Cameron Marksby

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Cameron Marksby
Biographical Information
Full nameCameron Kirk Marksby
Born22nd April, 1915
BirthplaceOxford, UK
Blood StatusMuggleborn
EducationHogwarts, Hufflepuff (1926-1933)
  • Quidditch Captain
  • Prefect
  • Senior Assistant Nurse
  • Chief Assistant Nurse
Physical Information
Hair colourBlond
Eye colourHazel
Skin colourLight
Family Information
SpouseSophie Thistlecomb
  • Tabitha Marksby
  • Hailey Marksby
  • Richard Marksby
  • Melinda Marksby
SiblingsRuth Marksby
Magical Characteristics
PatronusGolden Retriever
OccupationDepartment Head, Pediatrics, St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
Former Occupation(s)Private & Field Medic, 33rd Wizarding Infantry, Merlin's Order of Defense; Healer, Emergencies & Triage
LoyaltyThe Resistance


For most of his life, Cameron Marksby had never really felt at home. Ostracized from his muggle family at eleven, his guilt at leaving behind his sister nearly ate him alive. After she joined him in the wizarding world and helped him reconcile with their parents, it seemed only a blink of an eye before they were lost again.

Hufflepuff had been the most like a home to him during school. But that was before Sophie.

The timing was wrong for a long time. He'd kissed Daisy. They were together, then he kissed Daisy again. She kissed Edgar out of spite. They made up. Cameron left Hogwarts, only to find out halfway through the next year that Sophie had been with Bo Madigan.

And then - something clicked. Cameron still didn't know what it was.

He finally had it all.

A good job and a steady income, a wife, and they were well on the way to a white picket fence and 2.5 children. He never left for a shift without saying "I love you," and came home after each and said it again. He was home.

Ruthie had recently moved out of their cramped apartment after graduating from Hogwarts, and they finally had the place to themselves, save for occasional unannounced visits from siblings. It was so quiet that Cameron might have gone mad if it weren't for Sophie.

She put up with the long hours at the hospital, the times he was on call and had to leave at a moment's notice, accidentally waking her up while getting ready for work at 4 AM. He brought her flowers from Diagon and sweets from Honeydukes and he never forgot her birthday.

Everything was perfect, and that should have been his first clue.

One afternoon as he came home from the hospital, she handed him an official-looking postcard. He recognized the words immediately: DRAFT NOTICE.