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Calliope A.jpg
Calliope Cosima Archeron
Biographical Information
Full nameCalliope Cosima Archeron, née Amberghast
BornAugust 31, 02:45
BirthplaceHarrowdown Hall, Richmond, UK
ResidenceHogsmeade Village
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationBeauxbatons Academy of Magic, 1-4th year & Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 5-7th year
ClassClass of 1961
Title(s)Quidditch Captain 58-59

Duelling Tournament: Runner Up 58-59 Quidditch Captain 59-60

Slytherin Prefect 59-60
Physical Information
HairBlonde, long
Eye colourGrey
Skin ColourPorcelain
Family Information
SpouseAvaric Archeron
ParentsEdward and Penelope Amberghast
SiblingsIndigo Amberghast

Malachite Amberghast

Persephone Amberghast
In-LawsAlaric and Opal Archeron
Magical Characteristics
Wand11" Ebony with liquid boomslang venom. Flexible.


The second in a new generation of piercing newborn shrieks to echo against the dreary halls of Harrowdown Hall,was born amidst a thunderstorm with the rolling screams of the skies serenading her entrance into the world. Penelope Amberghast peered down at her wailing daughter and named her Calliope for the Greek muse of eloquence, a laboured mother’s exhausted whisper as a fervent prayer for a gift bestowed.

Calliope grew as a child spoiled by life itself, doted on in particular by her paternal grandmother. Aged but powerful, Cosima Amberghast was matriarch of the Amberghast line, stared down into that tiny new innocence and decided she could be shaped into all that Amberghast should be moulded into sweet perfection, and rewarded for every right smile with family secrets whispered into her ear.

Rather than following the footsteps of her brother, a mere ten months her senior, Calliope's eleventh rotation around the sun closed with an invitation to France. She would follow the fairy-tale of her mother’s youth and schooling, once indulgent stories told to the four young Amberghast siblings, and soon to be her future. Beauxbatons Academy was the only acceptable option to sculpt a child of such class. As she grew from child into a teenager, and long tall limbs remained, losing their awkwardness as the years progressed, the girl became more of a sweet china doll at the whim of the matriarch, indulged without consequence, a princess whose brow on which the Amberghast crown might perch. It was a position which she enjoyed immensely.

Change came too fast, as it was always want to do, and after a few years basking in the freedom and friends she had developed in the French Alps, Calliope was called home to Richmond for the summer and delivered the news – not from her father, the deciding factor, but from her Grandmother that come the new year she would not return to Beauxbatons and her life overseas but instead would follow the eldest Amberghast son to Hogwarts.

It was unsettling, to say the least.

Beauxbatons Academy

Calliope spent her first four years of magical education at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Within France she fell in love with snow and small freedoms, growing with time to form a close group of friends and spending as many breaks after as she could manage skiing in the alps. Calliope also found indulgence in French pastries, ever a witch with a sweet tooth, and shopping, a trait her mother always catered to without a second thought.

Her schooling marks were average in most classes, although she found skill in charms and thrill on the icy duelling block at Beauxbatons Academy. It was here that Calliope first began to experiment with hexes.

For all four years Calliope played on the Ombrelune Quidditch team between the positions of chaser and beater.

In the winter break of her fourth year of school, she was summoned home for the winter break to attend a series of functions. This was when she was first reintroduced to a childhood friend, at the urging of her parents, Avaric Archeron. The meeting was disastrous, but not long after the meaning became clear when Edward Amberghast announced that his daughter would transfer schools the following year, as he was intent on finding her an English husband of good standing.

Calliope felt devastated to leave her friends and life in France behind, and anxious for the year to come.

Hogwarts 1958 - 1959

As a school transfer for fifth year, Calliope was not sorted in the traditional way, a spectacle in front of the rest of the school. Instead she was quietly placed into Slytherin House and the blonde set about attempting to find a place in a school that it felt like her elder brother, Indigo Amberghast, had branded his own.

She struggled, initially, with the constant comparisons and some of the outright hostility she faced as a result of his reputation. Calliope threw herself into Quidditch, securing a spot as Captain and along with her cousin Clara Darcy she led the team to victory.

