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Cedric Pellinore Galyn
Biographical Information
Full nameCedric Pellinore Galyn
Born3 December, 1920
BirthplaceCardiff, Wales
Residence713 Lakeside Walk, Hogsmeade
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
ClassGryffindor House, class of 1939
Title(s)Prefect (1937-38), Quidditch Captain (1937-39), Head Boy (1938-39)
Physical Information
Family Information
Spouse"Unmarried" (committed relationship with Seamus Reinhardt)
ParentsVivienne Rose Medraut, Lewis Folant Galyn
SiblingsArianrhod Medraut (half-sister), Cyrus Arabelle (half-brother)
Other Family MembersMedraut, Galyn
Magical Characteristics
WandRowan, 13 inches, dragon heartstring, rigid
OccupationHealer; Emergency & Trauma, St. Mungo's
Former Occupation(s)none


Cedric is fairly tall for the period, a smidgeon above 6ft, with sandy brown hair and grey-blue eyes. He isn't terribly concerned with appearance but likes to be clean, and his dress reflects a clean-cut, yet casual flair. His build is narrow with broad shoulders,yet well-built and athletic; Cedric keeps in shape by simply being active.


Outwardly, Cedric is well-liked, hardworking, and exceptionally talented in magical medicine. He is protective and loyal, and he will fight to the end for what he believes in, no matter the cost to himself. At times, he feels the need to distance himself from the rest of humanity to think or expel his emotions without consequence. Deeply affected by others' emotions and pain, he puts it upon himself to be their strength, even if he himself doesn't know how to ask for help. Secretly gay and estranged from his powerful feuding family, he holds both long grudges and dark secrets. However, with the support of his partner (fiance), Seamus Reinhardt and numerous friends, Cedric has finally figured out where he stands in the world, even if the world he stands in is threatening to crumble.


Cedric was born the third of December, 1920 at St, Mungo's in London, England to Lewis and Vivienne Galyn (nee Medraut). Formerly Head Boy, Chief Nursing Assistant, and Quidditch captain of Gryffindor House of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Cedric now works in St. Mungo's Emergency and Trauma wing as the department's youngest department head to date.

Infancy and Childhood

The Galyns lived in a country manor outside at 673 Dylluanstryd Cardiff, Wales, Cedric's childhood home. In the summers, they stayed with Vivienne's father Cassius at the Medraut family estate, Breninbrad Hall, in the adjoining carriage house from the main manor. Although Vivienne hated the long summers under her father's oppressive rule, she was resigned to obey her husband who liked the idea of being able to hobnob with the elite company Cassius kept regularly. Vivienne, on the other hand had once tried to escape that life, and did everything in her power to ensure that she stayed as far removed as possible from it.
Cedric in 1921, age 7 months, Cardiff

In Cardiff, once Cedric had turned six, Vivienne pretended to enroll her son in a pureblood primary school, when in actuality she wished for her son to be given a broader view of the world. He was sent to a Muggle private school in Cardiff, where he made friends with plenty of young Muggle children. The few slip-ups he made in mentioning the wizarding world were quickly covered up as an overactive imagination, and he thrived at the school for the three years he attended. As he grew a little older, he learned to understand that going to this school was against his father and grandfather's wishes and that if he wanted to continue going, he would have to stay quiet about it and help his mother in telling the lie. That secret between them solidified their deep mother and son relationship.

Eventually, however, Lewis discovered the cover-up. Waiting outside the school to be picked up after the day's end, Cedric was spotted by his father who was coming round a corner. Lewis was enraged. He grabbed his son by the wrist and hauled him home, where Lewis confronted Vivienne and Cedric was punished for being deceitful. Cedric, of course, did not return to the school and from that day onward held a great deal of contempt and ill-will toward his father. He was nine.

