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The Abbott Family ◆– @Amalryc Van Droombeeld or Stella Van Droombeeld | A family that once lived centuries on a large estate in Godrics Hollow. Which still remains to this day, and is used as a vacation home. Now has dwindled down to a small family living in Sleepy Hollow, New York. The oldest of two brothers, Ronald Abbott ventured to America with his wife in 1749. The remaining Abbott lines that remained in England eventually all died out or intermarried, losing the name. The surviving true Abbott's now all in America. The Abbott family is closely tied with a few powerful American pureblooded families, most notable the Van Droombeeld family.

Alcott ◆ @ Ellerie Saint Auxpris | Coventry, England | Upper-middle-class, mellow family. Tend to be progressive in ideals, have a strength in divination. Distantly related to the Saint Auxpris family, though they claim no real relation.

Alexandrov ◆—Š Russia | few remaining survivors | Pureblood family that worked with the Communists and scientific warfare with the militia for national defense and offense. Family excelled in Potions mastery worked for special unites wiping out their assigned targets. Much of the family was wiped out by communists due to misinformation. There are many who remain living with secret keepers to continue survival.

Applesnow ✤– | UK | Main family of Nonpareil Clan. Hate Dark magic, highly traditional, moralize, sort Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, hate Slytherins, typically produce members with weak magic. Golden eyes, most blonde, some red-headed.

Archambault ✤–– @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | France | Uncommon

Arundell ✤ @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe |—† Cornwall | Uncommon

Ashkevron ◆– @ Takeshi Morisawa | European nomads (originally Romanian)| possibly extinct| Ashkevron was a big name in the Middle Ages as a magical family excelling in Divination and Dreamcasting. Women were family heads, and the name was passed through the distaff line. Marriage was determined not only by pureblood status but also by Divination abilities. After much adversity with the communists, The family then went into hiding, becoming nomads and traveling frequently like gypsies. Ashkevrons are perceived as Dark wizards, but they see themselves as guardians.

Astor ✤ @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | Auvergne, France & Oxford, England | Torn in two by a formal schism in the 1800s, two branches of this family exist today: one flourishing in Oxford, and the other in the south of France. The head of the English branch has, in recent times, tried to make amends with the French head of family, but to no avail. Often very driven and stubborn, but have a tendency to dream.

AuditoreTuscany, Italy and United States | Common | After the Great War, part of the Auditore family immigrated to the United States in search of a better life or at least a place more peaceful. The family has grown quite prominent in Chicago, and they began to adopt other Italian wizarding families out in the US to protect them. An Auditore from the United States, is most likely a halfblood rather than pureblood but they still have the family standing and influence. The Auditore's that stayed in Italy are still mainly pureblood, and though they do not have as much influence in Europe than they used to, they get what they want.

BènolielFrance | Rare

BarbanovRussia | semi-rare | Stuffy, closeted, elite.

BlackbourneEngland | Mostly pureblood, though there are intermarriages here and there. Many of the Blackbournes might be described as down to earth sorts, filling the working class to middle class range, for the most part, though a few are better off. Not all of them attend Hogwarts.

Blackwell Chaucer ✤ @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | England | Fairly uncommon.

Birch ✤– @ Elizabeth Birch | England | This would be considered a fairly rare pureblood name, though there are a few still out there, most would be a bit removed from Elizabeth Birch and not really in her direct line. The core of the family tend to be the fanatically pure judgmental sorts, and a few 'dark wizards' have popped up among them. It's only a scandal if you're caught... and a few were.

Blythe ✤– @ Lydia Chant | Cornwall, England | Rich, inbred, proud. Like to think they’re running the show and are often very controlling of family members. Have a history of fondness for dark magic. Many of them live on a large estate outside the magical town of Tinworth. Like to be involved in the Ministry and just about everything else. Lots of ties with the neighboring Thatcher family. They were once renowned for producing seers, but that talent is much more uncommon in recent generations.

