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Ra'asiel Albear [Retired Character]
Biographical Information
Full nameRa'asiel Alano Albear
BornMay 3, 1928
BirthplaceLondon, England
ResidenceAlbear Manor
Blood StatusPureblood
Title(s)Start Here
Physical Information
Family Information
ParentsPercival and Emma Albear
SiblingsAzrael Albear, Michael Albear, Ambriel Albear, Cassiel Albear
Other Family MembersThe Albear Family
Magical Characteristics
WandWhite Pine, Unicorn Hair, 10", Sturdy


Early Years

Ra'asiel was the youngest of five sons, all born within a seven year period to Percival Albear and his wife, Emma. He was supposed to have an older sister, but she did not survive beyond the night of her birth, succumbing to deformity (the cause of which was genetic due to purist tendencies in the Albear/Alvear families to marry distant cousins), and it became an unspoken rule never to speak of her.


His father was a severe man, but his grandfather (John Charles Albear) was even more so. When Ra'asiel began to get sick frequently as a result of congenital aplastic anemia, it was his grandfather who figured out the solution, from having witnessed the same illness in Ra'asiel's cousin, Andrés. Determined to see the family become stronger - presumably to protect his legacy, as well as to avoid word spreading of any weaknesses within the Albear family - John Charles decided to put Ra'asiel through the same hellish treatment that he had already inflicted upon his other grandson: nearly every bone in his body would be removed and re-grown, one by one, over the course of three years, until he became healthy again. The disturbing part was that it had worked in Ra'asiel's cousin, making the boy healthy again.

Ra'asiel was five years old when his grandfather told him that his bones were bad. His mother begged his father not to allow the treatment, but he sternly refused, just as determined as the family's Patriarch to see his legacy reach its fullest glory. For that, all of his sons had to live on to carry on his name, an accomplishment that John Charles had failed to achieve. Ra'asiel began treatment immediately. Every morning, Emma Albear would be by his bedside to soothe his tears, but never was she there during the night, unable to listen to her child's suffering.

One day, he tried to run away from his 'treatment', but it turns out that five-year-olds aren't very skilled in escape plans. Not only was he caught, but he was then made to regrow two bones every night and was assigned a body guard to prevent him from running away again. By the time Ra'asiel was seven, he had completed the process. His health did improve, but it failed to make life any easier in the family home for him. Not only had he grown to fear and resent his father, but he no longer found comfort in his mother, either.


After his treatment, Ra'asiel began to close himself off from his parents, escaping his home through reading everything he could get his hands on, including his brothers' school books when they were left lying out. Despite the cold nature of their home and the distance kept between the Albear sons for the most part, Ra'asiel found himself closest to them out of everyone in the Albear manor. He began to steal their sweaters when they left for school, finding comfort in having something of theirs with him as he began to avoid the adults of the house with more and more ease.



Ra'asiel still bruises easily, something he goes out of his way to hide.
Due to Ra'asiel's past health and concerns over his oddly androgynous appearance, his parents did not send him to Hogwarts when his letter came. Percival arranged for him to continue to be home-schooled, and Ra'asiel later found out that his cousin's disease had returned. He began to worry that his own illness would resurface as well, and he would have to begin his 'treatment' all over again to appease the family Patriarchy. Because of this, Ra'asiel learned very quickly what symptoms they were looking for in him. Some of the symptoms - how easily he bruised or became ill as his new bone marrow failed to bolster his immune system properly - did begin to return, but they were never as severe as they had been when he was a child, and he became quite skilled at hiding them from his family. Unbeknownst to him, his small stature is a direct result of his disease, though he was rather fortunate that it was not more severe.

Percival Albear hired a number of top-notch tutors to help teach Ra'asiel for his first three years of formal schooling, though he often exceeded their expectations and did extra work to make up the time that was left over when sessions ran short. Because of this, he often grew bored. These were all the things he had learned from his brothers' books, as his parents wanted him following the Hogwarts curriculum, and so very little was new to him.