The next two years were spent with a private tutor at home, where in addition to solidifying his English, he started to learn French and Latin. It was insisted upon that he also learn the family tree, in particular the Medraut family tree. Lewis had all but forgotten his own ravished, nearly extinct family and latched securely onto the Medrauts for an "easy upgrade". Summers were worse once Cassius found out about the Muggle school incident, and insisted upon handling the finances of Cedric's education himself, in order to avoid his daughter’s blatant rebellion against her upbringing. Lewis, being both a skinflint and at that point, secretly in debt from gambling and poor investing, agreed almost immediately.
Cedric in 1927, age 6, Cardiff

In that time, Cedric became sullen and insolent, sparking a new, raging rebellious streak. He acted out deliberately at family functions, refused to budge on anything although the punishments were often very harsh, and would disappear for hours (and sometimes even days) at a time. At age ten, during the summer at Breninbrad Hall, he attempted to run away and even made it as far as London before authorities were able to locate him through the Trace. Once home, he refused to speak to his father and even became angry with Vivienne, who had been the one to discover his disappearance via a note left under her pillow.

Beyond the children he had once known from the Muggle school, Cedric had very few interactions with others his own age, and even fewer girls. His closest friend was Aries Applesnow (now Aries Paladin). Drawn to the slightly younger boy on account of Aries’ confidence and what Cedric viewed as bravery and power, he admired his friend and even felt safest when he was with Aries, even sometimes over his own mother. Because of his great admiration for the Applesnow boy, he was willing to overlook the snide remarks and sarcasm and even tried to emulate him a little (though he failed at it most of the time). Cedric generally refused to get attached to any other children, outwardly making the excuse that he found their morals undesirable and believed them to be just as bad as their parents. Inwardly however, he was simply reluctant to accept any friendships, his trust completely in shambles.

A few months prior to running away, there was an incident which left Cedric in St. Mungo's to treat a memory spell gone wrong. In truth, Lewis tried to obliviate his son, though the reason remains to this day uncertain. Lewis was fortunately drunk, so the only skewed the boy’s memories so that he was never really sure what he’d seen, but Cedric was thoroughly convinced that his father had done something terrible. For years afterward, he was plagued by recurring nightmares, and he never trusted nor cared anything for Lewis until the day the older Galyn died.

The incident was the precursor to the tumultuous final three years of Lewis’ life. With his debts increasing and his investments continuing to fail, the Galyns were slowly being ruined, (“unbeknownst” to Vivienne, who likely turned a blind eye and hoped that it would all blow over), and Lewis’ temper and alcoholism became an everyday part of Cedric’s life. While Lewis rarely tried to physically hurt either Cedric or Vivienne, the emotional and verbal abuse was nearly constant whenever he was home.


Cedric was sorted into Gryffindor House in September of 1931, class of 1939.

First and Second Year

When Cedric left for Hogwarts, he had conflicted feelings -- he was free from Lewis’ tyranny, but had left Vivienne without any protection at all. His sorting was, in the eyes of the Medrauts, a grave disappointment -- Gryffindors, to them, were brash and unpredictable, and had no place in a family whose Slytherin and Ravenclaw qualities of cool, calculating intelligence were part of their prized identity. Cedric, however, was elated -- anything to be set apart from the rest of his family, and he latched on to his lion-like tendencies with new fervor. Still, his anger and his distrust of other people caused him to be alienated by his own choice; he attended classes but paid little attention.
Cedric in 1931, age 11 (First Year)
Because his magical abilities were lacking, he learned to hold his own through physical strength, and was constantly getting into trouble for inciting fistfights. His anger grew, and he retreated into himself for the next two years. Letters from his mother, frequent at first, became few and far between despite the fact that Cedric wrote to her once a week religiously, and he feared that the emotional strain on Vivienne was beginning to take its toll. Brooms and flying provided an escape, though he was never allowed to join the Quidditch team. Hours spent venting his frustration and worry for Vivienne made him a formidable opponent on the pitch, though he rarely had someone to play against.

Third Year and Father's Death

Third year began very much like any other, but come January of 1934, everything changed. His father was found dead in Knockturn Alley, seemingly of a heart complaint (though Cedric forever wondered exactly how “accidental” Lewis’ death really was, considering his history with gambling and other such pursuits), and Vivienne was suddenly left to the mercy of the enormous debts Lewis had acquired. As such, the house in Cardiff was lost, as were all of their assets. Completely destitute with nowhere else to go, Vivienne agreed to move she and Cedric into Breninbrad Hall with Cassius, who was more than happy to have them kept under strict watch. Once a strong, vivacious woman, Vivienne had succumbed to both abuse and depression. Cedric begged his grandfather to allow he and his mother to live elsewhere and for Cedric to remain at home with her, even agreeing to let Cassius choose a tutor for him if his request was met. Cassius stubbornly refused, choosing to exercise control over his daughter’s life again and Cedric was sent back to Hogwarts, angrier than ever.

