St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

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St. Mungo's Hospital
LeadershipAlastair Grimm
IntentionsTo heal and protect.




The inside St. Mungo's is in stark contrast to its decrepit, faux warehouse exterior. Upon entering guests will find clean white walls, dozens of wooden chairs, and, underneath a commemorative portrait of Mungo Bonham and a few smaller portraits of generous donors, a large circular desk where a welcome witch or wizard is always present. The friendly staff found here keep busy welcoming each visitor, answering questions, and giving directions. When necessary this room can double as an extended waiting area for patients waiting to be seen in emergency and triage.

Emergency and Triage

This department can be accessed through the waiting room just past reception or from one of its many emergency entrances. The hospital can currently accommodate arrivals by apperation, floo, broom, or muggle vehicle. In addition to being the first on the scene of any medical disasters, this department is the front line for all urgent injuries and severe illnesses. The E&T staff are trained to quickly and efficiently categorized patients according to nature and severity of injuries. After which patients are given immediate medical intervention or sent to an appropriate wing to meet with specialized healers.

Spell Damage

This department works with patients suffering from the physical effects of curses, hexes, and backfired spells. Most cases require help beyond a simple counter-curse, and the staff here are innovative problem solvers. Spell work of any kind is discouraged once visitors have entered through the large, double doors that lead to this section of the hospital to help healers keep track of which spells are potentially affecting each case. This also helps patients avoid furthering their magical mishap. This department is the first stop for all spell damaged patients, even those who will eventually be transferred to the psychology wing.

Magical Psychology

This section of the hospital heavily features the artwork of Q. Calmus, a renowned painter and former student of magical psychology in his time. This is the only area of the hospital with carpeted floors. This department seeks to study and heal maladies of the magical mind. The staff here are equipped to work with both magical problems, such as the aftereffects of obliviation and confundus charms, as well as cases of non-magical origin. Long and short term counseling services are located here.


This room is marked by its cheerful colors and window boxes filled with puffapods waiting to bloom as visitors brush past. Wicker tables and padded chairs are scattered throughout the room. All refreshments are made fresh daily, and dishes are summoned within minutes of placing an order with the hard working wait staff. The wait staff is only available between 7:00 in the morning and 7:00 at night, but the tearoom itself is open to visitors at all hours. This charming shop is a lovely alternative to the hospital's more impersonal waiting rooms.

Personnel Listing

Ground Floor


Emergencies & Triage


    • Chief Apothecary: Jonathan Maher
    • Apothecaries
    • Junior Apothecaries

Second Floor

Magical Bugs & Maladies

    • Department Head: Robert Singer
    • Healers:
      • Philip Alphard Vega
    • Junior Healers:

Children's Ward

    • Department Head: Priscilla Thistlecomb
    • Healers:
      • Dan Vaillant
      • Andrew Vaughn
      • Avery Finch
    • Junior Healers:
      • Rebecca Russell

Third Floor

Potion & Plant Poisioning

    • Department Head: Victor Rothschild
    • Healers:
    • Junior Healers:
      • Emily Thatcher

Fourth Floor

Spell Damage

Magical Psychology

Fifth Floor

Visitor's Tearoom & Hospital Shop


  • Aiden Sterlyn Fuchs, magical psychology

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