Jacob Scarborough

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Jacob Scarborough
Biographical Information
Full nameJacob Christopher Scarborough
BornOctober 17, 1919
BirthplaceLondon, England
ResidenceSome brownstone flat somewhere in Wizarding London
Various undisclosed locations
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
ClassGryffindor 1937
Physical Information
Hair colourDark Blonde
Eye colourLight Blue
Skin colourCaucasian
Family Information
SpouseOlivia Scarborough (nee. Cruz) [Deceased]
ParentsVincent Scarborough
Alyssa Wolfram-Scarborough
SiblingsMichael Scarborough
Other Family MembersThe Scarboroughs
The Wolframs
Magical Characteristics
WandRedwood with a dragon heartstring core, 11 inches long, and rather sturdy
PatronusRed Fox
OccupationUndisclosed ( 1956 - present )
Former Occupation(s)Beater for the Montrose Magpies (1938-1941)
Painter (1942-1950)
Art Forger (Undisclosed)
Retrieval Specialist (Undisclosed)
Librarian at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (1950-1952)
SRC - Head of Hogwarts Outreach Programme (1953-1956)


Before Hogwarts

Jacob Christopher Scarborough was born on October 17th, 1919 to one Vincent Scarborough and Alyssa Wolfram-Scarborough. It had been a rather easy delivery, but not one without some minor complications. Jacob had been diagnosed with a heart defect which they had been lucky enough to fix, but the doctors had wanted to see how his body would accept his new heart. They were hopeful, however, nothing was ever a guarantee even with the best Healing Magic at the time.

In his youth, Jacob had never been one to sit idle. He always had too much energy, but had been rather limited with what he was allowed to do because of his condition. One year, after his seventh birthday party, Jacob's heart had finally had too much strain on it and he had to be hospitalized after collapsing while playing with friends. His parents (His father and his step-mother, the latter whom he disliked) were told he needed another operation.

The times spent in St. Mungo's after the procedure were some of the worst Jacob had ever experienced, since he had been forbidden to do too much while he healed instead of only being fairly limited. That was practically torture for Jacob who had too much energy, since all he was allowed to do now was stay idle. They had given him books and other things to do, however, he had never seemed to be too pleased by any of it. He picked them up on occasion, but it took him months to even regain an interest in anything.

The following years in Jacob's life had taken a turn for the better. His new heart was stronger than ever and his body was reacted rather well to after the latest procedure. The best new he got, however, was the news that he would even be able to even play sports eventually. He would still need regular check-up for the next few years as his body continued to grow, but he would put up with them if he could at least be active.

Before having been accepted to Hogwarts, Jacob's first instance of magic was a hiccup that took place when he had been playing football in his neighborhood's park. The ball, as he kicked it, had caught on fire as he kicked it for a goal. This had been a Muggle park, since that was where he was living with his Father and Step-Mother at the time, and they had all been rather surprised. They had moved soon after that, even though the incident had been handled, since soon after that Jacob had received his letter to attend Hogwart's School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Life at Hogwarts


Life After Graduation

This section is a massive WIP

Fast forward by about a decade to when Jacob turned twenty-one for his second stay in St. Mungos. His transplanted heart had began to weaken again, and he was told that the heart he had been given was undoing an acute rejection after all this time. He pushed to have a second transplant despite the risks, since even though the risk of rejection would be higher again, he still wasn't ready to die. He figured that he had hardly been allowed to life after nine years in and out of hospitals, and seven spent at Hogwarts, so if he could carve out at least another ten years like his current heart had lasted than he would be content.

While the second transplant had been a success, the range of what Scars was capable of doing had declined. He had played Professional Quidditch for three years before his second surgery, and retired from the sport with a rather unimpressive record. After half a year spent in recovery from the surgery, Jacob took a spattering of years to travel the world before travel had been restricted from the war and he was forced to be confined to Great Britain. He spent the years during the war mostly in the shadows, traipsing through dark corridors and rubbing elbows with the shadiest characters possible. He had a few run-ins with the Ministry, but nothing ever stuck.

Learnt Spells

Created Spells

Observed Spells Not Used In Practice