Cassandra Märchen

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Cassandra Märchen
Biographical Information
BornFebruary 12, 1928
BirthplaceLondon, Britain
ResidenceFulham, London
EducationHomeschooled until age 14, Hogwarts Ravenclaw
Physical Information
Family Information
SpouseHa as if
ParentsPriam and Hecuba Märchen
Magical Characteristics
Wandsilver lime, dragon heartstring, 10 inches
OccupationUnspeakable, Ministry of Magic


(A little backstory, a preface to the lists she uses to make order in an unorderly life; Cassandra Märchen, 19 years old, a younger brother named Paris, Gryffindor '49, she's pretty in a haunted sort of way, and sometimes she doesn't know if the things she sees are real or not.)

Three things Cassandra has known since the beginning (whatever 'the beginning' was; sometimes it seemed like the beginning of time, and other days it seemed the beginning of yesterday): 1. She is Daddy's little princess, and that is how it should be. 2. But Paris is a mama's boy, and sometimes she watches the two of them and wonders why it's not her standing next to Mother, hiding behind Mother, laughing with Mother, picking flowers and cooking and playing with Mother. 3. That they are all (or feel like, and most days, there wasn't a difference) older than they seem.

Three things Cassandra had to learn: 1. That whenever she feels something strange or out of the ordinary, she isn't supposed to talk about it. 2. German and French, and Latin. 3. That emotions weren't meant to be talked about either; as her Father had once memorably told her in one of his rare bouts of sternness -- "That's what we have a piano for, liebling," -- and at age 10 she takes to playing ivory keys instead of talking.

(There's a trend or a thread of something somewhere in here, but Cassandra is stuck and she can't find it, hands pressed against the glass, red stains left in her wake--)

Three things Cassandra still doesn't know: 1. Why she flinches away from mirrors sometimes. (she does know; out of the corner of her eye sometimes she catches sight of a city burning to the ground and a thousand ships, white sails billowing) 2. Why she sometimes feels her own unimportance sneak up on her, pull her under, drown her in its suffocating embrace, and laugh. (she does know; she doesn't deserve what she has, and sometimes that harsh truth pounces, and everything tilts and tinges red) 3. Why she lies to everyone, even herself. (she does know; it's in her blood, and anyways, some things are too hard to bear.)

(In summary: a Daddy's girl with a questionable mental state, a girl too sharp for her own good, a little porcelain doll speaking in tongues and playing piano; Cassandra plays many parts, and eventually they coalesce into a whirlwind of personas to wear.)

Once upon a time, she sings, and maybe these cards are out of order, because it feels like she's ending at the beginning? Once upon a time, a little girl was born, and three years later, her brother Paris was born. They lived happily and maybe Cassandra didn't go to Hogwarts until she was 14 and Paris had been able to go for his first year, but Cassandra didn't mind.

It was probably better for the both of them, anyways. And then she'd graduated and she'd been told in no uncertain terms to take a year off by her Father, so Cassandra took a year off, because Daddy said so.

(Daddy knows best, Daddy knows best.)

Then Cassandra got to get her own apartment (and she loves Paris, truly, but she does not need to live through another fifteen years of his using up the hot water), and she swept out the door without a second thought.

All dreamers must wake, but Cassandra was putting off that waking for as long as she could.



FC: Kaya Scodelario Cassandra is 168 cm tall (5'6'), and 50 kg (121 pounds). She has dark hair and bright blue eyes, with her pale skin as a result of not being a very athletically inclined person. She spends most of her time indoors, and has long pianist fingers.