Rafe Müller

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Rafe Müller
Full nameRafe Sebastian Müller
Born12 December, 1912
ResidenceLondon, UK
Blood StatusHalfblood
ParentsBarrett Brunner & Carla Müller
SiblingsNone known
WandHawthorne, 14 inches, Phoenix feather


It was true the Rafe had been a difficult child. He had never tried to deny it. As a child, he had had too much energy, never able to stay still for very long. This often resulted in lots of broken items around the house. Patience was never a word he would use to describe his mother and remembered numerous times when she would come stomping into a room, stringy strands of hair flying from her up-do and her cheeks flushing red in anger at him for accidentally knocking something to the floor in his exuberance. Perhaps if he hadn't been left alone so often, perhaps if he had been a child his mother wanted instead of a mistake, perhaps then things could have been different. Perhaps he would have been a more well-behaved child if he had gotten attention for more than just being in trouble.

His mother, Carla, had a taste for Muggle men. Never a very talented witch, she seemed to feel more comfortable with Muggle males instead of their wizarding counterparts. Rafe had watched over the years as she went through so many boyfriends he lost count. She would be gone all night, off visiting the local Muggle community, and there were some times when he wouldn't see her for days.

Being neglected did have its perks...until it was time to start attending school. Carla was only too happy to ship her son off for most of the year. School for Rafe, however, wasn't the easiest. He had never had boundaries before and he found it difficult to follow rules. It had taken expulsion from two schools before his mother deemed him a hopeless case and tracked down his Muggle father. The day he met his father was the last day he had seen his mother. Rafe had heard from her occasionally over the years, but that was the extent of their relationship.

Barett took Rafe in, but life in the Muggle world was not much better for Rafe than it had been in the Wizarding world. His father paid little more attention to him than his mother had and Rafe continued to cause trouble in school, getting expelled from school after school.

As a result, Rafe was a loner. He didn't have friends nor did he want friends. Instead he lost himself in vices he picked up over the years. Drinking, smoking, cars, women in those rare instances he actually felt the need to be close to someone. There was nothing complicated and no disappointments in those activities.

Rafe answered to no one and he planned on keeping it that way for as long as possible.