band around his finger as well, a token for the lack of fondness he cherishes for her and how little he can care about anything that she does. As he does not wear the silver wedding band with pride, he can hardly be considered a loyal husband. It was soon after the promises of marriage had been fulfilled that he gave in to the embrace of other women, drowned himself in liquor in an attempt to get away from the life that had been forced upon him.

He was a rebel in his own way when the title of First Heir of the Ricardus Family was finally bestowed upon him and he finally became a man of worth. Even though his last name already spoke of prestige and wealth, he too now was the promise of the Ricardus Family and someone that one could better befriend than piss off for the rest of eternity. Loxias started to feel superior to a divine extent, that he thought of himself as a God and that he had every right to act in that very way. He started to make business deals with newly formed connections over pacts and roads that had yet to be paved and were therefor doomed to fail. Yet, he was so caught up in his misplaced audacity that he deduced a failed business result back to the cause of a wed pureblood couple. Blinded by his rage and anger due to their incapability, unable to see the flaws within himself, he took both of their lives.

It took him a moment to realize what he had done, although he could not find guilt or a feeling of shame within himself, but instead a strong feeling of self preservation started to bloom in his chest. His rational mind brought back the recollections of his youngest brother Adrian Ricardus, whom he had always been able to make squirm and manipulate him to his will so that Adrian would always be the scapegoat in the end. With Loxias' cunning and manipulation, he managed to blame Adrian for the murder. During his trial, Adrian has never told the judges that he did not do it and that it was all a mistake. He has never tried to convince them of his innocence. The only reason known reason for this is that Adrian is now fully convinced that he has committed the murder, his memory changed due to the manipulation of his eldest brother which has tricked him into generating false memories. Yet, there is no way to prove this theory, since the bitter Adrian has stopped talking.

Loxias neither felt guilt for blaming his brother for this, and is all too happy that he managed to escape the fate his brother is now enduring. His rebellious and pathetic self pity that he wallowed in for a little while might serve as the sole reason that it has taken Loxias and Morgan quite a while to settle down and pursue the bloodline. On December 21st 1919, Morgan Ricardus gave birth to the First Heir of Loxias Ricardus Junior, Salazar Ricardus. He has never been fond of his firstborn son, nor has he ever cherished fond feelings for the seven other boys that would follow in line. He has only ever seen them as an opportunity for the natural selection to kick in, so that the one who fought the hardest and wanted to make the most sacrifices would eventually be the praised winner and therewith the eventual Head of the Ricardus Family. It was simply a way to pass on the Ricardus genome and hand down the traditions the Family is so renown for.

Although Loxias has always denied to love his sons and see them as beings instead of inanimate objects that carried his genome with them, he found it hard to cope with fact that Arcus Ricardus wished to be disowned by breaking with the Family Tradition - he never knew that Morgan Ricardus never complied with sending Arcus' off, and it only fueled her wrath and hate towards Loxias. He has forbade this son to ever set foot on English soil again, making him leave with the threats of murder when Arcus would not follow up on the warning. There is no doubt that, when Loxias would get his hands on Arcus again after the latter one has returned to England again, that he would kill his son without leaving loose ends that it could be traced back to him. His wrath towards his disowned son is because of Loxias' inbred belief that the Ricardi would always stand strongest in unison instead of divided. When he later received a message that his disowned son was doing well, he did not know how to respond to it - for his blood thriving somewhere else instead of in his midst was something that was unheard of for him and preposterous.

When the war started to kick in due to a shift in time, and Wizengamot started to press its stamp onto society, the Ricardi were immediately part of it. Where Loxias Ricardus Senior tried to manage in the beginning, he soon had to give his spot away to his First Heir, granting therewith the title of Wizengamot Representative of the Ricardus Family. Therein, they adapted themselves to the stubborn stance that every halfblood and muggleborn should identify themselves at the hand of blood badges that would state their impurity. It was around that time that the Wizengamot Subcommittee came into session as well, a secretive side branch of the Wizengamot wherein only the most important and elitist pureblood families had a seat, Ricardus included. Loxias had trouble with bending himself to the ruling will of the young then heir of the Ellwood-Luxe Family, Lysander Ellwood-Luxe, and had more than once a falling out with him. After the vanishing of this man, Loxias rose to power and set the Wizengamot Subcommittee to his will.

One of the members who was on the Subcommittee as well during this troublesome and flippant times, was Elizabeth Knightlock, and Loxias Ricardus Junior soon became enthralled by her youthful appearance and quickly found himself in an affair with her. This ended up to be nothing much, for his heart was never in it and it more an adventure for him than anything else, but it made for fact that he was more often from home than should be safe as to not make suspicions rise.

