Ministry of Magic

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Ministry of Magic
HeadquartersWhitehall, London
Minister of MagicPryce Hir
IntentionsGovern the magical community of Great Britain
AffiliationInternational Confederation of Wizards


Early Years

Some things happened.


Some other things happened. Girls wore long skirts. Everyone had hats.

Selwyn Era

Marilla Selwyn was appointed Minister for Magic following the shocking assassination of the former Minister, Elspeth Redgrave, during a speech at Hogwarts School. Minister Redgrave believed strongly in the concept of blood purity, and had sought to create a separate school for Muggleborns and those with significant Muggle ancestry. The new school, nearly complete in its construction, was destroyed in an explosion shortly after Regrave's assassination.

Minister Selwyn abandoned nearly all of the policies of her predecessor, supporting co-education of muggleborn and pureblood students, and continued the stance held by many past Ministers that certain magic was too dangerous to be allowed unrestricted use by Wizards.

During the later part of Selwyn's tenure, three students were witnessed to have been murdered with the use of a killing curse during a Quidditch game at Hogwarts School, and a break in occurred at Gringotts, long believed to be among the most secure banks in the world. An auror training programme for young people, The Advanced Guard, was instituted as a response to these event as well as to other reports of increasing criminal activity, and to counter-act a rising social and political movement agitating for looser restrictions on spells. During the Spring of 1933, aurors of the Advanced Guard and students engaging in a practice session by the Hogwarts Lake were said to have been attacked by persons unknown, which led to the death of another student and several arrests. The attack cast doubts in the minds of many on the Ministry's ability to protect the public from deadly harm. Some wondered if they wouldn't be better off protecting themselves...

St. Auxpris Era

During the Summer of 1974, vast and sweeping change began at the Ministry of Magic. Allegations of corruption and illicit activities arose surrounding Minister Selwyn, leading to her resignation at the behest of a majority of the Wizengamot. The then Head of the Department of International Cooperation, Pieter St. Auxpris, was quickly tapped to replace her. During the following months, Minister St. Auxpris, a supporter of the quickly growing political movement known as The Order, launched investigations into mishandlings of past criminal cases, replaced several Department Heads and other major officials, and lifted the ban on many spells once classified as illegal 'Dark Magic,' including allowing the Killing Curse to be used for self defence when the caster had reason to believe that his or her life was at grave risk.

The Ministry also created a new position to review the practices at Hogwarts School. Francis Turin was appointed as Head of Magical Education. The former Auror training programme, the Advanced Guard, was soon disbanded, but efforts to alter other aspects of the curriculum at Hogwarts met with resistance from much of the staff. Still, efforts continued, and the pressure on Hogwarts to bring itself in line with the current laws was increasing by the day...

Beauchamp Era

Hir Era


Ministers of Magic

Current Personnel

Minister's Office

  • Minister for Magic: Pryce Hir
    • Senior Undersecretary: Richard Ricardus
      • Assistant to the Sr Undersecretary: NPC
    • Junior Undersecretary: NPC
      • Assistant to the Jr Undersecretary: NPC
    • Assistant to the Minister: Florence Prothero
    • Secretary of Social Affairs: NPC
    • Secretary of Highly Complicated Documents: NPC

Department of Magical Law Enforcement

    • Administration:
      • Nathan Dwyre
    • Head of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office: Thomas Smiles ((NPC))
    • Head of Improper Use of Magic Office: William Jefferson ((NPC))
    • Head of Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects: NPC
    • Head of Magical Education: NPC

Department of Magical Accident and Catastrophes

    • Head of Department: NPC
    • Head of Accidental Magic Reversal Squad: NPC
    • Head of Obliviator Squad: NPC
    • Head of Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee: NPC
    • Head of Invisibility Task Force: NPC
    • Head of Muggle Liaison Office: NPC

Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

    • Head of Department: NPC
    • Assistant Head: NPC
    • Head of Beast Division: NPC
    • Head of Being Division: NPC
    • Head of Spirit Division: NPC
    • Head of Goblin Liaison Office: NPC
    • Head of Centaur Liaison Office: NPC
    • Head of Pest Advisory Board: NPC
    • Head of Misinformation Office: NPC

Department of International Magical Cooperation and Magical Justice

    • Head of Department: NPC
    • Head of International Magical Trading Standards Body Office: NPC
    • 'Head of International Magical Office of Law: NPC
    • International Confederation of Wizards, British Seat: NPC
    • Head of Applied Justice and Public Information: NPC
      • Adjudicators: Unlisted
      • Public Re-education Office: NPC

Department of Magical Transportation

    • Head of Department: NPC
    • Head of Floo Network Authority: NPC
    • Head of Broom Regulatory Control: NPC
    • Head of Portkey Office: NPC
    • Head of Apparation Test Centre:

Department of Magical Games and Sports

    • Head of Department: NPC
    • Head of British and Irish Quidditch League: NPC
    • Head of Official Gobstones Club: NPC
    • Head of Ludricrous Patents Office: NPC

Department of Mysteries

Magical Social Affairs

Magical Maintenance Department

    • Head of Department: NPC
    • Head of Security: NPC
    • Head of Lobby and Reception Area: The Welcome Witch
    • Head of Magical Maintenance Office: