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Nikolaus Kinsinger
Biographical Information
Full nameNikolaus Luitger Kinsinger
Born10 June 1919
BirthplaceBavaria, Germany
Blood StatusPureblood
Physical Information
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourBlue
Skin colourWhite
Family Information
SpouseLeo Melusina Brandt
SiblingsBastian Kinsinger, Petra Möller (adopted)
Other Family MembersGeorig Baaschbähr (cousin)
Magical Characteristics
Wandholly, chimaera fang, 12' 3/4" supple
OccupationHexenreich Member, Internal Research & Interrogation
Former Occupation(s)-

There are surgeons of science — and then there are butchers.

Born a second son to the austere Kinsinger line, Nikolaus was instilled with an acceptance of deep traditions - and these things swallowed him whole, rather than yielding to the grasping amorality of his conscience. The sort of man to pick apart the world and put it back as pleases him, his is an inquisitive and wasteful mind, put to use in the name of the Hexenreich.

But it's the mind's curiosity that makes it malleable; and the shape of the world that pleases him is the only one he's ever been taught.

A Brief History

Shallow, methodical and zealous, Nikolaus is the least likely man to be found in the position he's in, and the man you'd most likely want. A handful of terms under his scrutinizing eyes left an unpleasant impression on the Hogwarts populace, as well as lingering, more-or-less-subtle threats for its denizens to toe the line of the new regime. If his handling of students had been less then gentle, his encounters with the Resistance were decidedly vicious.

Following on the tail end (in cauda venenum) of his brother Bastian and cousin Georig's more orthodox careers, terrorizing school children isn't exactly the most illustrious of duties... but it's certainly been fruitful. Achievements include several personal vendettas, a generous amount of destruction, and a handful of casualties among The Resistance.

Hands now bloodied, he's ready to get them dirtier. For the ends justify the means, and Nikolaus has ever been a man to demand results.

Early Years

Nikolaus was born May 27, 1919 on the Kinsingers' ancestral lands in Bavaria, Germany; a scion of wizarding blood that remained largely secluded despite its magnanimous and patriotic stances, until the events of the Time Warp in his teenage years. He was early involved with the beginning movements of the Hexenreich, although only one of its baser members. As time passed, his involvement and notoriety would grow.

The Kinsingers having a very liberal view (or, at least, proselytizing aim) on muggleborn and halfblood wizards, Kinsinger's childhood companions included many who would later become notable Hexenreich members. These include Nadine Aleshire and Leo Melusina Brandt, as well as Petra Möller later in adolescence.

Following the Hexenreich Coup

Stationed at Hogwarts Castle as an "observatory" presence of the Hexenreich, he conducted numerous student "interviews" (read: interrogations) under the direction of Leo Melusina Brandt. Though unconfirmed officially, these reportedly included use of Unforgivables.

Nikolaus was also among the response party sent to investigate the hijacking of the Wizarding Wireless Network on New Year's Eve '46, by Former Minister of Magic turned Undesirable #1 Pryce Hir and Resistance member Viola Ross. Following capture of Viola Ross and husband Nathaniel Ross, he personally carried out the interrogation of both. No vital information was yielded, and ultimately both Rosses were rescued by The Resistance.

In July 1947, after a long-term investigation headed by Nikolaus into jazz club Tchaikovsky, it was concluded that its residents were colluding with, as well as harboring, Resistance members. Nikolaus took this into his own hands, which resulted in the murder of Arden Cadwallader and the razing of the club in the ensuing fight.


Face Claim: Bo Develius


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Noteworthy Misc.

Favored spells, noted quirks, weaknesses?

Hexenreich Activities

  • Advanced Interrogation
  • Specializes in Elemental Summoning