Fourth Year

Cedric in 1936 at his first Quidditch game, age 14 (Fifth Year)
Fourth year brought more changes, although these were social. Though friends were few and far between, he was beginning to learn to socialize. Roped into pulling pranks by just being there in the right place at the right time, Cedric found some enjoyment in the idea of making people laugh, picking up a few tricks of his own in the meantime. He’d pulled pranks before, on members of his family and also their uppity guests -- this was on a scale less satisfying but more available. Once or twice, he was invited out to the pitch to play a pick up game of Quidditch, and he started to really delve into learning as much about Quidditch as possible, in an attempt not to make a fool of himself during the game. He became very knowledgeable, and again, the sport provided an escape from the ever-looming reality that the woman who had once been his mother was fading away.

There was also the matter of a sixth year exchange student from Paris -- one Clarice Geroux, a pretty, raven-haired French girl with an appetite for all sorts of fellows. Happy to snog anything in trousers, she developed a crush on Cedric (believing he was older than he was). One night, she snogged him in the courtyard. It was one of the more unpleasant experiences of Cedric’s life; too shocked to do anything, he let it happen, trying his best not to freak out. Twice she bit his lip and more than that, she kissed like a Saint Bernard, so it was a very confused and very wet-faced Cedric that staggered back to Gryffindor Tower that night, vowing that the next time he kissed someone, it would be on his own terms and very... very... very short-lived. Fortunately, the Geroux girl was transferred back to Beauxbatons the next year.

Meanwhile, Vivienne had slipped into an irreversible depression, sitting by the window and usually refusing to move. She ate little, slept little, and letters stopped being written altogether; the now-fifteen-year-old Gryffindor came home for Christmas 1935 to find that his mother had completely disappeared into herself. Cedric exploded. He screamed at Cassius, blaming his grandfather for Vivienne’s condition and even pulled his wand, but was suppressed before he could cast any spells, then locked in his room for the remainder of the day. There was no Christmas that year. He finished his fourth year at Hogwarts on rocky ground, making frequent trips back to Breninbrad Hall. He was fighting a lost battle -- Vivienne responded to nothing, and his worry affected his studies significantly. Cedric barely scraped through his classes, enough to pass adequately, and went home immediately after.

Fifth Year and Mother's Death

Cedric in 1937, age 16 (Sixth Year)
The entire month of July, Cedric thought perhaps Vivienne might be getting better; he’d managed to get her downstairs to sit in the manor library with a book and while she rarely read, she did change books now and again. Every meal he spent in the library with her, coaxing her into eating and sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing. The end of the month came and Cedric had seen little change. Finally, the morning of July 22nd, 1936, Cedric found Vivienne's body in the library. Unable to continue, she’d taken her own life.

Her death nearly broke Cedric in two. He became a sleeping volcano -- rage and grief bubbling under the surface silently as his grandfather covered up the suicide and ruled it an accident, knowing that the manner of his daughter's death would deface his reputation. Cedric silently placed the blame on Cassius - it was Cassius who’d forced her into this state, he believed, and Cassius who had been too proud and stubborn to see or even care for her well-being. In Cedric’s mind, Cassius was as guilty as if he’d force-fed the poison to Vivienne himself.

The funeral, however, brought relief in the strangest of ways - a halfblood half-sister, Arianrhod Medraut. Secretly sent away as an infant because of her blood "impurity", she had accidentally learned of Vivienne's death and decided to make contact. Her arrival and introduction caused an uproar; Cassius was livid, but could do nothing. Arianrhod's appearance was a true triumph for Cedric; over the next few months he and his sister stayed in contact until Arianrhod, more and more aware of Cedric's situation, offered to have him come live with her. Cedric jumped at the chance. He left later that week, finally free from the confines of what had become his personal prison. That summer, she applied and was hired as a Divination professor at Hogwarts.

September - December, 1936

Cedric returned to Hogwarts to find that the student body had gained a few new members. Despite his raw grief and residual trust issues, Cedric connected with Gryffindor fourth year Daniel Marcus Reed, who fast became his best friend. Around the same time, he met Freja Skov and Theodore Beauchamp of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, respectively. These three people, along with Aries, unknowingly provided the support that Cedric had never had and desperately needed.

