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Full nameLouis Whitman
Born12th August 1929
ResidenceSpitalfields, London
Blood Statusmuggleborn
ChildrenChrissy Whitman

Louis was eight when his parents divorced. He didn’t understand at the time, thought that they were abandoning him. They’d argued constantly and he’d hated that, but he hadn’t wanted them to leave each other and it took him a while to accept it.

When Louis’s letter to Hogwarts came, it was his way of escape. Life in the muggle world wasn’t nearly as good as it could’ve been, his step mum was a vindictive cow and his real mum spent most of her time with a bottle of wine in her hand. Hogwarts was a new beginning, an exciting adventure and an opportunity to make lots of new friends.

He was right to think that. Upon joining Hogwarts, Louis was immediately sorted into Hufflepuff. It turned out that he didn’t take to all his classes like he’d hoped, but it was ok because he was good at Potions and he was good at Charms and that was enough for him. The grading system was different at Hogwarts so when he only got As in the rest of his subjects, he could still come home and pretend that they were just as good as the muggle As were.

He made plenty of friends, people seeming to like his more goofy manner. When summer came and they all went to Camp Loki he’d have to go back to his muggle life, but they didn’t ask any questions about his family once it became clear that he didn’t like talking about it and so they got along fine. Louis has never been very good at quidditch or writing, and he’d never be able to bring himself to hex his friends, so he volunteered in the Hospital Wing. It turned out that he was pretty good at it, and though massively careless himself, his big heart made up for any dumb mistakes he made.

OWLs came and went with only grades in Charms, Potions and Magical Defence good enough to pass on to NEWTs, but plenty of hard work meant that he ended up leaving Hogwarts with Os in Charms and Potions, and an EE in Magical Defence. It was out into the real world after that, a scary shift but one made all the more easy by his long term girlfriend Maia.

When Louis was 19, Maia gave birth to Chrissy, a tiny little baby girl who, from the moment she was born, wouldn’t stop screaming. It had been a difficult birth and one that had ended up taking Maria’s life, so for a while things weren’t looking great for Louis. He’d never really had a proper family of his own and when Maia died it fell to him to raise Chrissy all on her own. There wasn’t much time to go to work with a kid to raise on your own, so Louis took to potion making from home, selling them were he could. He’d been good at it at school, why not get some money out of it? They struggled , a lot, but managed (just).