Paula F Klein

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Paula F Klein
Biographical Information
Full namePaula F Klein
Born1 January 1922
BirthplacePortsmouth, England
ResidenceLondon, England
Blood StatusMuggleborn
EducationHogwarts, Hufflepuff
Physical Information
Family Information
SpouseAlexander Bright
ParentsErnest Klein, Virginia Rottooth
SiblingsGene Klein
Magical Characteristics
WandOak, Kneazle whisker, 13", Rigid
OccupationSecretary in Training in DMAC
Former Occupation(s)Photographer


Early Life

Growing up in Portsmouth, Paula never really felt like she fit in. She had a few friends but always felt different. She wasn't always a beauty. She suffered from childhood obesity; although, she wouldn't say she was suffering. She quite enjoyed herself. However, some of the meaner kids at school dubbed her Portly Paul. "Portly," due to her weight and being from Portsmouth. And "Paul" because her mum used to cut her hair, and it was always a wee bit too short, which tended to make her look like a boy.

Her mother (Virginia) overcompensated for her father's lack of affection. She bought her a lot of little gifts and baked her many treats, which didn't help with the obesity problem. Her mother never achieved greatness and tried to live vicariously through Paula. Her father worked overtime all the time as a manager of their local market. He doesn't know his children well. Her older brother, Gene, is gay. He was too insecure to stand up for Paula when kids bullied her at grammar school.


Paula was an odd duck, and the Sorting Hat threw her into Hufflepuff without a moment's notice. She drew a lot of attention wherever she went, though she would have preferred to be left alone her first year at Hogwarts. During her fourth year, she joined the Quidditch team but only sat the bench the entire season. If she had been put in the game, they might have been able to stop Slytherin from breaking their three-year Quidditch Cup streak.

She was busy trying to snog boys and didn't excel at her studies. She received two Exceeds Expectations when she took her O.W.L.s, Care of Magical Creatures and Potions, and one Outstanding for Muggle Studies.


During her last year in Hogwarts, Paula tried to find a rich wizard to fall in love with her, but she couldn't get any dates. That is until she sought out love potions. Her school crush was Alexander Bright. Quirky as he might have looked, he was a decent friend to her. She began using love potions to create a false sense of intimacy with Sandy. Knowing his hubris, she played it as if he were the one choosing to pursue her. He proposed to her on August 1, 1940. Whether that was from her seemingly endless supply of love potions or of his own accord, she was uncertain. He however felt in control and loved that almost more than he loved Paula.

They were married on September 4, 1940. It was a quaint ceremony. They honeymooned in their new home. Shortly after they wed, she became pregnant. There were complications, and they gave birth to an odd looking baby on April 11, 1941.

After giving birth, she tried to start a photography business, which failed. She began picketing the Ministry's law against muggleborn wizards and witches working within the Ministry. She was the first muggleborn hired by the Ministry once Pryce Hir lifted the bill. She was a known flirt and tried to get Pryce to fall in love with her to no avail. He may have lifted the ban on muggleborns, but he was not a lover of them.

She currently works as a Secretary in Training in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.


  • Spellbound Reporter 1937-1938
  • First Muggleborn Ministry Employee (post-blood status bill)


She is supposedly currently dating Alexander Bright.


The first thing most people notice about Paula F Klein is her height. She was one of the shortest people in her graduating class. There were even first years who were taller than her. She dresses brightly and garishly, drawing attention to herself through her attire. She wears her hair straight and down. When she was a kid, she was portly and tomboyish.

Appearance information
Height 4' 8"; 1.42 m
Weight 100 lbs; 45.4 kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Black - dark brown
Build Average
Other Great posture; right-handed.

Catch Phrases

  • "You gon' get Paul'd!"
  • "Butter my bread!"