David Leighton

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David Leighton
Biographical Information
Full nameDavid Alan Leighton
Born8 September 1907
BirthplaceEast Sussex, England
ResidenceKnightsbridge, London, England
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts, Slytherin (1924-26)
Title(s)Head Boy 1925-26
Physical Information
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBlue
Skin colourLight
Family Information
SpouseRoelle Bennett
ChildrenJames Leighton, Kathleen Leighton
ParentsPatrick Leighton, Celeste Hall
SiblingsElizabeth, Anastasia, Jonathon, Cady, Sofia, and Robert
Other Family MembersEdward Howard (nephew), Meghan Lambton(niece), Sarah Lambton (niece)
Magical Characteristics
Wand13 inches, chestnut, dragon heartstring
OccupationSlytherin Head of House, Quidditch Referee, Owner of the Falmouth Falcons


David's Life; a Haiku by Aubrey Kedding

Just look at my hair.
It tells of my life story.
Now where is my comb?

The Real Biography

David Leighton thought the world revolved around him.

It wasn't really his fault that he was under that impression. David had been born into a privileged life. All he'd ever known was wealth, titles, and pleasure.

He came from a rather large family.

Patrick Leighton married Celeste Hall on October 1, 1930. Over the next fifteen years, they had seven children. Elizabeth was the oldest followed by Anastasia, then Jonathon. Sofia and Cady were the first set of twins; Robert and David were the last. David was born a few minutes after Robert, making him officially the youngest.

Every one of the Leighton children had been spoiled and handed everything on a silver platter, but David and Robert were just a little more spoiled than the rest, because they were the babies of the family. It had started from the day they were born. David always heard how special he was as soon as he could understand words and their meanings. It went straight to his head, even though Robert was never much affected by the special treatment.

As a child, David spent a lot of time outside. His family owned stables and a collection of horses. He loved spending time there and learning to care for the horses. Andy was the man in charge, and he taught David all he knew about the animals. David was riding almost before he could walk. When he was older, he was given his own horse that he named Shadow.

His sisters, Sofia and Cady, were only four years older than him, so David spent more time with them than his other siblings. The three of them were similar in personality and disposition, which kept things lively. Before they were old enough to attend parties, they would sneak out of their rooms and find places to spy from. When other children their age came to visit, the three of them would plot together and come up with not-so-nice games to play. They weren't really malicious; they just thrived on any kind of drama.

When David and Robert were old enough, they started going hunting with their father and Jonathon. The estate where they lived had a large forested area, complete with a hunting lodge. David loved those trips and getting to spend quality time with both of his brothers and his father. As much as he liked all of his sisters, it was nice to get away from them once in awhile and have male bonding time.

His other interests were sports, shopping, and attending social events. Learning was never a top priority for David. He drove his tutors mad, because he would not pay attention or put forth much effort. He didn't see the point; he was never going to need to get a job. Even when David started to learn magic, he didn't want to do much work. Sure, doing spells was useful and impressive, but why did there have to be so much practice involved? Fortunately, Robert was a bookworm, who thrived on knowledge, and helped his brother out.

David's greatest interest, though, was the opposite sex. When he was younger, he flirted with girls by teasing them, pulling their hair, or chasing them around. As he grew up, so did his manner of flirting. Instead of hair pulling, he learned how to talk to girls - and he learned that if he was charming enough, he didn't need to chase the girls trying to get a kiss; they were eager enough to kiss him.

He had confidence in spades. David never doubted that everything would work out for him, never doubted that he would get the girl. He was six feet tall with blue eyes and brown hair. (Elizabeth, Anastasia, and Cady were all blonde, while Jonathon, Sofia, Robert, and he were brunet.) David believed he was incredibly good looking. With those looks and fashion sense (and probably his money), most girls couldn't resist him.

Life was going great until Sofia and Cady decided they wanted to attend Beauxbatons. They wanted to experience how the French lived Or maybe they just wanted an excuse to visit Paris on a regular basis. David was lost without his partners-in-crime. He was stuck doing the same old things while they were away at boarding school - having a fabulous time, judging by their letters.

They'd had such a smashing time that they convinced David he should go away to boarding school. Apparently, there was loads more fun to be had away from home (and especially their mother). Plus, there would be a whole new crowd of people. David couldn't turn that down, but he wasn't sure about Beauxbatons. His French wasn't as good as he pretended it was.

But there was another school where they spoke English. David remembered that Elizabeth had gone to Hogwarts for a few years and was planning on sending her own son there. If his sister thought it was good enough for Edward, it couldn't be that bad.

He hoped Hogwarts would be exciting enough to keep him from becoming bored. David had no idea just how interesting the school would turn out to be.

David only spent two years there, but they changed the course of his life. He didn't act much differently than he had at home. He charmed the girls, ensuring he got lots of snogs and offers to do his homework for him. He was as social as he could be, enjoying the new rumors and gossip there was to uncover.

Despite his lackluster academics, David was appointed Head Boy in his seventh year. Like everything else, it went straight to his head. He always thought it was the school's way of attempting to turn him into a responsible adult, but, like any good Slytherin, he found ways to turn it to his advantage without becoming responsible.

His partner was Zoraida Trowbridge. She became one of his best mates. Not only did they rule the school together, but they shared a love of Quidditch. David had joined the Slytherin team during his seventh year, as a Chaser. He'd always been big into sports, but he fell in love with Quidditch.

David also fell in love, though it would take him years to use the word, with a girl named Roelle Bennett. She was the only girl who had ever made him feel jealousy. They became a couple before their seventh year ended.

After graduation, he returned to his life of parties and pleasure and fun. It took David a few years before he considered settling down at all. When he finally did, he decided he would like to own a Quidditch team, which lead to him purchasing the Falmouth Falcons. He also proposed to Roelle. She was the one, because he thought about her almost as much as he thought about himself.

They were married in June 1969 and lived in a house in Knightsbridge, London. A couple of years later, their first child, James, was born. His younger sister, Kathleen, was born a year later.

In 1939, David made his return to Hogwarts. He took over as the Head of Slytherin and the Quidditch referee.

Preceded by
Anneka Ivanova
Slytherin HoH
1939 - present
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