Lincoln Litchfield

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Lincoln Litchfield
Biographical Information
Full nameLincoln Louis Litchfield
Blood StatusPureblood
ClassGryffindor, '25
Physical Information
Family Information
SpouseRobert Oliveroot
ParentsGrogan Litchfield, Dahlia Litchfield
SiblingsTruman Litchfield, Madison Litchfield, Theodore Litchfield, Victoria Litchfield, Monroe Litchfield
Magical Characteristics
WandCypress wood, Phoenix Tail Feather core
OccupationHogwarts Librarian, Unspeakable



The Litchfield family predates the name, but there is pride in age, and no one can deny the Litchfield’s their legacy. Lines traced and ancestors linked, the Litchfield family can successfully be placed to ancient tribes deep within the forests of what is now Brazil. A line of seers; of those who foretold events to come and sought guidance from those long since passed. Renown for skills through their small tribes, it wasn’t until the first Wizard approached, did the family learn their skill was still in need of harnessing.

The Fortsauve School of Magic of Brazil was where the Litchfield’s began their schooling, but it would not be where they ended it. With knowledge always came aspiration, a desire to expand beyond what had been told. It was with this craving that the first Litchfield was born. William Litchfield, a name given when he first made the move to Britain. He entered the world in both a difficult and prosperous time. The Goblin rebellions gave the chance to make a name for an unknown man. Prophesies and premonitions, William’s assistance lead to victories, and his name was no longer unknown. Years passed, and the Litchfield’s became a line of wizard’s synonymous with high skills in divination.

Witches and Wizards attended Hogwarts, and the desire to keep their line pure began just as the Ministry of Magic came to be. the care for pureblood was strongly ingrained, their roots of a desire of knowledge and strength have seen children primarily as Gryffindors, and occasionally Ravenclaws. Always gifted with sight. Whether they practiced astrology, crystal-gazing, dream interpretation, or tessomancy, the Litchfields were known for their accuracy, easily gaining employment at the Ministry.

The years passed, tradition became something unbroken. At least, in most cases.

Lincoln was the exception. Lincoln never had a vision about the past, present, or future. He couldn’t find the meaning in dreams, and he certainly couldn’t read the soggy language the tea leaves spelled out inside his cups. His parents, Dahlia and Grogan Litchfield weren’t put off by his inability to See, simply stating that one day it would come to him. They had faith in their blood, and they knew from ancestors stories that the ability came when it was needed most.

Not to mention that they had four other boys and one daughter after him who all had great sight, and were destined to have their own children with the same, Litchfield abilities.


When his time at Hogwarts came, Lincoln was relieved to find that when the old hat sat on top of his head, it barely took a second to yell out Gryffindor. He had been worried since he had learned about the school that he would disappoint his parents by being the only sightless Litchfield in Hufflepuff. He continued to prove himself, making up for his inability to See by being in the top of his classes – except for Divination, but with his knowledge of the subject from his family, he skimmed through it fine. Charms was a subject he particularly excelled in and enjoyed. He happened to be one hell of a Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, as well, an honor that not many of his family possessed.

Work and Love

After Hogwarts, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to work alongside his father, wanted to work in the Ministry of Magic. Lincoln’s father was an Unspeakable, as had his father’s brother and their father, working in the Department of Mysteries to keep most ancient prophesies protected. The Litchfields were a well-known name in the Ministry, so when Lincoln applied for a small desk job after Hogwarts, it wasn’t long before he was in. He started small, working hard and making himself known (and with such a name and heritage at his back), it took only a few years until he was offered a job as an Unspeakable, where he worked diligently for about 10 years.

It wasn't until 1940 that he met Robert Oliveroot after walking off the elevator onto the wrong floor in the Ministry. He was about to turn back when an explosion caught his ear, and he ran to the aid of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures office where an Erumpent had gotten loose, rampaging around the office. Robert had gotten injured, but he and Linc attempted to help the other workers, and eventually soothed the savage beast. Lincoln and Robert didn't meet again until that Christmas when Lincoln came across Robert sitting on a bench. It was night, it was snowing, and it was cold. Lincoln gave Robert his jacket, and the two of them went to the Litchfields. After that, the two became close friends, and eventually lovers.

Lincoln followed Robert to Hogwarts that year, where he took up a job as the Librarian. It was a weird change of pace from his normally busy work in the Ministry. He had more time for himself, more time to think for himself. The summer of 1943 Robert and Lincoln bought a house in the countryside and as of 1944, Lincoln still works in the library.



3 year old Australian Shepard.