When he wasn't in a tutoring session, he was often holed away in the family library, where he spent his time reading, studying, and inventing. Putting things together, seeing how existing things worked, and inventing new ways for components to work together fascinated him. However, his father and grandfather found his inventions to be a waste of time, and so he learned that he shouldn't show them to others unless they were worthy of being shared.

Fourth Year (1942-1943)
Ra'asiel entered his first year of formal schooling with a shy eagerness. He had spent the summer dreading his Sort, knowing that he wasn't fit to be a Slytherin or a Gryffindor like the vast majority of his family were, and fearing that he might have been put into Hufflepuff (something which might earn him great displeasure
4th Year Honours
  • Dueling Club
  • Ravenclaw Seeker
  • Spellbound Reporter of the Term
  • Dueling Tournament Finalist
  • Flower King (1943 Flower Pageant)
  • Superlative: Daisy (Most Innocent)
from his parents). When the Sorting Hat placed him in Ravenclaw, he was ecstatic.

He spent the year working hard at everything he tried: Quidditch, Dueling, Spellbound, and a full range of classes to keep him busy. His excitement was masked by the well-crafted, ever calm exterior as he tried nearly everything and still managed to care for the golden snidgets being hosted by Ravenclaw that year - and which became the topic of his articles for the Spellbound student paper. His first game playing Quidditch saw him as a Seeker, where he just barely lost the snitch to Lobelia Crowley in what turned out to be a crushing defeat. With the help of his friends, he was able to get over his first real loss, finally learning and growing from it. While he made it to the Dueling Finals, he lost his temper after being embarrassed on the block by competitors Jackson Ross and Lucille Hopland.

At the end of the term, his friend Felix entered his name in the Flower Pageant as a competitor, hoping to boost the boy's confidence. While at first, Ra'asiel was internally seething, he did eventually pull himself together in order to win the title of Flower King, which turned out to be his first personal win of the year.

  • Spellbound Reported Topics:
    • Golden Snidgets and Conservation at Hogwarts
Fifth Year (1943-1944)

After spending the summer trying to avoid the odd thoughts he had about other boys (and failing when friends Maël and Felix kissed in front of him), Ra'asiel has entered his 5th year clinging to any shred of denial that he has left. This has resulted in his decision that liking boys is simply a phase, and will pass once he blossoms into the female-loving

5th Year Honours
  • Ravenclaw Seeker and Chaser
  • Spellbound Reporter
  • Dueling Club
  • Dueling Tournament Competitor
  • Teacher's Assistant to Professor Winsday
  • Ravenclaw Prefect
young man he believes he is clearly going to become. Unfortunately, his feelings are becoming ever more complicated the more that he tries to deny them to himself. (See Sexuality for more information)
Ra'asiel awoke February 13th 30 years older and with a terrifyingly full beard.
Chosen as one of Ravenclaw's Prefects, Ra'asiel worked hard to take his role seriously and prove himself worthy. On top of a full roster of classes, he once again signed up for Quidditch, Dueling, Duel Club, and Spellbound, though this year he wrote anonymously as A Practical Raven, and offered advise to his peers on a variety of subjects. Over Winter Break, Ra'asiel's mother passed away, succumbing to her alcoholism. Her funeral was held on Christmas Eve, and Ra'asiel became rather quiet and somewhat withdrawn from everyone following this event. He did not speak of it to anyone prior to late February, when he told Casper Baines first.

February 13th, 1944 surprised everyone in the Castle, who woke 30 years older. The effects lasted for several days, and Ra'asiel was dismayed to learn that he would only grow to be 5'4" (162cm) at his tallest. On his birthday that year, Jackson Ross published an article in the Spellbound that outed Ra'asiel as a suspected homosexual, which led to Jasper leaving him the next time they met privately. Ra'asiel has not yet made a statement regarding his sexuality, but was very clearly furious with Jackson.