Times were ever changing like the tides, and Loxias saw himself making pacts and deals with others of the purest blood. He found himself pulled towards the Uprights, with whom he did not pursue a business pact for they appeared to be too ruthless and too stubborn for him to control and he did not want to burn his hands. Instead, he fell back on Valerius Draugs, one hailing from a Romanian pureblood Family with enough prestige and power. They combined forces until this man too vanished with a suddenness that left Loxias with a lot of loose ends that he had to take care off. It left Loxias bitter and out for revenge, but he has not managed until this very day to catch the man who has brought him so much trouble and paperwork.

Due to the laws on blood purity, times came in 1939 by that some pureblood representatives had to test their blood purity for the Family's sake. Loxias Ricardus Junior was picked to do the testing for himself and the rest of the kin, thoroughly embarrassed and insulted that his purity was doubted, turning into an even more bitter stance towards the test when the one to do the test on him, appeared to be no one else but Pepper Grace Grimm (née Kedding). He had seen her a couple of times before that, which had only fanned the smoldering timbers that she had left within him from the times when they had been at Hogwarts together. Loxias started to make a habit out of pushing the woman around who had, in his opinion, married for love because her husband was beneath her, not at all conscious of fact that she still cared about him too. He had before seen her dine together with her husband and he had stumbled upon that lovely scene when he had been accompanied by his younger brother Jarvis. Loxias had put his fondness for her on display by openly caring about Pepper when she had cut herself by breaking a glass in her hand after exerting too much power on it - making his brother suspicious to the extent that they fought about it and Loxias denied it with all that he was.

Such things never go unnoticed though, and it was only a matter of time that the press picked up on it. Loxias still denied it with everything that he had, and then tried to distance himself even more from Pepper even though his love for her that had been ignited during their childhood days did not wither and die in his chest with the imposed distance. He just had to live with the fact of their separation and they could never be together for various reasons. Most important reason for Loxias being fact that it would damage his reputation greatly if he were to have an affair, let alone one with a woman who hailed from a Family who wasn't nearly as prestigious as the Ricardus Family. It would do his reputation no good, only bring him down to his knees like a begging man.

TBA: Pepper Grace Kedding continued // Elections

12 July 1948

Loxias Jr. had always walked in the dark and long shadows of his Father, Loxias Ricardus Senior. He had always trailed after him like a faithful son, trying to play the part that his Father expected of him. And he had always been the second man to their beloved Family, had always been nothing more but the Heir. But everything changed after the night of 12 July 1948.

Loxias Jr. had been looking for his Father throughout Ricardus Hall [[2]], but had not found him. Until he knocked on the door of his Father's office, but got no response. Eventually, he pushed open the door, just to find his late Father lying on the floor, gazing with those unearthly blue eyes into the otherworld. For a moment, Loxias Jr. had halted in his tracks, staring at his Father who had seemed invincible and so powerful his entire life. Who had been intimidating and frightening throughout his reign, who had made the Ricardus Family as prestigious and important as they were at that point in time. The man who had always been apathetic in his achieving of his goals, who had used his sons and other relatives as mere tools to greatness. The man who had been the single person able to get Loxias Jr. to obey and on his knees, the single person who had ever stood in Loxias Jr.'s way to his own greatness. But Loxias Jr. had found him, laying there, ever so fragile in his deceased state. And it appeared to Loxias Jr. that his Father had passed away due to a heart attack, even though those are highly rare in the wizarding world, but the actual cause of death has never been confirmed.

The first he was to tell of his discovery was his brother Jarvis Ricardus, whom he lead to his Father's office just to see for himself. It was only the day after that Loxias Jr. started to present himself as the new Head of Family for the rest of the world to see, pulling strings on his relatives so to acknowledge them of the news and what effects this would have on their position in the Family. For example, he urged Richard Ricardus to step down from his prominent function in politics to make way for Loxias Jr., and he demanded his own heir Salazar Ricardus to move back into Ricardus Hall and pick up a position of Policy maker at the Ministry of Magic (a position at which he could be of use to the rest of his Family).

A lifelong affair

Loxias would have never expected that his life took yet another turn entirely when he met Minette Ó Conaill on a fateful night in December 1949. She had joined him at his table to drink with him, although he had initially tried to shut her attempts of approaching her down. Their exchange was characterized by more take than give on either side, and they spent an hour or so trying to figure out the enigma of the one opposite, until eventually Loxias offered to escort Minette out of the dingy bar. Leading her down the labyrinth of alleyways and narrow streets, they eventually shared their first kiss like two starved animals.

Having demanded her not to come looking for him, he eventually found her again in January 1950 in her dressing room at one of the bars at which she had performed for the night. It was during this night that they established the rules of their affair, committing themselves to the secrecy as long as they could have one another. Loxias knew, that was, that they could never be seen together. He had experience with past affairs, which had somehow become public rumors, which had negatively affected his reputation and his standing. He did not want to have that happen again, to be seen together with a woman who was not his own, a woman at that who was not pure but instead had her blood muddled by veela's blood, committing sins that he shouldn't.