Carlisle ✤ @ Thomas Sincade | Cumbria, England | common | A pureblood family that likes and has money and power. They find great pride in their purity and the length of their family line. They family seat is in Cumbria, but you can find a Carlisle almost anywhere in Europe. Marriages are usually arranged, and need to be approved by the family head, the current one being Aloysius Carlisle.

Cassiopea ✤– @ Dewdrops Nyzx Cassiopea | Provence, France| Rare | The Cassiopea family was a long line of purebloods from the Middle Ages. Now the line has declined due to marrying of non-purebloods. That said, they are not elitist purebloods. They are kind, and usually have some kind of cconnection with nature and usually are good at divination. Consisting mostly of females. Almost all have fair skin and blonde hair. Some are not though.

Chant ✤– @ Lydia Chant | Cornwall, England | Small family, upper-middle-class in most cases. Generally don’t buy into the pureblood elitism.

Chaucer ✤– @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | England | The Chaucers are a relatively easygoing family, based in Catton, Norwich. Their wealth isn't quite as grand as some other pureblooded families, but they are by no means poor. Historically based in France, they are believed to have moved from Flanders to London in the early 1100s. Dwindling political influence, but that may be changing. Usually Ravenclaws but Slytherin is becoming a tend, recently. All of them are blonde. Forever.

Cherrywell ✤—† | UK | | UK | Secondary family of Nonpareil Clan. Hate Dark magic, highly traditional, moralize, sort Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, hate Slytherins, typically produce members with weak magic. Golden eyes, most blonde, some red-headed.

Dappercat ◆– Bristol, England | A dying line, the Dappercats are quickly losing their influence on the magical community. They are no longer stuffy and aristocratic as in centuries past, preferring instead to allow their line to die with what dignity they can preserve.

Darcy ✤– @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | England & Ireland |

Davies ◆—Š | UK | Rare | Besides a penchant for extravagant spending, not much is known about this clan. Most members make an extensive and generally successful effort to keep the details of their lives from becoming public knowledge. They appear to support the effort to keep magical blood lines pure. Many of them are or have been Unspeakables.

de Luca ✤– | @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | France & Britain | Uncommon

Draginoff ◆– @ Demetri Draginoff | Russia, Scotland | The Draginoff clan is a line of purebloods that can trace themselves back to about 200 years after the fall of the last Roman empire. Children of the line always seem to have blue eyes and many are blonde, though it is not uncommon to find some with black hair. The Draginoff men all stand at 6 feet or taller, and most are broad shouldered. Some sources say that squibs of the line are killed, and that most of the family shun those that marry muggles, if not kill them outright. None of the murders have ever been prosecuted.

Ellewood ◆ @ '" Draconia Yule Ellewood | Coast of Dublin | Extremely Rare | Has the same history as the similar Ellwood family. They were seperated by a single letter "E". Both were in the times of the plague. Elitists. Has a hidden kind heart. Rich. Most of the line are considered beautiful, perhaps in their own opinion but alot others do too. Most go to Slytherin or Charlemagne. Most are good in Dark Magic.

Ellwood-Luxe ✤—† Wales | Stuffy and self-righteous. Prone to brawls. Come from a long (long, long..) line of male heads-of-family. Tend to think they're a little more godly than the rest of the population. Lots of involvement in the Ministry. The head of family and his immediate relatives live at Disgleirio, the familial estate re-built in the 1500s, located at Sker Beach outside of Porthawl, Wales. About a thousand of them, and ten times more drama. Possibly a hyperbole, but probably not.

Ellwood ◆– England | Extremely Rare | Once a flourishing name in the Medieval ages, the bulk of the family was wiped out by the plague in the late 1200s. A few survived to carry on the name, but in modern age very few remain; and even fewer who can claim "pure" bloodlines.

