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Joy Detora
Biographical Information
Full nameJoy Clarissa Detora
BornJanuary 2, 1929
BirthplaceSt. Mungo's Hospital, London, Britain
ResidenceChelsea, London
Blood StatusHalfblood
Title(s)Head Girl, Prefect, Quidditch Captain, Senior Nurse, Valedictorian, Ministry Intern, Halfblood Heiress
Physical Information
Family Information
ParentsSamuel Detora, Arianna Detora née Macmillan (deceased)
Other Family MembersDetoras
Magical Characteristics
WandHazel, Kelpie hair, 11 3/4 inches


Early Years

Joy was the only child of her parents, and they were delighted and doted on her. She had the luck to be born to a pureblood father and a muggleborn mother, leaving her family mostly intact after the Warp. Her father worked in the Ministry as a diplomat and her mother was the typical housewife, taking care of the daughter.

Joy began exhibiting signs of magic at an average age. She nearly killed the fish by feeding it too much when she was three, then let the rabbit loose when she was 6.

At that same age, she began to show signs of magic. She suddenly made her hair stick up all over her head (which she didn't like) then turned her room purple (which she did). Her parents gave her a toy safety broom, and though it only hovered a foot above the ground, she hated it as soon as she crashed into the wall with it and got a concussion. Later on she would look back and realize that it was ironic, but then she had just thought the toy broom annoying.

At a young age, she liked reading, and started to deliberate between if she wanted to go to Hogwarts or Beauxbatons. Considering her father's job in the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Joy knew that moving to France was a possibility. Later, they moved to America for a year at age 9, and for a moment she thought she might go to Salem. She succeeded in going to Hogwarts instead and was sent off when her letter arrived, grin shining on her face as she boarded the Hogwarts Express.



Joy attended typical wizarding elementary school up until she was 9 or so - she learned maths and English and science and whatnot, following a Muggle curriculum fairly closely. Her father was a diplomat for the Ministry, and so when she was nine they spent a year in America. From then until age eleven, she was home schooled. At home, her mother taught her other Muggle things, and her father's extensive library took care of the rest of her education quite well. Arithmetic was never her strong point though, and order of operations constantly eludes her memory even now, as evidenced by her Muggle Studies sign ups in sixth year. She's working on it.

First Year

Joy made her own circle of friends rather soon. Calypso Galanis, Lucille Hopland, and Ellie Nettleyew. Calypso and Lucille would later feature heavily in her life, and both became Prefects. Quidditch fast became her favorite activity, with her trying out as Chaser in first year and not budging from the position except for one game as Keeper and a stint as Beater. The Hospital Wing also became a place that she would use as a place to just lose herself in work and tend to the injured. Sometimes she'd be one of those injured, bearing Quidditch injuries and searching for bruise cream. She even managed to make it into D-Squad, that infamous group of pranksters which had gone inactive for a few years, not coming out with any huge pranks until her fourth year. On a more depressing note, her father was drafted into the army, and once his time was up, would then volunteer and stay on.

Second Year

In second year, Joy's world fell apart. Her mother died of cancer, induced by the Blitz, on December 10. She died in St. Mungo's, and every time Joy steps foot in the hospital, she cringes. As evidenced by the time she did so for a Wing trip and she pretty much broke down. Calypso Galanis (a.k.a Cally) helped out during this time, and although horrible at comforting friends, Calypso kept Joy grounded. It was during this time that Joy began to use her mother's language of Gaelic far more often.

Third Year

Third year brought new things for her. Joy began drinking butterbeer, and one Felix Oliveroot-Leontine entered the school. At the time, this was more important to focus on, and during this time Joy began becoming what could be called a bad girl. At the Underclassmen party in the Forest that year, Felix taught her how to smoke. This was the beginning of a sibling-like friendship, and the two became comrades-in-mischief. Ra'asiel Albear and Mia Kedding also entered school around this time, both from homeschooling, and Joy became fast friends with Ra'asiel. Mia she was more civil to, but the two kept their distance. This can be attributed to the attack on Mia by her then-best friend, Calypso, and her friend Lucille. But around this time those friendships were unraveling, leaving Joy to latch on to the newer students as friends. This was also the formation of Lulypso, leaving Joy and her time with Calypso forgotten. As Lulypso formed, Joy and Lucille began to hate each other after an altercation over the summer, which resulted in a sprained ankle on Joy's part.