But even though they vowed to follow up the rules he had constructed for the two of them, neither of them could have expected that they would eventually find themselves so ensnared by the other, to the point where eventually they were not just a business arrangement by which they could enjoy all that they could offer one another, but it turned into a romantic affair in which they surely but surely started to care for one another deeply. Though bound to another woman, Loxias promised Minette as much loyalty and commitment as he could offer her, and she did the same.

Had they somehow crafted themselves an arrangement with which they could work, with Loxias contacting Minette every once in a while to arrange a meeting for the two of them, it was suddenly disturbed by an unwanted pregnancy. A few months after a shared trip to Lake Iseo, Italy, Minette found out that she was pregnant with Loxias' child. On 19 august 1952, 12:30PM (on the leo/virgo cusp; leo sun; leo moon; scorpio rising), she gave birth to their bastard son, Sol Ó Conaill.


Standing at a height of 6 foot 1, there is nothing that particularly interesting about him on first sight apart from the full dark beard. The beards are a signature element for the Ricardus Family, and every male member of the Family is known to have a beard. His hair is as dark as his beard, and there is no telling wether he is already turning grey, oftentimes unable to tell due to the black fedora hat he often wears, which casts dark shadows over his face. His pale blue eyes tend tend to stand out more because of the shadows. They are a cold blue that can be perceived as completely inhumane and void of life when they indifferently stare at someone with a clear loathing coiling underneath the light-headed waves of the surface.

Loxias is a sinewy and therefor angular man, his body consists mainly out of harsh lines and sharp angles that give him the appearance of Death himself when the light illuminates him in an unfortunate setting. He is always dressed in an expensive suit with matching shoes and belt, always impeccable and living up to his reputation of completely rational and someone who cannot become creased.

Personality Description

Loxias Ricardus Junior can best be described as a tyrannic ruler, even when he is not in power himself concluding from the social hierarchy as the public might conceive it. He is a man of the wings, wherein he can easily make pacts and make deals with those who are out there on the stage as the representatives of the mediocre people. He will force his will onto those of power, therewith leaving his signature behind on the processes of lawmaking and making amends. His power is exerted to the very moment that the contract is signed and should be honored from thereon. The power that he exerts is rational, fueled by his ambitions and self-preservation, and never ever adapted when his heart kicks in - feelings of guilt or compassion are unknown in his dictionary when he is out there as the powerful ruler.

He is also ruthless, one to dwell in the circles of the criminal circuit wherein he can find allies and make ears and eyes out of people who can serve to collect information and then give it to him so that he can adjust his plans for future world domination according to the flux and flow of reality. It is often that he can be found in the dark shadows of the alleys in Knockturn, adoring the veils the night can grant him with to ensure his anonymity. Because when he is dealing with those less worthy and uses them only for his own good, he still does not want to be seen mingling with those who are of less worth. This is a token that Loxias Ricardus Junior values his reputation highly and should not allow it to be harmed. His reputation and the prestige are partly passed down on him by the bloodline he hails from - all businessmen who made lives of their own and were good at that what they did - but partly too because he has built it up from scratch. Due to his determination, he will not stop whenever he hears that he cannot, because he most surely always can. He is not for nothing named after the enigmatic oracle of Delphi, and will therefor always find his ways - even if you do not want him to.

On the scale of Jung's personality test, Loxias scores Introverted: 54%, Observant: 8%, Thinking: 36%, Judging: 79%, Assertive: 5% and is therewith equal to an ISTJ personality. It can be countered therefor that he has a preference for managing the reality of the situations they encounter with plain and simple honesty and manipulation of those around him. He embodies that integrity in their actions too, working hard and staying focused on their goals. Patient and determined, people with the ISTJ personality type meet their obligations - even when others would not wish them to succeed in whatever goal they set. Not to mention that loyalty is a strong sentiment for ISTJ personalities, and they fulfill their duties to the people and organizations they've committed themselves to - Loxias does rarely commit himself to any other but himself, but when he does, he is loyal to a fault and will do anything to ensure both his prestige and the prestige of another. They make hard and rational decisions wherein structure and rules foster dependability; chaos creates unforeseen setbacks and missed deadlines. It also makes up for his stubbornness, that he does not adapt himself to a new stance easily and will be judgmental of all those who have adapted themselves. He likes to bend the rules to his own will, in controversial with the typical ISTJ personality. He takes on too much, that will eventually be the death of him.

However, there is a hidden soft side to him that only few will ever come to encounter. This is the unknown side that only Pepper Grace Kedding and Jarvis Ricardus can touch upon. Just because Loxias cherishes strong protective feelings towards the both of them, he will do anything for them to keep them out of the fire-squad. He will do anything to make sure they are not endangered by whatever outside force, and he would move heaven and earth for them even when they would not wish them to. It is tragic that he does not have the heart to out this sentiments towards Jarvis, which makes his little brother oblivious of fact that he is, next to Pepper, Loxias' only weak spot. There might be chance that Loxias wishes it to be that way, just so that Jarvis cannot go spill that knowledge and get himself in danger and therewith create a blackmailing situation.