Chantal Renard

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Chantal Renard
Biographical Information
Full nameChantal Marie Renard
Born15 June 1889
BirthplaceMarseille, France
ResidenceHogsmeade, Scotland
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts (1900-1907)
Physical Information
Family Information
ChildrenGabrielle Renard; Patricia Sanders Renard; Brayden Emerson Renard; James Emerson
ParentsJacques Varens, Florence Renard (deceased/ghost)
SiblingsDominique Renard
Magical Characteristics
Wand14", oak wood, viper tooth core
OccupationFrench Professor, Headington School (Senior School), Oxford
Former Occupation(s)Transfiguration / Muggle Studies Professor, Dueling Instructor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Orphans Tutor at St. Mungo's Hospital


Chantal Renard was born on June 15th 1889 in Marseille, France, in a rich pureblooded family. During her childhood, she didn't have a care in the world. Whatever the little blonde wanted, she was getting. Except ... when it came to school. She wanted to go to Beauxbatons. But her parents had both attended Hogwarts when they were younger and they wanted her to go there as well. So when the girl turned 11, she was shipped straight for Hogwarts, regardless of her protests. And, just like her parents, she got herself sorted in Slytherin. She quickly developed quite a reputation as being a very slippery person. Yes, even at that young age. Slowly but surely, she continued to develop her manipulation skills, all the while keeping a "good student" label. Her preferred subjects were Charms and Transfiguration. But she was also keen on Potions and Defence Against Dark Arts. As far as house dislikeness was concerned, pretty much all the other houses except for Slytherin were on her "black list". Especially Ravenclaw, since her only crush during her stay at Hogwarts was in that house and he had ignored her until graduation.

When she had reached her final year, Chantal didn't manage to get to be a Head Girl, despite her desperate attempts to charm her House Head into nominating her and not one of her other housemates. As a result of the disappointment from that failed attempt, during that term, the Hogwarts students that crossed her path felt the Snake's coldness and viciousness in action. She did get a few detentions for being too violent on some of the students, but she didn't care and continued on that path till the end of the term.

After graduation, she moved to Paris and continued her studies at "Francois Voltaire" Magical College in Paris. Upon graduation, in 1911, she began attending the classes of the University of France for Magical Studies, which she graduated in 1915, without too many problems. Afterwards, she began working for the French Ministry of Magic. At the beginning of the year 1919, she received news that there were some teaching positions left empty at Hogwarts. Seeing this as an opportunity to pull away from her mother's control and also a secondary wish to wreak some havoc at her former school, especially on Ravenclaws, Chantal didn't hesitate and sent in an application. However, once arrived there, her attitude changed quite a bit towards students and decided to do her best to guide these young minds through intricacies of magic until they would graduate.

Chantal started as a Transfiguration Professor and also as a Dueling Instructor afterwards. In the meantime, she got married to a former school 'snog-friend', Malcolm Matheson, and had a daughter, Gabrielle. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't work out too well and she divorced after a couple of years, keeping her daughter in her custody. Soon enough, Chantal also adopted a 7th year Ravenclaw who had been dismissed by her own family, the woman wanting to provide the girl with a family and a roof above her head. Then she got remarried to Julian Emerson, taking over as mother to his son from a previous relationship, James. Afterwards, she also had a son, Brayden, the first boy born in the Renard family in over a century.

After 10 years in Transfiguration, Chantal switched to Muggle Studies. She also slowly involved herself into political matters, especially after The Order took charge of the Ministry. With help from friends and family, she is hoping to influence a return of things to normal in Britain and in other countries. Unfortunately, her dedication towards Hogwarts and these political interests made her personal life suffer severely. After lengthy discussions, she separated, amiably, from Julian after almost 11 years of marriage.

As a miscellaneous fact, while at Hogwarts as a professor, she developed a strong interest in Sherlock Holmes books and mysteries. She started analysing things more deeply, perhaps too deep sometimes. In any case, if there's any unsolved issue, she likes to disect it until she finds the solution to it. She has even tried to pick up Holmes' way of solving problems and also his way of talking ... not terribly successful but she is amusing herself doing so. She even has a pipe ... more for show, obviously, than anything else.

After 10 further years in Muggle Studies, Chantal left Hogwarts in 1939 in pursuit of other endeavors. The footsteps carried her towards St. Mungo's next. She spent there a short period of time as a tutor for the muggleborn orphans until they got moved to Hogsmeade when the Blitz started. Afterwards, she made the big step and switched worlds, by becoming a French professor at a muggle school in Oxford. Things started rather well and Chantal was rather happy with her job. Moreover, she became Family Head for the Renards, representing them in the Wizengamot. There was only one more problem to sort out ...

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