Rosalind Lancaster

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Rosa L.jpg
Born7 OCTOBER, 1894
Blood StatusPURE
SpouseArgo Navis Oliveroot
ChildrenEirian Oliveroot, Kallisto Oliveroot, Kaliope Oliveroot and Belle Oliveroot
ParentsTrenton Lancaster and Cordelia Lancaster (née Beauregard)
Wand9½ inches walnut, phoenix core


Being born to Trenton and Cordelia Lancaster (née Beauregard) was not the worst thing that could have happened to a girl in 1931. What more was, when Cordelia Lancaster had found out that she was pregnant once more, this time with a girl, this particular specimen of the female sex was cuddled and provided for in so many different ways that it could prove difficult on Kelson sometimes.

Rosalind Lancaster had two older brothers, Norman, who was eight years older, and Kelson, who was five years older. The boys tended to keep to themselves, as their age difference was not nearly as big, but Norman always had a certain affinity for Rosalind, because she was his little sister, and she was so – little. Mimicking his parents’ excitement about finally having a girl in the family Norman alienated Kelson, a problem that only seemed to grow as they got older.

NL: Look at her. Isn't she sweet when she sleeps?

KL: Yeah. Like a dead piece of meat.

NL: Come on Kel, she'€™s your sister.

KL: ...

NL: Well, I'™m going to put her in her crib. You coming?

KL: Naah, I think I'll just go study.

The girl had a happy childhood despite the jealousy her brother felt. Rosalind didn’t notice, in fact, and she went happy through the first eleven years of her life without giving much thought to grieve and sorrow. Her no-nonsense and very practical approach to most things gave her a fair amount of respect from her surroundings, and her parents were worried that she might be a Squib, but not for very long. As she presented her first broken vase from a distance of 15 feet or summoned a particularly juicy piece of apple pie, there was no doubt the girl had magical powers. Once, she even healed herself to get Kelson out of trouble, but instead of being grateful towards his little sister, Kelson only felt more resentment at her kindness. Of course, had Rosalind understood how he felt, she might not have been so eager to help him.

At the age of 11, almost 12, she finally received word from Hogwarts, and Cordelia Lancaster gladly relived the memories of taking her boys shopping in Diagon Alley for the first time by repeating the success with Rosalind. The girl was in awe of course, but did not show it with the same eagerness as the boys had. Not until a man had fainted from a wound made by a firecrab in the Menagerie and a Healer had stepped in to help the guy. Her mother did not believe in making a scene out of such things, but Rosalind broke free from the grasp of her mother’s hand and made her way through the crowd, making big eyes at the scene. From this day on, she knew what she wanted to be.

As the Sorting Hat debated to put Rosalind in either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, the girl was torn between the obvious expectation from her father that she would be a Ravenclaw like himself and her older brother, Norman, and the eagerness to prove herself as a Hufflepuff. In the end the hat chose Ravenclaw, and Rosalind steadily walked down to the clapping table, wondering if the hat hadn’t made a terrible mistake.

SH: Lancaster, huh? It seems you’re destined…

RL: Please don’t say Ravenclaw.

SH: Really? No, maybe you’re right, Hufflepuff seems to hold a place for you too.

RL: No wait! Ravenclaw is fine, it really is.

SH: Hmm?

RL: Yes, Ravenclaw. I think Ravenclaw, don’t you?

Nonetheless, she did found peers in her house, and settling more and more she came to be proud of being a Ravenclaw. She still held an affinity for the Hufflepuff house in heart, though most of her friends outside of the Ravenclaw tower proved to be Slytherins as much as Hufflepuffs.

Graduating from Hogwarts, she went straight on to become a Healer-in-Training at St Mungo’s in the Potion and Plant Poisoning ward, and this is where she stumbled upon the hospital’s potioneer; Argo Navis Oliveroot. The insolent Slytherin had not been an acquaintance of hers during her years at Hogwarts, seeing as he was five years older than her and had not finished his education in order to go fight in the muggle war WWII. The 23-year-old caused Rosalind a lot of annoyance for a long time, trying to woo her by sending her flowers and poems, mostly in her work time, something Rosalind appreciated as much as being stung by a scorpion.

AO: Babe, don’t you ever get tired of filing those journals?

RL: No. It’s my job.

AO: Well, what if I could make it fun somehow?

RL: No thank you, I like it the way it is.

AO: Well… *locks archives with a swish of his wand* I suppose you have no choice now.

RL: Argo, please. I have things to do.

AO: Yes, you do. You have to go eat dinner with me.

RL: *sigh* Don’t you ever give up?

AO: No.

RL: Fine. If I have dinner with you tonight, will you promise to stop harassing me?

AO: I promise. Cross my heart.

If someone had told her that night that this would be then man she would marry, she would have never believed you.

After two years of dating, Argo proposed to Rosalind, something that shook the foundation of their relationship a little, as Rosalind didn’t feel quite ready to make such a commitment yet and fed her boyfriend the excuse that she wanted to focus on her career. She didn’t want to lose him though, and in the end they made a deal; Argo would stay with her and ask her after exactly a year again, under the condition that she wore his engagement ring during this year. A big step for Rosalind, who had never really dated before Argo, but in the end she understood that if she didn’t agree to this, she would lose him, and all because she didn’t dare take a chance.

Of course, in the long haul, a year became too much, and she agreed to marry him after 9 months and 8 days.

A year into their marriage, Rosalind became pregnant with the couple’s first child, Eirian. It was quite a shocking experience for the 22-year-old, who still felt she had much to do before actually settling down, not wanting to accept that she had chosen one commitment already. Anxiety grasped her, but Argo quickly turned that around with his enthusiasm.

RL: Argo, I… I have something to tell you.

AO: Oh yeah? What is it?

RL: Well, you know how I’ve been feeling a little sick lately?

AO: You’re kidding. I thought the headaches were just an excuse.

RL: …

AO: Sorry, go on.

RL: Well, I went to the doctor, and… And… Oh Argo, I’m so sorry, I didn’t plan for this.

AO: What, what?

RL: I’m pregnant.

AO: … (pause) That’s amazing! Are you telling me I’m going to be a dad?!

RL: You… You’re actually happy about it?

AO: Happy? Are you kidding me? I’m ecstatic!

Of course, Argo was 27 at the time, and 18 years and four girls later, Rosa is perfectly aware that Argo is somewhat desperate to have a boy.

At the age of 24, three children later and six years of service with Potion and Plant Poisoning, Rosa had her eyes opened to a new prospect; becoming a Healer in the Creature-Induced Injuries ward, an interest that was ignited, partially by her husband’s great affection and interest in werewolves. When this was shut down in 1972, she returned to the Potion and Plant Poisoning Ward.