Shrinking Solution

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Shrinking Solution
Discovered byZygmunt Budge
IngredientsMinced daisy roots; Peeled Shrivelfig; Sliced caterpillars; One rat spleen; A dash of leech juice; A splash of cowbane; Wormwood
CharacteristicsAcid green in colour
Intended effectsCauses creatures to shrink to a younger form
Side effectsIf prepared incorrectly, it can be poisonous


  • Add five sliced caterpillars to 1 qt. cold water.
  • Heat till the potion turns red.
  • Shake the peeled Shrivelfig until it is ready (this is extra important, as if one tries to add it before it is ready the potion may emit noxious green gases).
  • Add peeled Shrivelfig until the potion turns yellow.
  • Allow the potion to simmer till it turns purple.
  • Add four rat spleens to the cauldron.
  • Add the minced daisy roots till it turns green.
  • Add five drops of leech juice.
  • Add more of the Shrivelfig, this time till it turns pink.
  • Add one sliced caterpillar.
  • Allow the potion to simmer till it turns green.