Calliope stepped onto Hogwarts Duelling Block, full of determination and a bloodthirsty desire to win. Often, during those three rounds of competition, she found herself feeling underestimated, but through sheer determination found herself the runner up in the tournament, with new friend Artemis Marquis.

Calliope found herself with a mixture of relationships in positive and negative lights. She flirted, in a vain effort to become memorable, where she felt she needed to make up for lost time and already brokered friendships. Calliope set her sights on Bracken Thomas, but also spent a majority of the term flirting with Avaric Archeron, challenging him to reckless activities and determined to prove that her fellow Slytherin could not have fun. Throughout this year at school she flittered from seeking him out to loathing him completely and back again.

The witch found an unlikely friendship in the bookish and quiet Henry Reed, finding delight in trying to make him outwardly show emotion, but managing to grow and develop through his temperament and knowledge, as well.

Her familial relationships both strained and improved. Calliope found tension with her brother, Indigo, suddenly too far in his space, unable to avoid the whispers of him or the sight of him any time she looked towards Gryffindor table. Her cousin, Clara Darcy had been the source of a long feud, two girls with impossible expectations placed on them, but too many similarities and comparisons to get along. However, their shared competitiveness and bloodthirsty drive to a truce.

By Easter of this year, Calliope found out that her parents had arranged a marriage to none other than Avaric. Much to her chagrin, Calliope was sent to spend the Easter Holidays with his family and get to know her new fiance, with the announcement of their engagement due by the end of the summer.

In the later months of the term, Calliope, along with Bracken Thomas was attacked by the Hogwarts Monster and left petrified on the stone cold floor. This left the witch with a lot of suspicion and paranoia in her final months of this year.

Calliope finished her fifth year of education on relatively good standing, and felt somewhat proud of her accomplishments in a small amount of time, especially as Slytherin took the House Cup.

Classes Charms Divination Magical Theatre Herbology

Extracurriculars Quidditch Duelling

Honors Quidditch Captain 1st Runner Up - Duelling

Summer 1959

Calliope attended Camp Loki in the summer of 1959 as a Camp Counsellor for Team Peru alongside Lysander Stone. This was yet another position of power within which the blonde revelled. Allowed the use of her wand, Calliope sought to use it as often and with as much power as she could.

That summer she organised summer quidditch with Aphrodite Foxe, as they hosted matches in the dark, the brooms of each player leaving behind the glow of the Aurora Borealis and Australis.

Summer camp, however, was a tumultuous place for Calliope Amberghast’s relationships with other people. While she had known of her engagement to Avaric for some time, it was still kept from the general public until she turned 16 on the final day of summer. Regardless, Calliope found herself prone to fits of jealousy and envy, where Avaric was concerned. She still fluctuated between enjoying her time with him and wanting to hex him into the next century. Calliope’s overwhelming emotions led her to lock Solange Santoro in a sarcophagus with a long dead mummy for hours out of pure spite for kissing the fiance nobody knew she had, by the end of camp, her patience was wearing thin.

Her relationship with Clara, having found a truce throughout the year, promptly shattered over the summer. Clara’s mother, and Calliope’s aunt, Marilyn Darcy (nee Amberghast) died during childbirth. A few short days later, Calliope conjured the image of her aunt, right down to the flickering hatred for her daughter in her grey of her eyes, at Clara in order to win her summer duel.

In retaliation, Clara disarmed Calliope in the middle of the desert and snapped her cherry wood wand clean in half. This ignited a war between the two that started with a fight. Calliope sought to break Clara’s nose, and her cousin hit her with spell after spell. Without a wand, nor magic at her disposal, she sought to cause as much damage with her fists as possible, attempting to vomit slugs right into Clara’s mouth after forcing it open.

In order to break up the fight, she had to be dragged away by Avaric.

The last week of summer, before school restarted was full of nerves for Calliope. With her sixteenth birthday, and subsequent engagement announcement looming she couldn’t help but linger on thoughts of how it might change a lot in the coming school year.

On the 30th of August 1959, she went sailing on the Thames with Avaric, watching the sun set and indulging in good food when he managed to surprise her completely and propose, which was not something she had expected from the arrangement they had. This moment would, in the coming year, become the memory that Calliope used to conjure her platypus patronus.

Hogwarts 1959 - 1960

Winter 1959-1960