Eugene Prothero

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Eugene Prothero
Biographical Information
Full nameEugene Harmon Prothero
Born6 February 1920
BirthplacePorthcawl, Glamorgan, Wales
ResidenceThe Prothero Castle, Porthcawl, Glamorgan, Wales
Blood StatusPureblood, The Prothero Family
EducationDurmstrang Institute (1931-1935)

Hogwarts (1935-1938), Ravenclaw

Magical Medicine studies (1938-1940)
Physical Information
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourBlue
Skin colourWhite
Family Information
SpouseFlorence Prothero, formerly married to Millicent Prothero
ParentsRom Prothero, Moira Prothero
Magical Characteristics
WandFamily heirloom: Elm, dragon heartstring & chimera scale fragment, 13 1/3 inches, sturdy
OccupationHead of the Prothero Family, Healer, St. Mungo's (1941-)
Former Occupation(s)Field Medic, 33rd Wizarding Infantry Merlin's Order of Defense (1939-1940) Junior Healer, St. Mungo's (1940-1941)


  • Hospital Wing Jr. Assistant Nurse (1935-1936)
  • Hospital Wing Sr. Assistant Nurse (1936-1938)
  • First Honours (1936-1937)
  • Prefect (1937-1938)
  • Duelling Captain (1937-1938)


Demuto cutis caruncula.

Removal of the skin from the tissue involves the careful wand movements of an artist, and the eye and skill of a surgeon. Any step that has not carefully been planned may damage the hide, and, in the worst case, ruin the chances of creating a successful animal imitation.

His parents were first cousins, but he didn't mind. It was just the kind of thing that you sometimes had to do in order to keep the bloodline pure. At Durmstrang there was plenty of understanding for that kind of thing though. Eugene would have done it too, if he had to, for the sake of the family. Even though the prospect of marrying Florence (which was the only cousin really close to him) was odd, he could imagine it happening.

Not that he told her, of course. And he didn't want it to happen either, because she was a friend. And then there were the issues. And issues there were enough of in the Prothero family. But in theory, he could have done it.

His parents were as lovable and affectionate as any parents - maybe not so much to each other, but at least to him. But as a lone child it was hardly surprising that he was pampered. There weren't many things missing in Eugene's life - he'd learned to walk on the cold stone floor of the large halls of their castle in Wales, but the arms that caught him had always been warm and there were plenty of people around to take care of him. Still he reached independence at an early age, as everybody knew he would grow up to carry a lot of responsibility.

Demuto cavum.

You have to make sure that all of the carcass is removed before starting on the tanning process. All fat needs to be scraped off, and the hide will need to be smoked and/or bathed in appropriate liquids and then softened for further process.

His parents had taught him sophistication and pride. Careful with his appearance and with an inherited elegance of movement Eugene was never much for the fast, brutal wizard sports, but he didn't mind watching. Generally friendly, he could often be seen with a slight smirk on his face, as if he did not quite take anything seriously. But underneath was a critically thinking individual, surfacing when he felt like it, or when it was expected of him. Dutiful and devoted he would put effort into the tasks that were given to him and consequently he also did well in school.

A strong stomach was a must considering the activities that Eugene surrounded himself with. Many struggled with seeing the logics between this extremely tidy boy, clean in appearance and elegant in style, compared to the macabre nature of his hobby. But Eugene didn't wrinkle his nose at the sight of blood or the smell of raw meat. He could see through all that. Into the biology behind. And into the potential art.

Commutati fomare.

Once the skin has been put over the prepared structural skeleton it must be shaped with a careful hand, until the desired pose and expression has been aquired. It takes great skill to create something looking truthfully real, and it takes time to add all the little details needed to impress.

There were alternative spells that could be used in the process, but some of these were specialized for the art itself. Some found it strange that Eugene could bury himself in work on the minor details, on truthfully displaying something like this, something dead. But this was his way of relaxation. The minute details put his mind at ease, giving him a pause from the surrounding world.

Eugene rarely read novels. He'd read books on science and magical biology, understanding physics and maths and always interested in learning more. He was generally quiet, but rarely lost in his mind, always paying attention to the little things that others often missed, very much present in the world.

Art had an impotant part in his heart. for art and science was finely linked, thought Eugene, and with a steady hand he would draw accurate anatomical pictures, carefully memorized so all shapes would be right, and all muscles would be in the right place.