Edward Howard

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Edward Howard
Biographical Information
Full nameEdward Michael Howard
Born30 June 1915
BirthplaceMayfair, London, England
ResidenceKnightsbridge, London, England
Blood StatusHalf-blood
EducationHogwarts, Slytherin; Prefect 1931-33
Physical Information
Family Information
SpouseNaomi Lombardi
ChildrenGeorgiana Howard
ParentsAndrew Howard, Elizabeth Leighton
Magical Characteristics
WandSpruce, dragon heartstring, 12 1/2"
OccupationMusic Composer


To completely understand Edward's story, it must begin long before he was ever born.

Elizabeth Leighton had been one month away from turning nineteen when she married a man that she didn't love. It wasn't a strange occurrence; many people married for reasons other than love. Her family had a history of making advantageous marriages. It wouldn't have been a bad situation except that Elizabeth was in love with someone else and always had been. She followed her head instead of her heart, to use a cliché.

She had married Andrew Howard. His father had died in an accident and that had left him with a title and a good deal of wealth. Elizabeth could live comfortably in the same manner she always had. Andrew and Elizabeth got along fairly well. She had neglected to tell him her biggest secret. He knew nothing of her family's magical abilities. It wasn't an issue then.

Three years later, they had a son.

Edward Michael Howard was born on June 30th, 1953. He had gotten blond hair from both of his parents along with blue eyes. He was fair skinned. He had been a rather cute baby and Elizabeth had delighted in dressing him up in all sorts of outfits. Almost like a doll. Edward had been a happy baby who didn't cry much or make a fuss.

As he grew up and mastered language, Edward didn't change much. He was still a fairly happy child. He didn't complain much to anyone but his parents. He had learned early on that if someone did something he didn't like, it was more effective for his parents to handle it. Especially if that person was another adult. Edward knew that most of the time adults only listened to other adults.

He loved both of his parents very much. His mother spent the most amount of time with him. She doted on Edward and bought him the nicest things. She would even take him out on special trips. Sometimes they went to the cinema or other times they'd go for walks in the park. Later on, she took him to really cool places like Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. His time with his father was really special, because he was gone often or busy working on grown up things. But, when he wasn't all busy working and being serious, Edward thought his father was fun. Their special activity together was playing chess. Andrew had taught him how to play, since Elizabeth found the game to be dull and completely boring.

Another hobby Edward had taken up was music. Piano, to be specific. He was forced into dance lessons, since apparently it was a vital thing to know how to do. He had also been told to pick an instrument to learn. At first, Edward had not been enthusiastic. He just wanted to be able to run around and play games like any other young boy would. He needed to be cultured according to his parents. But once he'd had a few lessons, Edward really took to the piano. David thought he should be playing sports or something more physical, but there was no going back. He loved music.

Edward spent a lot of time around his mother's side of the family. They were a very large family and all of his aunts and uncles were so close. He was at his grandparent's house quite frequently. He didn't have any siblings. Edward would have loved to have at least one sibling, but it looked like that was never going to happen. He was lucky to have cousins, though. So far most of his cousins were girls, which was unfortunate in his eyes. Girls liked to play silly things most of the time. Sometimes they were alright, especially Meghan, when they got up to trouble. Not serious trouble, just typical child-like things. They liked to play pranks on unsuspecting people or run around the house yelling and chasing each other, general things that disrupted the peace.

He wasn't a very mean person. Edward could be arrogant sometimes, but he was Elizabeth's son. There was no escaping that personality trait (maybe flaw depending how you look at it). He was spoiled and rich, but so far he didn't like to rub that in other people's faces. Unless, he needed to, of course. Edward had picked up the very diplomatic nature of his father, yet he had a sly and devious side too. He didn't think everything through, because he was still just a child. But, Edward also didn't rush blindly into everything. Sometimes it paid to sit back and weigh the options. Sometimes the ends justified the means and sometimes they didn't. At a young age, he had figured out things weren't always so black and white.

During his childhood, Edward had started to pick up on the fact that everything wasn't quite right between his parents. Things were tense between them. Sometimes it was worse than others. Sometimes they fought and he could hear them, even though they never fought in front of him. One night when he was around eight or nine, their fights exploded.

Prior to that, Edward had noticed some strange things going on and it all centered around him. It was just small things, like things changing colors or mysteriously disappearing. Andrew had noticed though and questioned Elizabeth about it. That was when the truth about magic had come out and things had blown up. Elizabeth had left the house in a fury with Edward. They'd ended up in Hogsmeade. That had been Edward's first experience with apparation and the magical world.

Once that had happened, things slowly started improving. Edward was introduced to a whole other world he never knew existed. His father was having a hard time accepting it, he could see that. Andrew was a good father, though, and he still cared about his son. He even went so far as to go to David, the resident Quidditch player, for help on buying Edward a broom. Elizabeth had specifically forbidden him to touch a broom, because he was young and flying was dangerous. He'd wanted to try flying, regardless (or maybe because of) how dangerous it could be.

The relationship between his parents was still rocky, but something had changed that day. They didn't fight as much and seemed to make more of an effort to work through things. The thing they had been fighting over was where Edward was going to go to school. Andrew wanted him to go to Eton, but Elizabeth wanted him to go to Hogwarts and learn magic. In the end, Elizabeth had ended up winning out.

As for Edward, he was excited to learn about magic. He heard the coolest stories from David about the school. His uncle had been in Slytherin and his mother had been in Gryffindor, so he loved to listen when they talked about Hogwarts. They both had entirely different viewpoints. It was especially funny when they had good natured arguments over which house was best. He was glad he was going there instead of another school.