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Feyre Märchen
Biographical Information
Full nameFeyre Märchen
Born25 December
BirthplaceUndredal, Norway
Blood StatusHalf Blood
EducationHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
ClassClass of 1965
Physical Information
Hair colourReddish Brown
Eye colourBlue
Skin colourPale, very freckled
Family Information
ParentsMor & Far [Mum and Dad]
SiblingsLucky Märchen
Magical Characteristics
WandPear, inflexible, peacock feather core. 8"
PatronusBunny Rabbit


Her name was bequeathed as if the power of her namesake Freyja would follow, but the girl with a face full of blemishes had grown through the years as anything but a goddess. Grace was lost to awkward, gangly limbs, beauty gave way to a face full of freckled blemishes and Feyre Marchen had learned, with time and experience, that expectation was not something she could meet.

She was a quiet child, and her confidence pressed firmly underfoot by the bold words and stories that her father so often spun for her older brothers, full of grandeur, and battle, and so much more than could be found in current day Udrendal and the constant nagging idea: why couldn’t she be more like the goddess of old?

Yet, Feyre found company in the presence of her large cat who did not mind the stumbling way that words flowed over her lips, caught on the very tip of her tongue before they floated to freedom. A cat she named Tiger, for its orangey striped appearance even though it could barely be called a predator or anything akin to a tiger itself as it stayed small, and unimposing, in much the same way that Feyre believed she might never evolve from the awkward stage of twelve years old.

First Year=

'Summer 1959=

Second Year=

'Summer 1960=