Englund ✤—† Britain | Rare

Ennes ◆– @ Aislynn Periwinkle | Britain | nearly extinct | Found mostly in Britain. Open but limited- talk to me first since some of Marnie's relatives are now half-bloods and Marnie herself is 3/4 blood, if you are really wanting pure-blood status. Only one of her uncles married a pure-blood and they only had one child, so the possibility of producing anymore pure-blooded Ennes people is not likely.

Fonseca ✤ @Thomas Sincade | Spain and France | Rare | Supposedly the head of the family only has one heir, that is pureblood. The next in line for head of the family, is a squib, which means it does not look good for the future of the Family. Of course, there are also rumors that the current(and previous) head of the Family was rather promiscuous in his youth (and now). So there could be other Fonseca's out there, they just don't know it, yet.

Fontaine ✤– @Elodie Fontaine, Cecilia Aeon | Medium Rarity | Found throughout Europe, mainly France | The Fontaines are extremely wealthy Purebloods; perhaps not the wealthiest of all Purebloods in Europe, but definitely in the top half. The family believes that they are better than Purebloods at the same or lower level in society and are prejudice against all of those who aren't Pureblood. They live on large estates throughout France, each of which is home to a large amount of servants and house elves, and a lesser number of members of the Fontaine family. The base estate, which is the largest, is in the Alsace region of France. As of the 1930's, they are at a high social status, claiming multiple leading society positions, as they have been for at least a few centuries, but too long to get an exact date. Their highest social peak was centuries ago, but the air of those days still remains.

Guillory ◆ France | Uncommon

Heathrow ✤ @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | England, Scotland | Uncommon

Hir ◆—† Wales | Upper class, pureblood elitists

Hollow ◇—Š Cornwall, England | The Hollows are an English family, probably based round Cornwall way. I think I decided there was once a great Diviner a good few generations back but there's been no other sign of particular divination ability since (in fact I always played Ari's line as quite sceptical). I don't have much other information about them, except that the most recent graduates have been Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

Hurst ◇—Š England | Big bank roll. Like to be in charge. Multiply like rats. Think they're above the law - they paid for it. If they spit on the little guy its an honor to the little guy. Can you say inbred?

Ivanov ✤– @ Anneka Ivanova | Russia | This family tends to be pureblood elitists, nearly all have attended Durmstrang, and most are heavily involved in using dark magic/illegal practices. They tend to be wealthy and very traditional in their beliefs. The majority live around St. Petersburg, but some are in Moscow or other various parts of the country.

Kirwood ◇—Š Scotland & England | Unlike the Parrishes, if someone chooses to marry outside of the wizarding world, they aren't shunned, though they are encouraged to look to other witches and wizards.

Ko-Yi ◇—Š London,England; Scotland; originally from Korea prior to disunification | Hidden branch of the Imperial House of Yi (Josean era). Family founded and maintains a sanctuary village, the Third Kingdom, in Hogsmeade. Family compound is Jeundo Palace. The Kingdom is a sanctioned ally of the British Ministry. The family as well as the villagers are from persecuted shamanistic Korean clans. The royals use the surname of Kim or Choe. (Note - any and all references to Imperial Yi or shaman clans are fictional).

Labadie ✤ @ Margaret Labadie | France, UK | Upper-class Southern French family. Now have a branch in the UK, with their main family in France while the war rages on. Patriots, known for their stubbornness and strong opinions. Tend to be Gryffindors, with a few Hufflepuffs interspersed in there.

Lundgren ✤– @Elin Lundgren | Sweden, UK | Old Swedish wizarding family, some of which moved to England because of the war. Known for their abundant money and not very legal dealings with the wizarding underworld. They have a long history of purebloods in high places in society.

Lancaster ✤– @ William Lancaster | Kent, England | Wealthy, formerly elitist, scattered house affiliation with tendency for heirs to be placed in Ravenclaw. Long-standing rivalry with the York family.

Litchfield ✤– @Lincoln Litchfield | England | Black purebloods, upper-class with elitist tendencies. Born with heightened Div abilities, usually strongest in the main line. Typically Ravenclaws and Gryffindors.

Luciferan ✤ @ Elizabeth Birch | America, Italy

Mallory ✤– @ Eliza Mallory | France | Tend towards political and higher wizarding social circles, tend to stay in France and go to Beauxbatons for schooling.

Malken ◆ @ Esme Vartan | England & France | Upper-class, politicians. Roots in England, some of the family has expanded to Paris. Distantly related to Esme Vartan, tend to be redheads. Conservative family, though the younger generations are considerably more progressive, most tend to be Ravenclaws.

Mercier ✤– @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | England & France |

Morisawa ◆ @ Takeshi Morisawa | Japan | nearly extinct | The Morisawas are Japanese nobility. Highly esteemed in the pureblood community, they influence the Japanese Ministry of Magic, as well as Japanese muggle government. Traditional family. Elitists. Cling to old ways. It is rumored that their family holds some secrets to Dark Magic and still undergo illegal tormenting practices and experimentation. During WWII the majority of the clan was wiped out. There are few remaining main line descendants. Most are distant cousins.

Nergui ✤– @ Eliza Mallory or Belicose Razi | Northern China | Traditional Chinese pureblood wizarding family. Known for arranging marriages for their girls with purebloods of high standing in other countries. Values having girls for that purpose, which is not traditional for most Chinese families.

O'Connor or O'Conner (Don/Flay/Sligo) ◆– @ John OConner | Russia, East Germany, France, Ireland, USA, Scotland, & England |They are pureblood elitists overall, the Dons being the most severe blood elitists. Anyone who considers dating a muggle or a member of a mixed blood family is often disowned. The O’Conner Dons most often end up in politics or law and they are advocates of the end of the censorship of magic. They are descended from Conchobhar, King of Connacht (d.970). The O’Connor Flays are descended from O’Connor Flay, who in turn was descended of Cathaoir Mor, King of Ireland in the second century, and often intermarry the with members of the O'Conner Don sept. While also highly elitist, they are slightly more tolerant of mixed bloods and muggles than the O’Conner Don branch when it comes to magical schooling. Last but not least, are the O’Connor Sligos, who often intermarry with members of the O’Conner Don or O’Connor Flay septs. The members of this group are descended from the Amazonite Queen Maedb, ex-wife of Conchobhar, King of Connacht and are the most tolerant of mixed bloods, but not muggleborns.

O'Shae ◆– @ Aislin O'Shae |Newbridge, Ireland | A matriarchy since its establishment, one of the oldest still up and running in Ireland. They hold knowledge, wisdom and education over purity of blood, but would prefer it in their immediate family. They keep to 'the old ways.'Practicers of the dark arts, though normally in a beneficial nature. Traditionally marry off their children when they come of age. The Head and her immediate family reside in the O'Shae Estate, located on the banks of the river Liffey in Newbridge.

Oliveroot ✤– @ Robert Oliveroot | England | A family that has been around through hundreds of years, they’re most highly known for being a family of strong and intelligent women. They can trace their line from France and Ireland since the Black Death, and have moved through the years. A woman is always the Head of House, though recently things have been more difficult to convince men to take their name, so they're struggling to survive. Their estate is in Woodeaton, England, and have homes throughout the countryside.

Ouellet ✤ @ Kellen Douglass | France | The Ouellets are your typical rich, snobby purebloods, who prefer to associate with their own. Money speaks to them more than bloodline, although that is also important. But high class and social status are the goals of the Ouellets. And they have no problem letting others know when they feel like a person is beneath them.

Ollie ◇—Š England | And you get a ghost that you can claim any distant relation you want to.

Paladin ✤– @ Aries Paladin | England, Continental Europe | Uncommon | Upper class. Slytherins or Ravenclaws, a few Hufflepuffs. Linguistically talented, have a surplus of female children. Very open to marrying foreign purebloods. One of their inherent abilities, Parseltongue, was blocked centuries ago due to a curse being placed on the line, though is recently reviving.

