Aubrey Kedding

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Aubrey Kedding
Biographical Information
Full nameAubrey Joy Kedding (neé Rousseau)
Born24 December, 1922
BirthplaceBordeaux, France
ResidenceLondon, England
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts; Gryffindor
Title(s)Year One: Duelling Club, Hospital Wing Junior Assistant, Spellbound Reporter; Year Two: Duelling Club, Hospital Wing; Year Three: Duelling Club, Hospital Wing; Year Four: Duelling Captain, Hospital Wing
Physical Information
Family Information
SpouseCharles Kedding
ChildrenEva Kedding (23 April 1942); Joey Kedding (22 September 1944); Madison Kedding and Olivia Kedding (26 April 1950); Charlotte Kedding (26 July 1953)
ParentsAndrew and Emily Rousseau
SiblingsLogan Rousseau (Beauxbatons '35), Tyler Rousseau (Beauxbatons '36), Caleb Rousseau (Beauxbatons '37), Aiden Rousseau (Beauxbatons '39), Evan Rousseau (Beauxbatons '39), and Trevor Rousseau (Beauxbatons '40)
Magical Characteristics
WandBeech Wood and Single Unicorn Hair, 10 1/2" [brown wood around the handle with the brown color slowly getting lighter and lighter further up towards the tip of the wand with a single etching that spirals from the tip all the way around and down the wand which has been filled in by silver ore]
Occupationformer Gryffindor Head of House (1943-1955)


It was Christmas Eve in 1922. Emily Rousseau was in labor, and though she knew that this would be her seventh and last pregnancy she was quite ready to meet this baby who was so stubbornly coming two weeks late. She and her husband, Andrew, so desperately wanted a baby girl and in the few hours before the clock struck midnight - indicating the start of Christmas Day - the Rousseau's were granted their Christmas wish. Joining older brothers Logan, Tyler, Caleb, Aiden and Evan (twins), and Trevor, Aubrey Joy Rousseau made her grand entrance into the world. The Rousseau's lived in Bordeaux, France for much of young Aubrey'™s life. It wasn't until Aubrey was 7 years old that they relocated to London, England so that her dad could take a job at St. Mungo's.

Andrew was highly regarded in the field of Potions, and began working on the 3rd floor of the hospital. Aubrey spent many-a-days at the hospital with her father, on day's that his boss would allow her to attend, and Aubrey dreamed of the day she may be able to work at St. Mungo's as well. Though her father had her practice many potions and she proved to be quite good at them, Aubrey's dream was to work on the 4th floor dedicated to spell damages.

When Aubrey turned 11, she received letters from both Hogwarts and Beauxbatons. Both of Aubrey's parents had graduated from Beauxbatons, and all of her older brothers continued attending the school even after the family relocated to England. Aubrey's parents were set on sending her to Beauxbatons, where her older brothers could keep an eye on her. Aubrey had other ideas. She begged her parents to allow her to attend Hogwarts. While she did not question the proper training Beauxbaton's would give her, she strongly believed that the training she needed to obtain employment at St. Mungo's lied in the training she would receive at Hogwarts. In the end, Andrew and Emily gave in to Aubrey's stubborn ways and sent a letter to Hogwarts notifying the school of Aubrey's wishes to attend.

Hogwarts: Year One

Hogwarts: Year Two

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Preceded by
Perseverance W Finch
Gryffindor HoH
1943 - 1955
Succeeded by
Merryl Midthunder