O.W.L.s Results (by Score):
  • Outstanding: Charms, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies
  • Exceeds Expectations: Herbology, Magical Defense, Astronomy, History of Magic
  • Acceptable: Ancient Runes, Potions, Divination, Arithmancy (2nd score)
  • Poor: Arithmancy (1st score)
The culmination of stress from the term caused Ra'asiel to fail his Arithmancy O.W.L. at the end of the term. However, he was fortunate enough to score a Poor and thus was allowed to repeat O.W.L.-level Arithmancy during his 6th year (an subsequently retake the exam at the end of the year). His other scores, despite all being passing grades, were also impacted by the stress of the term.
  • Spellbound Reported Topics:
    • Practical Advice from a Practical Raven (Kept Anonymous)
Sixth Year (1944-1945)
Ra'asiel prior to his haircut.
Ra'asiel made quite an entrance at the Opening Feast, holding hands with Mia Lorelei Kedding. To public knowledge, the two had been dating since the end of summer. In reality, however, the two had privately struck a deal to help one another appear more normal (and to enhance Miss Mia's financial coffers). In early October, Ra'asiel finally allowed his hair to be cut, adopting a more boyish style to attempt a more convincing act.

He was frequently seen hanging out with Caius and Casper when off on his own, though he made many new friends, including Elizabeth Cross and Ronnie Jay Bekham.During March of 1945, the boy became rather skittish for a week, and after had a new bounce in his step. He'd been confessed to by Caius, and the two began their secret romance.

6th Year Honours
  • Spellbound Reporter
  • Apothecary's Assistant (Hospital Wing)
  • Ravenclaw Prefect
June 7th, 1945 changed many things. The Germans invaded Hogwarts, and Ra'asiel was a witness to the death of Emma Grace Birch during what was supposed to be the Transfiguration final exam. He was concussed during the events of the day, and temporarily convinced that he'd also been killed. This resulted in a new fear of being both without his wand and having a wand pointed at him aggressively. Following the invasion, he hoped to never be caught unarmed again. He sought tutelage from Professor Aubrey Kedding in the way of wandless magic, something he otherwise kept to himself.
Seventh Year (1945-1946)


7th Year Honours
  • Spellbound TBD
  • Apothecary (Hospital Wing)
  • Ravenclaw Prefect


Additional Information

Known Associations

These are the individuals whom Ra'asiel is associated with publicly, as well as what their known levels of association are. This list is probably not complete, and will likely see changes occurring frequently. Please note that what sort of relationship Ra'asiel has with each individual may vary in reality from these perceptions.

Romances Best Friends Friends Dorm Mates Tutoring SMH


Likes Dislikes
  • Peach jam
  • His brothers (and their sweaters)
  • Playing piano
  • Inventing, Researching
  • Writing, Reading
  • Learning, Studying
  • Swimming, skinnydipping
  • Quidditch, Dueling
  • Flowers, Animals
  • Being helpful
  • Snakes (Currently secret)
  • Cold weather/Being cold
  • Hospitals
  • Divination
  • His parents
  • Blood Purism
  • People who are intimidating
  • Talking about himself
  • Being touched without warning
  • Overly loud people or situations
Ra'asiel is a generally a quiet, calm young man, though he has been indurated by years of unfortunate events. His curiosity for how things work and how they can work together in new configurations is perhaps his biggest weakness, as it can sometimes distract him from his surroundings. He is inquisitive and generally quite friendly, though he doesn't always know the right thing to say. Despite opening up a little more to his friends and being more than happy to go out of his way for them, Ra'asiel doesn't instill his trust in others easily, despite desperately wanting to. The majority of his life is kept fairly private.

Despite how rarely he talks about himself, Ra'asiel is always willing to help those in need, and rarely puts his needs before those of anyone else. To some, this is perhaps a major flaw, though he has been fortunate enough to know how to balance things so that he doesn't suffer for it.


Please note that the information listed here is very personal to Ra'asiel and is as such kept very secret.

Prior to going to summer camp for the first time, Ra'asiel had not been around very many others his own age. Summer 1942 introduced him to many of his current friends, as well as to Jasper Ezekiel Kedding, whom he very quickly developed a crush on, though he did not understand it at the time. He had not shown interest in anyone else before, so he had nothing to compare this feeling to.