Parrish ✤– @ Vera Hudson | Pureblood elitists, though there has been an odd black sheep or two that went off and married muggles or mixed bloods, but we don't talk about them.

Penberthy ✤– @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | Scotland, Wales | Uncommon

Pendragon ✤– @ Paras Pendragon | Pureblood elitists.

Pura ✤– @ Tallulah Pura | Family Seat in the UK | Semi-Common | Originated in Greece, the Pura clan are hidden in the shadows, favoring family, loyalty and justice rather than elitism and social standing. To prevent them from dying out, the Pura family is wellknown for producing several children and scatter around the world.

Quijano ◇ United States and Northern Mexico | Common Originated | from La Mancha, Spain. They disliked Windmills and Giants. Family is generally known to be hotblooded, and they have one diviner in each generation.

Razi ✤– @ Paras Pendragon or Belicose Razi | United Kingdom & Anguilla | The Razi is a pureblood British family that has worked hard to maintain the purity of it's lines, and the importance of its reputation.

Renard ✤– @ Chantal Renard | Southern France & England | Men are an exception in this family, with only two being born in the last hundred years (both of them recently). Mostly in Slytherin (and also strong for blood purity), but there are exceptions to that. Most family members have good knowledge about Dark Arts, but few are practicing them.

Renn ✤ @ Sylvia Renn | United Kingdom & France | Extremely old elitist family originating from Wales has expanded to most major cities in the United Kingdom, and more recently, into France. Traditional, proud, and known to cut out members that don't help social standing, they are still friendly to lesser bloods though would never do business with them. Involved in banks, the law, and their own loaning business. Mainly known for their huge and elaborate parties thrown at the main estate for English upper class purebloods.

Rivera ◆ @ Kaitlyn O'Sullivan | Spain, United Kingdom & United States | Common

Saint Auxpris ◆– @ Ellerie Saint Auxpris | France, England |Extremely upper-class, with high ties to the British Ministry of Magic. Known in multiple social circles due to numerous advantageous marriages, throw a killer holiday party.

Savage ◆– @ Hero Savage | Kensington, London | Rare. Only a few surviving members. Were significant in the Georgian era, however strict pureblood ideology and a series of bad turns saw their numbers dwindle dramatically. Now known for being almost extinct and slightly crazy. Upper middle class.

Schneider ◆– @ John O'Conner | Eastern Germany, Russia, England, Ireland, & USA | Upper class but with humble beginnings. They are known for being actively involved and influential in Wizarding Politics of Germany, Russia, and USA. Also, known to have some dark witches and wizards in its ranks. Frown down upon muggleborns, thinks mixed bloods are lower ranking than purebloods, but tolerant of them in the public eye.

Shan ✤– @ Asita Shan | Ireland and Scotland| uncommon| The Shan family has always been a small family with only two branches. Over the centuries, it has acclimated a large fortune, and still resides in the family mansion in the countryside of Ireland, or in a small collection of town houses in London. At the moment, there are only a handful of Shans left, which may increase if any of illegitimate children by the Head are discovered. Many of the Shans have pureblood supremacy ideals, but there are few who do not agree with that idea, effectively dividing the family in half. All Shans attend Hogwarts, and although many of them are sorted into Slytherin and Ravenclaw, it is known that some have been sorted into Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.

Shepard ◆—Š Rome, Italy | A family of mostly Ravenclaws, they tend to live in isolation and associate only within the family. Close-knit, they share family gossip as well as hereditary diseases and heart conditions.

Sky ◇—Š Ireland | The Sky family is mainly based in Ireland, but there are probably a few of them dotted around most of the British Isles by now. Primarily Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, the family hasn’t had a Slytherin since the early 1800s. Quite middle-class to working-class and quite relaxed with regards to decorum, and the later generations at least don't have any blood prejudice; there's been a few intermarriages with Muggleborns/halfbloods of late, opening the family name to halfbloods as well.

