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|full_name= Divya Goswami
|full_name= Divya Goswami
|born = 8 April
|born = 8 April 1933
|birthplace = Kerala, India
|birthplace = Kerala, India

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Divya Goswami
Full nameDivya Goswami
Born8 April 1933
BirthplaceKerala, India
ResidenceLondon, England
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts Ravenclaw


She stood silently, eyes down, in front of her father’s desk. She could almost hear the movement of her own heart and that of her brother standing next to her. They were only called in here for important announcements and Divya had to bite the side of her cheek to quell her own smiles. She had a feeling this was going to be a good day, she just knew it.


Her father’s voice was serious, but not sharp and Divya’s eyes snapped upwards to meet his.

“I’ve been in contact with your uncle. He has a good business there in London. Productive. And growing by the day.”

She nodded, liking the sound of where this was going.

“For my sons, I am sending you to work with him. He needs young minds like yours to grow his business. You will stay for two years. Possibly more, if you do well which I have no doubt you will.”

She didn’t remove her eyes from her father as she was waiting for her own prize but she couldn’t help but smile for her brothers. Trust, though slightly scarce in her family, was clearly growing.

“And for you, Divya, you will accompany your brothers. Your aunt will teach you the skills of her business, and you will return at the end of the summer.”

And her smile broke into a grin. Her aunt in London was a Diviner, the most talented in her family, and travelling across the world would give her many stories to tell when she returned to school.

And then the idea struck, and once something entered her head it was very hard to eradicate. And Divya knew she needed to learn to hold her tongue, but this was too great of an opportunity to pass. And when she was nervous, it was even harder to hold her tongue.

“Father.” She said, her voice prompt and serious. Probably not the best tone to ask for something as dramatic as this, but when Divya started she could not stop.

“If my brothers are to stay for at least two years, would it not be best for me to stay with them and finish my education there?”

Her voice shook slightly as she finished her sentence, unable to judge her father’s reaction. Her dark eyes met his identical ones and she stared for three counts before lowering her eyes back to the floor. She had seen her brothers play this game with him before, now it was her turn.

“Continue.” He said, his voice not giving away any hint of a decision.

She cleared her throat, “My brothers could work with my uncle for the next few years. I could attend Hogwarts for four years to complete my education. My aunt could tutor me in Divination for four summers. You and mother could focus on the business without us three as a disturbance. I could return in four years and work with my mother and my brothers with you.”

It was a fool proof plan, spoken with confidence and clarity while her eyes locked on her father. Of course, her presentation was forced and Divya felt as if she was babbling but Divya was pleased nonetheless.

However, the reaction was less pleasing. Her father’s face crumpled in consideration and her two brothers stood to her left, clearly impressed with her performance, but silent. She began to bite the inside of her cheek again.

Finally, her father spoke. “I’ll speak to your mother.”

And, Divya knew, that meant yes.

The three siblings were dismissed from the room and Divya grinned in triumph the moment she was outside.

“I bet you didn’t think I could do that, did you?” She joked. And all this because of her ideas and nervous blabbering.

Who knew good things happened to women who couldn’t hold their tongues?