The Van Droombeeld Family

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Van Beeldroom crest copy.jpg
The Van Droombeeld Family
Family SeatDen Vornehm, Westchester, New York
Motto"Sanguis Amoris Imperia Divitiae" - Blood of Love, Power, Wealth
Current HeadWilks Van Droombeeld
Blood StatusPureblood

The Van Droombeeld /van//druːmbɛld/, New York family of Sibson Van Droombeeld and his brother Winskin Van Droombeeld, is a wizarding American industrial, banking, and political family of German/Dutch descent that made one of the world's largest private wizarding fortunes in the iron works business during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, primarily through the ‘Illusions Stahl Company’. The family was heavily involved in many real estate construction projects in the U.S. during the 20th century. The family is also known for its long association with and financial interest in the Manhattan Abbott Wizarding Bank "MAWB".


While the Van Droombeeld family can trace its ancectry back many many centeries, and was once great. The last few generations prior to Vinskin had used up all the family wealth. Vinskin Van Droombeeld was born to a nomadic-potion selling-yet still pureblood group of his family. He was raised with a strong will and drive to better him self. On his 19th birthday he left his family and went to Luxemburg, got a job, and started raising his name. Until one fatefull day he met Hilda Von Battenburg. They fell madly in love. They moved to America and had two children: Sibson and Winskin Van Droombeeld.

Winskin and Sibon Van Droombeeld, 1822

From a very young age both brothers worked very well together, a perfect pair. So naturally when they became older they wanted to go into businness together. They saw that there was no money to be made in the small wizarding community, so they branched out into muggle business. They also knew, that to make money you had to spend money. They were very risky this way. Many times they would see no return in the investments, but they kept trying. That is, until using the last of there mothers inheritence they bought a small iron mine thought to have been used up. No one is really sure if it was dumb luck, or if they used magic, but the very next day they struck it big. They named the new company Illusians Stahl; Wither or not this is another clue if they used magic, or simply from the english translation of the family name, Droombeeld = Illusion.

In the late 19th and early 20th centeries steel was a very big comodity for muggles. From that they were able to branch out, invest in other goods, and buy other companies. Maybe 10 years after the first big wave of money, Winskin left his brother seemingly for personal reasons. Though any one from Sibsons side of the family will say it was greed. Both co-owning many of the companies and investments. Winskin tried and failed many new mediums of business and his shares running low. He asked for his brothers forgivness. Sibson welcomed him and his family, back with the stipulation that his (Sibsons) side of the family shall have ultimate control over the family wealth.

Den Vornehm 1820

From then, the titel of Heir and Patriarch would have passed to Sibsons eldest son, Wirchel. Wirchel, his wife, and his youngest daughter were later shot down in the streets of manhattan by gang members in 1843. Since all of Wirchels children were female, the title passed on to Wilks Van Droombeeld. Who is currently the family Patriarch.

Personal Family TimeLine

Family Residences

Van Droombeeld Family Seat

Over the few generations and large branches, the family members have resided in some notable historic homes. A total of 11 Van Droombeeld homes are on the muggle National Register of Historic Places. Of course, as a few of the homes are muggle shielded. Some of the more prominent of the families homes are:

Den Vornehm - The landmark six-story home on the vast Westchester County family estate Vornehm, the families seat of business. Matriarch Bellina, her great nephew Ernest with his two daughters live here, with Wilks living here most of the time.

Hartwig Hall - Built by Ernulf hartwig for his wife Bellina on the Vornehm Estate. Currently owend by Edmund Van Droombeeld-Hartwig and his partner William Alexandrov. Where they live with their two adopted children, Loretta and Leopold Van Droombeeld. As well as his cousin Ike, and his partner Lawrence, and there adopted daughter Agnes.

The Corinthian- Another home on the Vornehm Estate. Himmler and his wife Ofrah, with their son Franz currently live here. Also with his cousin Helvin, his wife Lorain, and there two children: Jacob and Charlene.

The Corvin - A sprawling 100-room summer holiday home in Vinal Haven Maine.

The Coburg Anmut - The family's country estate in Kent, at Haron Wood, Kenardington Road. Michelangelo and his wife Sophia currently reside here with two of their children. As well as his cousin Yolanda's husband Leroy, with there children Lillica and Spurius.

Golf Haus - The former clubhouse for the elite muggle Putnam County Hunt and Country Club in Cold Spring NY, which Dortmund bought to play golf on its golf course. His son Markus currently owns it, though with Markus's niece Liesel, her husband Wolvrik and there two children: Wolvkin and Willverik live here.

Le Curieux Etat- A five-story art nouveau themed vacation home in south France.

The Zomer Charm - A house on Hells Beach in Florida, where Muffy and her husband Nicolaas Voorhout-Keral live.

Weltbürger - A five-story single family home on 5th Av, in Manhattans Upper East Side. Wilks, his wife Octavia and their son Amalryc[1] live here.

The VD Ranch - The landmark ranch in MapleGate Penn., the holiday resort home built by Winskin and later owned by Leonardo, it has been used by all members of the family and had many prominent visitors, including presidents.

