Ava Adair

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Full NameAva Adair
Born1. April 1933
ResidenceThe Hogsmeade Home for Children
Blood StatusHalfblood
FamilyNone (deceased)
ParentsMother: Michelle Adair, Father: Albert Adair
Wand10 inches, Oak, phoenix feather, sturdy



Here is everything about the little devil-child named Ava Adair (so far!).


Ava was born to Michelle and Albert Adair, both of whom were healers. They were careful to make sure Ava didn't end up spoiled, though Albert tended to feed her too many sweets when Michelle was not around. Both tended to be very precise and stick to the rules, but where Michelle was tenderhearted and sincere, Albert was practical and tended not to show much emotion to anyone aside from his wife and only child.

Though Ava didn't know it, she would have gotten a younger sibling in eight months if not for the sickness.


Her first few years were happy ones. Her family was neither rich nor was related to any big ancient house, but they had a nice home overflowing with books and enough money to get by, and that was enough for them. Her parents raised her to be fair and didn't spoil her much, but made sure she had everything she would need. From when she was a toddler they taught her about different plants and their uses in medicine and potions. Unfortunately, this didn't last for long.

When Ava was nine, her parents caught a sort of unknown sickness at work, and were immediately rushed to St. Mungo’s. Ava spent many hours sitting and waiting, but by the time the healers have found the cure, it was too late for Mr. and Mrs. Adair to be saved.

Having no relatives to speak of, Ava was placed in the Hogsmeade Home for Children, which she hated with every fiber of her being from the very moment she stepped into the place. Much to the dismay of the staff, Ava spent most of the time inside, reading or causing trouble, which, as it turned out, she was very good at. Since pranking every moving thing in sight was a great stress relief, Ava had taken to causing trouble very quickly but was careful not to step over the line...much.

Hogwarts Years

Summer 1943

Ava loved the summer campus, even though it was a little too warm for her tastes and she nearly drowned in the lake. She first ran into a few future friends here and first found her love for potions and healing when she signed up for the Infirmary.

First Year

Ava was ecstatic to get her Hogwarts letter; especially since it was a few days late and she had begun to wonder if she was going to get it at all. All the way from buying school supplies to the train and opening feast she wondered which house she will be in. She was sure she would be in Slytherin, since both her parents went there, but Ravenclaw wasn't bad either. So when she was sorted into Gryffindor, to say she was angry was an understatement.

Though she has come to terms with being in the house she disliked the most, it is still a sore spot when someone brings it up.

Of course, Ava had begun breaking rules since day one (when she snuck into the kitchens at night and met a fellow first year), and has made many friends and frenemies in her short time at Hogwarts, annoying the teachers all the way.

During the attack on Hogwarts (7. June 1945), Ava had been at the Herbology extra credit class, before everything went to hell and she was ushered rather roughly into the Great Hall along with everyone else. Refusing to have a breakdown (that came later) she went about healing anyone who was in need of medical assistance. She didn't get out of the ordeal unscaved, however. Aside from a serious shift in her personality, she had sustained a rough magical wound on her left arm, going down from the bend of the elbow all the way down to her wrists.

Summer 1945

The second summer, though not as eventful as the first, was spent mostly seeing just how much trouble she can cause before the summer counselors lost it (quite a lot, actually). She did sometimes slow down and relax a bit, but mostly she just stirred up trouble wherever and whenever she could.

Second Year

Though it took her a few weeks, she soon got back into the old routine of sneaking out at night and coming back to bed much too late to be healthy, even with the German presence still there even after the war. She had learned to be more careful, though her brashness and hot headedness could still use some work. She'd met and (kind of?) befriended a handful of fellow students.

She did manage to pass her classes (by some stroke of incredible last minute luck), though her grades did drop, mostly due to the fact that she didn't get anything done on time and didn't study at all until about five minutes before an exam She was sad at the end of the school year, feeling that it ended much too soon but happy to go back next year.

Summer 1946

Her third time at Camp Loki went rather more smoothly than the previous two summers. A reindeer was stolen, a fight or two broke out, some summer counselors underpants mysteriously ended up in the frozen lake, but she didn't get kicked out, so she considered it a fun summer.

Third Year

Third year was both eventful and uneventful for Ava. On one hand, she had put some kind of effort into her schoolwork and had even (by some unknown miracle) managed to be valedictorian in Charms - apparently challenging a nemesis two years older to a duel in the middle of class counts as extra credit. But on the other hand, her pranks lost some of their chaos, now being more focused on bringing hell on some unwelcome guests at the Castle *cough Hex cough*

Of course, joining the infamous D-Squad meant that she could no longer be the lone ranger she was previously. Not that she minded all that much, since it meant the pranks were a lot bigger and went a lot smoother when working with other students. She discovered the wonders of coffee, learned that the professors weren't that bad, that you can't always win (but can go down fighting) and that it is in fact possible to create a little rainy cloud to follow someone around for a day.

Summer 1947

This year, though Ava had managed to set off quite a number of pranks without getting caught (too many times), she hadn't actually set off anything 'big'. But she promised herself she would pull of something fantastic as soon as she got back to Hogwarts. But admitedly, her time had been majorly preocupied by a fellow camper named Icarus, whom Ava had managed to befriend rather quickly, even if their first (and second) encounter was a tad akward. But hey, in the end she made a friend, who she is totally not crushing on, where did you hear that, haha?

Fourth Year

Ava's fourth year had cerstainly been an eventful one. Somehow she'd managed to catch the fancy of not one, but two fellow students. And all too soon she was faced with a frightful choice; should she stick to safety and comfort, or go for the exciting unknown?


Face Claim: Mallory Merk

Medium red hair, always messy, though she does try to tame it by putting it up in a ponytail or braid. Second hand robes and uniform, lots of scarves to keep her warm in the colder months. Freckles all over her face and shoulders, dark eyes with a twinkle of mischief. She earned herself a small scar on her left hand during the Hexenreich attack on Hogwarts, it's healed into a small pink scar on her forearm where a spell grazed her.


Ava loves causing trouble, and doesn’t mind getting detention. She has few friends, but god help you if you try to hurt them. She can get overly protective of her friends, and she gets envious quite easily when ignored in favor of someone else.

She reads a lot, and the free time not spent doing pranks or in detention because of said pranks is spent reading. She mostly likes fiction, and absolutely loves Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet.

After the attack of 7. June 1945, her formerly upbeat, somewhat childish personality was replaced with a more serious and melancholy one. She still loves pranks and causing trouble, but the ordeal had left her with some problems she prefers to keep hidden.