Fourth Year

Joy smoked some more, and began to take to the rooftops in search of peace. At this time, Waldo Woodrow Angerville entered the picture for her,and the fated relationship that is Joydo began. Over the summer the two had gone trekking up a volcano, because they were smart like that, and ended up in an impromptu hug. Throughout the term, the two grew closer. Near the beginning of the year, they shared a night by the fireplace after Joy had a nightmare and crept down. They kissed. In classes the two helped each other, with Joy being the more spell-proficient of the two. On Valentine's Day, everyone in the Castle aged 30 years,and in the morning both Joy and Waldo didn't quite recognize each other. This term, Joy began to take her place as queen of the rumor mill, being by far a big gear in the school rumor mill and churning out gossip like nobody else could - save for perhaps Pandora Duke, who she has unwittingly started to become. At the end of term, the Lulypso duo broke up violently,and Lucille didn't return to the school in Joy's fifth year.

Fifth Year

At the beginning of the year, the biggest thing that happened was the lack of Lucille Hopland. Both Xanthos Duke and Calypso Galanis seemed deeply affected by this, and so was Joy. While the two had hated each other for a long time, at the end of her fourth year the two had begun to become a bit more civil. This term, Joy began to think that Ra'asiel was gay, and that what Jackson Ross had published in Spellbound was true. When Ra'asiel did confess to her, the two hugged, and Joy promised to help him keep it covered up. Around this time, she became a member of the new Bad Girls Brigade, and had a sleepover on the rooftops where she was more friendly than usual with Calypso. She also met one Travis Watson on the rooftops at this time, and the two became fast friends, and even snogged once. In November, she began a friends with benefits relationship with Xanthos Duke, and began practicing even more on her Patronus, fuelled by what she had seen Calypso do. Joy managed to get a snog in with Caius Thorne while he was under the influence of a potion that made him infatuated with her. At the end of term, Hufflepuff's loss to Gryffindor was overshadowed by the death of Emma Birch in a fateful Transfiguration class, where Nazis invaded Hogwarts. Joy was reckless and stood up for Wilhelmina Mason, resulting in her being tied up. While eventful, Joy has managed to come out of fifth year with her OWLs marks reasonably high, earning a salutatorian in Charms for the first time.

Sixth Year

In her sixth year, Lucille Hopland returned, and Joy had to deal with an influx of occupiers. Notably, she begins dating Caius Thorne in one of the most complicated stories of her life. He is, in actuality, dating her friend Ra'asiel but as Ra'asiel himself is fake-dating Mia Lorelei Kedding to stave off rumours, the suggestion of Caius dating a girl was brought up. Joy got dragged into it, and had a big fight over it with her friend Travis. But she is officially his fake girlfriend. She became friends with Ivory Summers this term, which was one of the most important parts of her life.

Seventh Year

At the beginning of the year, she broke up with aforementioned fake boyfriend, Caius Thorne. She met Valencia Alvear, her brother Ra'asiel's cousin, and also decided to choose Bianca Carstairs as her gossip successor. She was Quidditch Captain again, and most importantly, became Head Girl to Jasper Kedding's Head Boy. She didn't like this at all, of course, but she dealt with it. Also: became friends with Addie Ross, was generally mean and horrible to Mia Kedding, was the bestest best friend to Ivory Summmers.

Adult Life

After graduation, Joy entered the Ministry of Magic as an Auror in Training in September 1947. In March of 1948, Joy kissed Travis (again) and kickstarted the most inevitable relationship ever. However, it was pushed back by a certain idiot named Travis Watson, who decided that avoidance was better than confrontation in terms of dealing with feelings and convinced Joy to ignore his feelings for her completely. But after Travis wished for a birthday kiss in July of 1948, they embarked on a slow friends with benefits relationship that eventually culminated in them dating in September of 1949, thank Merlin. Joy was promoted to Auror in 1950 (?) and she became engaged to lawyer/violinist Travis Watson in January of 1952.



Joy started out as a young, happy, sweet child. She was rather more innocent than she is now, oblivious to how you smoke, how to drink butterbeer, how to snog. Joy wasn't quite as confident back then, but as the years went by she's grown and blossomed into a girl that is altogether alright, although she's picked up traits from people like Lucille and Pandora. She's gossipy, a bit nosy, but always loyal and caring to her friends. Joy is flirty and definitely athletic, with raging hormones like all teenage girls. Stubborn as hell and with a fair sense of humor, Joy can wax philosophical sometimes, and she has a depressed side. She's always confident on the outside, and competitive, something she's developed from Quidditch.


FC: Selena Gomez Joy is a nice 5'4, taller than the average for the time, and 53 kg. Even though she constantly says she's on the shorter side, Joy does know that she's fairly tall.Although she's been referred to as 'ninety pounds of nothing' she is actually far more than that. She's toned from years (and years and years ) of Quidditch, and judging by her snog list, fairly attractive.


Recently, she managed to cast her patronus, which turned out to be a horse.

Snog List

Note: These are all IC snogs and therefore don't count the multitudes of NPCs she's snogged. Also, they're in order.


  • Camilla Noble (almost, but not quite) - Hufflepuff