By December of 1942, Ra'asiel had figured out his feelings for the other boy, despite not understanding why he felt them. So far as he knew, Zeke was the exception to the rule, and he was otherwise a normal boy. By this time, he still had yet to feel anything similar for anyone else, and so had no reason to doubt his logic.

Summer 1943 saw him struggling with the reality that he isn't quite like what a normal boy should be: After a series of events that involved poetry, kisses, and falling from a tree, he learned that he is, in fact, attracted to boys. Unfortunately for him, as certain summer events involved B. Foster, Ra'asiel has found himself wondering if he has developed a crush on the Gryffindor as well, an all too confusing situation.

Still, he has not ruled out girls entirely, and hopes that he might someday salvage some normalcy if he is able to confirm that he also likes girls. Thus far, his mission for the 1943-1944 term is to confirm that he does like girls, and that perhaps liking boys is just a phase. Unfortunately, his attempts to prove this hypothesis has only led to his catching and accidentally spreading Magical Mononucleosis. Oops.

The Kiss List (A.K.A. "A Journey Of Self-Discovery")


Ra'asiel, pre-growth spurt. Past FC: Anna Christine Speckhart
Face Claim: Edmond Roosendaal

Ra'asiel Albear has always had a very androgynous look to him, and until his recent growth spurt, he was always very easily mistaken for a girl. While at first he would correct others with little to no embarrassment (mostly just confusion), he began finding it tedious and embarrassing to have to do this more frequently. His androgyny has been impacted by a few factors, as discussed below.

Due to his condition, Ra'asiel has always been petite for his age. When he first went to Hogwarts at age 14, he was only 5'0" (152cm) tall and appeared to be rather delicate in size. During the term, he joined the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and began to gain a little bit of muscle tone from training, which made him appear less fragile and more lean by the end of term. Over the summer of 1943, Ra'asiel continued to play Quidditch, and also went through a growth spurt, in which he gained two inches (about 6cm) and gained a little more masculinity in his androgynous face.

Like many of his family, Ra'asiel has black hair and blue eyes. He keeps his hair long, preferring to have it tied back around others and only very rarely letting it down if he isn't alone (this often takes some coaxing, or Felix Oliveroot-Leontine outright stealing his hairband).

As far as clothing goes, Ra'asiel favors long sleeves and slacks, often dressing very nicely even in casual situations. The exception to this is the sweaters he often steals from his brothers, which are somewhat large on his smaller frame.

Past Face Claims:

  • Michael Tintiuc (1943-1944, prior to cutting his hair)
  • Anna Christine Speckhart (1943 through Summer Term, see photo above)
  • Jeanine Smith (1942)

Teumes the Fennec Fox

At the start of the 1943-1944 term, Ra'asiel received a fennec fox kit from his brother Azrael as a reward for making Prefect his 5th year. As is family tradition, he is raising the male kit himself in order to create a strong bond. For the duration of the school year, the fox remained unnamed, as Ra'asiel was hoping to find the perfect name befitting his new friend.

He is a white fennec fox with very soft fur, and of course the signature huge, fennec ears. He is surprisingly intelligent (perhaps partly from being around so much magic), curious, and rather playful. He is always looking for new playmates and getting into things he probably shouldn't. Ra'asiel has been training him not to try to eat every animal small enough to fit into his mouth, and has been... mostly successful. Thus far, Ra'asiel has been careful to warn his fellow Ravenclaws, and is also very attentive to where his pet is. He has a number of toys for him, and often uses them to distract him when needed.

So far, Ra'asiel is learning that owning a nocturnal pet may or may not have been a good decision. But really, who can resist such an adorable face?

During the Summer of 1944, after hearing tales of the Teumessian Fox from Caius Thorne, Ra'asiel finally decided on a name for his companion, choosing to call him Teumes. The name is rather fitting, as Teumes is constantly running about and really only allows himself to be caught if and when he can be.


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