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Jemima Avatar.png
Jemima Penrose
Biographical Information
Full nameJemima Penrose
Born11 May 1943
BirthplaceCaerphilly, Wales
ResidencePenrose House, Caerphilly
NationalityWelsh and Israeli
Blood StatusHalf Blood
EducationDurmstrang Institute
Physical Information
Hair colourDark Brown
Eye colourBlue
Skin colourMocha
Family Information
ParentsJeremiah and Adelle Penrose
SiblingsJasper, Jamison and Jules Penrose
Magical Characteristics
PatronusHermit Crab


Her mother always described Jemima as a ‘whimsical soul’ who might be stolen away from the end of a rainbow if she didn’t manage to pull her heads out of the clouds. Jemima Penrose erred on the side of optimism with a heavy dose of naivety from the time she had started to think for herself.

Hailing from the mixed magic community of Caerphilly, the little witch grew as an avid fan of Caerphilly Catapults Quidditch team, often attending home game matches with her father and older brother - she didn’t really understand the game itself, but was intent on cheering and joining on the joy of the game. At age seven, she joined the Caerphilly Catapault’s Children’s Quid Camp and began to learn how to play, finding a perfect release for her enthusiastic cheering and every ounce accumulated energy in her tiny body.

As Jemima grew her magic was late to display itself, the essence of witchcraft and wizardry bursting from her younger siblings far before they showed promise in the smiling girl. It came to a head when Jeremy Penrose set his first daughter down for a discussion on the topic of squibs, when the overwhelming and rare sting of disappointment that she would not go to magic school, burst from the usually happy girl set their couch on fire. After that, not another word was said, and Jemima’s magic refused to show itself again.

As she stumbled onto the precipice of teenage years and with more than a year of Hogwarts schooling beneath her belt, Jemima found herself more inclined to outdoor, hands-on activities than any real aptitude with her wand. Instead set about learning and helping her mother with the Magical Creature Rescue and Rehabilitation that Adelle Penrose ran from their home.

Jemima always dreamed of going to Hogwarts, which was so close but so far away. Every other summer she went to Camp Loki with the other children of Britain, but her dad remained steadfast in his belief that she should be educated elsewhere.

Her brightness never faded with age, however, as Jemima continues to hunt for the ends of rainbows.