Vornehm Estate

Main section of the Vornehm Estate
Garden Center with Loggia

The vast rambling estate, located 50 km north of New York City, occupies a total area of about 1,380 hectares (3,410 acres), all of which uses a large network of muggle repelling charms. The estate has been described as a self-contained world; with its resident workforce of security guards, gardening nymphs, house elves, and its own farming, cattle and food supplies. It has a nine-hole, reversible golf course, both a Quidditch and a Quadpod field, a large aviary, a pegasi encloser, a total of thirty-five houses and seventy private roads, most of them designed by Sibson him self.

Rose garden

Looking out over very fine views of the Hudson River. The gardens are terraced, with formal axes, and include a Morning Garden, Grand Staircase, Japanese Garden, an Italian Garden, a Japanese-style brook, a Japanese Tea-house, a huge Oceanus fountain, a Temple of Aphrodite, loggia, a semicircular rose garden, and a very large greenhouse.

Wilks transformed the previously empty basement passages beneath the main mansion that lead to a grotto, into a major private art gallery. It contains corridor upon corridor of paintings by Picasso, Chagall, Warhol, and others. Over the period from 1935 to the late 1960s, more than 120 works of abstract, avant garde and modern sculpture have been added to the gardens and terraced grounds.

The Ediface Complex

The family was heavily involved in many real estate projects in the U.S. during the late 19th and 20th century. Chief among them:

  • Warren's School, (Wizard) New Yorks first pre-magic school, New York City, 1829
  • One Abbott Manhattan Plaza, (Wizard) A multi-building complex in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, 1832
  • Wizarding Council of the Americas, (Wizard) Washington DC, 1837
  • Manhattan Abbott Wizarding Bank, (Wizard) New York, 1844
  • The Brooklyn-BattenBurg Hospital, (Muggle)New York, 1851
  • The Van Droombeeld Public Library,(Muggle) Three public libraries UES/Bronx/Harlem NY, 1855
  • Van Droombeeld University, (Wizard) Lowell, Massachusetts, 1862
  • Manhattan Abbott Wizarding Bank(Wizard) Luxemburg, 1866
  • Illusions Sanitary Commission, (Muggle) Brooklyn, NY, 1871
  • Illusions Wizarding Sanitary Department, (Wizard) Washington DC, 1884
  • International Wizarding Health Commission,(Wizard) New York, 1885
  • Van Droombeeld Agora, (Wizard) , Washington DC,1887
  • The New York Council on Foreign Wizarding Relations, (Wizard) New York, 1889
  • Zuhaus,(Muggle) A group of middle-income housing developments, Manhattan/Brooklyn/Poughkeepsie, NY, 1895
  • University of Macbeth and Mary, (Muggle) of Mexico City & Atlanta City, 1901
  • University of Macbeth and Mary, (Muggle) of Augusta Maine, 1904
  • Eastside Church, (Muggle/Wizard) UES, NY, 1907
  • Zuhaus Estates, (Muggle) A group of middle-income housing developments, of Boston/DC/Miami/Vancuver/Montreal, 1908
  • VanZuhaus Village (Wizard) A Wizarding village in Long Island, 1911
  • Manhattan Abbott Wizarding Bank (Wizard)Paris, 1913
  • VanZuhaus Estates (Wizard) A group of wizarding villages, Maine/Rhode Island, 1914
  • VanZuhaus Estates (Wizard) A group of wizarding villages, Vergina/Quebec/New Foundland, 1917
  • Van Droombeeld Place, (Muggle) A multi-building complex in Downtown Manhattan, 1918
  • Beastiary Society Alpha, (Wizard) Washington DC 1920
  • Beastiary Society Beta, (Wizard) San Fran 1924
  • The Van Droombeeld Public Library, (Wizard) Boston, Mass, 1926
  • Beastiary Society Gamma, (Wizard) Paris, 1926
  • Beastiary Society Delta, (Wizard) Berlin, 1926
  • The Long Island Wyrd Medical and Testing Faculity, (Wizard) New York, 1929
  • Beastiary Society Epsilon, (Wizard) New York, 1930
  • The Brooklyn-BattenBurg Medical Research Faculity, (Muggles) New York, 1933
  • La Ensueño Escuela de Magia y Hechicería, (Wizard) Magic primary school, Peru, 1935

Generational philanthropy

The members of the Van Droomeeld family are noted for their philanthropy; a Van Droombeeld Archive Center study in 1936 documents an incomplete list of 72 major institutions that the family has created and/or endowed up to the present day. Historically, the major focus of their benefactions have been in the educational, health and conservation areas.

To distinguish the generations and facilitate communication, the Winskin side of the family is generically known as "The Cousins" and the younger family members are known as the "Fourth/Fifth" generation. Many if not all of these family members are involved in institutionalised philanthropic pursuits. Family links are solidified through the practice of ritualised family meetings - which started with the regular "brothers' meetings". Family get-togethers are held at the "Playhouse", in the Westchester County family estate of Vornehm, in June and December of each year.

Members of the Van Droombeeld Family


Decendents of Vinskin Wolf Van Droombeeld

The Hellfire Club

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