Cedric finally joined the Quidditch team for the first time ever during his fifth year. Under the captaincy of Juniper Kedding, Cedric's natural talent allowed him to excel especially at the Chaser position. He had a great deal of admiration and respect for Juniper as his captain (and distant cousin), and they forged a good relationship as a result.

Love Potion Incident - January, 1937

Directly after the timewarp, during dinner in early January, Ignatius Hallows slipped a strong love potion into Cedric's drink while introducing Cedric to his cousin, Seamus Reinhardt. The potion caused Cedric to latch obsessively onto the first person he found attractive (however subconscious). Completely oblivious to what was happening, Cedric attempted to snog a very amused Seamus in the middle of the Great Hall, which resulted in Headmistress Elizabeth Birch-Hurst dragging him kicking and screaming to the Hospital Wing. While Cedric was detoxing, Seamus sneaked into the Wing for another snog while Cedric was still under the influence.

Once the potion wore off, Cedric was horrified and beginning to be very frightened by what had occurred between he and Seamus. While the love potion had aided his attraction, it did not stop the fact that there was definitely a real attraction there. Angry and embarrassed, he retreated into solitude and avoided everyone, trying to make sense of the feelings he was having whenever he thought of Seamus. Eventually, however, a chance meeting in the entrance hall after curfew led to an emotional release against the wall and Cedric let himself go for the two minutes he snogged Seamus back.

Terrified, he finally broke away and was left to try and understand his feelings until Seamus, also greatly affected by the magnetic attraction between them, cornered Cedric in the library and forced him to face them. Cedric made a rash decision; instead of running away, he agreed to date Seamus in secret.

Summer 1937

Cedric began noticing that Seamus was constantly leaving for things that were clearly just excuses, and he began to be concerned there was something Seamus wasn't telling him. After a worried fight, he began to research more heavily until he put the pieces together and realized that Seamus was, in fact, a werewolf.

Cedric finally confronted Seamus with the knowledge; after an awkward, uncomfortable period, they agreed to accept it as part of their relationship and move on.

Sixth Year

At the start of the 1937-38 term, Cedric was awarded the position of prefect of Gryffindor House. He took the title reluctantly at first, confused as to why J. Walsingham, his Head of House, wanted him for the task. Eventually, however, he accepted the role and even enjoyed the "mother hen" aspects of the prefectcy. After Juniper's graduation in 1937, Cedric was also named captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, an honor he took far more seriously than any other position at school.

Seventh Year

Cedric and Seamus began to experience problems in their relationship following a brief moment of indiscretion on Seamus' part. They appeared to make up in the aftermath, but the incident left Cedric with a great deal of doubt in his mind as to the validity of their very unconventional relationship.

Regardless, Cedric was appointed Head Boy in his final year at Hogwarts, an incredible accomplishment given his tumultuous history. He was also Quidditch captain for Gryffindor yet again, and in the Hospital Wing was given the position of Chief Nursing Assistant.

By the end of the year, Cedric's doubts with Seamus had come to a head. He broke the relationship off, leaving Seamus brokenhearted and himself with a great deal of guilt.



Cedric was hired at St. Mungo's Hospital in June of 1939, right out of Hogwarts and became a junior healer in the Emergency and Trauma wing. He showed a great deal of promise and was quickly chosen for more advanced projects with his superiors, finding a quasi-mentor in the Hospital's Director, Alastair Grimm. In his personal life, Cedric tried to move on from his relationship with Seamus, experimenting with other partners, most notably his friend Freja Skov and new acquaintance Robert Oliveroot. While the latter tryst initially sparked animosity and difficulties between them, Robert and Cedric eventually became good friends and confidants.

Finally, after eleven long months apart, Cedric and Seamus agreed to rekindle their relationship. They are able to come to terms with the events which initially drove them apart and slowly, they fall in love again -- this time with a great deal more understanding of what that kind of emotion meant.

In autumn of 1941, Cedric was promoted to full healer status, the youngest in the department. He focused his specialty on potions research (specifically the wolfsbane potion) and triage, believing these to be his best tools with which to help Seamus.


In early 1942, Cedric was finally able to take on and keep his animagus form -- a large grey-brown wolf.