Thatcher ✤– @ Lydia Chant | Cornwall, England | The pureblood line is dwindling recently, but they are still very proud. Lots of intermarrying with the neighboring Blythe family.

Thorne ✤– @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | England | Rare

Throckmorton ✤ @ Dacian Ellwood-Luxe | England | Rare | Historically powerful in Muggle society, secretly helping the royal family of Great Britain magically until 1584 when Francis Throckmorton conspired against Queen Elizabeth I and was subsequently executed for treason. The family was forced to draw attention away from itself by drawing itself back and immersing itself more into magical culture by pulling mostly out of the royal court. The name is now very uncommon, only a few members still surviving. Historically a patriarchy, but the family has gone without one for some years, not having an of age male to take the place. The family seat is in Oxford, but seldom occupied. Rumoured to have been cursed sometime in the 1400s, because second sons never seem to survive much past adulthood. Historically high class, but have dropped slightly in recent years due to lack of members.

TibbleNorthumberland | Based in the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland, although now rather more widely spread. An old, medieval, family with a proud tradition of service, but not considered one of the 'great' pureblood families, because they have historically tended to be assistants and functionaries rather than movers and shakers. Considered by some to be blood traitors because they rarely insist on marrying into other ancient pureblood lines, and some younger sons have even married muggles. In the style of some muggle clans, the head of the family is called simply "The Tibble". Despite their obvious upper class English accents, which makes them sound distinguished to muggles, the family has a centuries-long association with Hufflepuff house.

Twitchett ✤ @ Lydia Chant | Cornwall, England | Once a large and proud family, they are now dwindling in numbers and fortune, in part because of a propensity for dark magic and an unfortunate lack of discretion.

Van Droombeeld ◆– @Amalryc Van Droombeeld / Primarily found in The US. Though the family has branched out back into Europe / The Van Droombeeld /van//druːmbɛld/, New York family of Sibson Van Droombeeld and his brother Winskin Van Droombeeld, is a wizarding American industrial, banking, and political family of German/Dutch descent that made one of the world's largest private wizarding fortunes in the iron works business during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, primarily through the ‘Illusions Stahl Company’. The family was heavily involved in many real estate construction projects, both muggle and Wizarding, in the U.S. during the 20th century. The family is also known for its long association with and financial interest in the Manhattan Abbot Wizarding Bank "MAWB". The Van Droombeeld's are seen as very contemporary, for such a blood elitist aristocratic wealthy Wizarding family.

Vartan ◆– @ Esme Faracy | Northern France & Switzerland | The family is spread out throughout Western Europe. Large majority of family members end up in Gryffindor. Middle to upper class, ties to the British and Swiss Ministries.

Vega ✤– @ Catharina Vega | Spain, Italy, England

Viggano ◆—Š Lombardi, Italy, North American Continent and Austria | Common | Viggano is a fairly common name in Italy, with some spatterings of the name in Austria, and America. In the past they were a very wealthy pureblood family, and quite influential, but after World War II their family name and blood purity began to decline in standing. The current head of the family does not seem bothered by it, even though some members of the family do wish to retain blood purity.

Warlach ◆ | Wales | Extremely Rare | Ancient name, based around a magical individual who was caught and branded as a witch in Britain in the medieval time. After his escape, he took the brand-- 'Warlock'-- back to his homeland of Wales (where witches were much less prosecuted) and used a morphed Welsh version as his family name from then on. The name has since all but died out.

Wortsley ◆Š England | A tendency to strong opinions on morality and feistyness, but decent people and not raised to cruelty. Neither rich nor poor, and not the sort you'd be likely to find as dark wizards. They are the sort of people who write strongly worded letters of complaint/admonishment to the newspaper, the Minister, etc.

YorkUlster, Ireland | Formerly Plantagenet. Moderately elitist. Long-standing rivalry with the Lancaster family.