Marilyn-Rose Wilson

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Marilyn-Rose Wilson
Biographical Information
Full nameMarilyn-Rose Wilson
Born15th May 1942
BirthplaceScarborough, Yorkshire
Blood StatusPart-Veela
ClassClass of 1959
Past TitlesQuidditch Captain
Head Girl
D-Squad Member (Heels)
Physical Information
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourGreen
Skin colourLight
Family Information
ParentsCarlotta Wilson (nee Alder)
Damien Wilson
SiblingsCarolyn Wilson
Dorothy Wilson
Magical Characteristics
Dancer/Waitress at the snake pit
Former Occupation(s)Student
LoyaltyHuffepuff house
Wilson Family
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Marilyn-Rose Wilson is currently a graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she can be found working in the St Mungos as a Junior Healer- in the Pharmacy, or in her Greenhouses practicing Herbology.



Marilyn-Rose Wilson was born to the Wilson family, on April 15th, her family already consisted of Carolyn, her older sister- who was four at the time. The Wilson family run a cafe, where they make their own pastries and use their own coffee recipe. This cafe is a central part of Marilyn's life, as it fuelled her obsession with coffee.

During the first few years of her life, Marilyn grew up, sharing a room with her sister. The family had a three-bedroom house, but the third bedroom was a study, and the girls room was big enough to share the two of them. Marilyn and her sister got on famously, Carolyn liked to look after her sister, using Marilyn as her personal doll. And Marilyn adored her sister,

Then, when Marilyn-Rose was six, her younger sister, Dorothy, was born. This changed everything about her life, Marilyn and Carolyn both lost a lot of their freedom, as they looked after their little sister. They also lost a lot of their toys, and their mother became more and more tired. Eventually, the two girls started to work in the café, waitressing, or being baristas. Or, they would babysit Dorothy, though Carrie tended to ignore her duties, and pass them off onto Mari- who was willing to help her sister out.

The first signs that she was a witch happened before Dorothy was born, when Marilyn was three. The family often visited the seafront, and Marilyn and Carolyn would play together. In the surf, never too deep, as the waves were often rough. However, their parents would be happy with the two girls wading in the water. If she really concentrated, Marilyn could make starfish appear at her feet. She didn't conjure them from thin air, rather summoned them from the ocean's depths. By the age of nine, Marilyn was capable of making rare species of crabs and starfish gather around her.

After Dorothy’s birth, Marilyn became more and more unnoticed, being the middle child. She didn’t seem to share Dorothy’s angelic looks, or Carolyn’s goddess like appearance. Her accidental magic was the only thing that really stood her out, well, that and her ability to make the most incredible coffee. Up until she got her Hogwarts letter, Marilyn kept her accidental magic to herself, knowing that nobody would believe her. The Wilson’s were incredibly amazed to find out their daughter was a witch.


First Year

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Second Year

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Third Year

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Fourth Year

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Fifth Year

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Sixth Year

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Seventh Year

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Year Book

Yearbook Comments
Clinton Litchfield [a photograph—the magical kind—of a garden gnome with a D painted across its shirt has been pasted into Marilyn-Rose Wilson’s yearbook. the gnome keeps making very rude gestures at whoever happens to be looking at it.]


I look forward to being able to nap uninterrupted once you're gone for good.

Now, some life advice: Don't stop baking -- cupcakes make a good bribe. Listen to the blackbirds at sunrise -- they know what they're talking about. It's only murder if you get caught. --Taurus

Henry Reed mary watson,

thank you for being a big sister all these years and for encouraging my (totally not) nerdy interests. you made an amazing head girl.

harry red

Luella Jones Hope we can put everything in the past and become friends in the future. Good luck in the real world, Pink Satan

-L. Jones xoxo

Calliope Amberghast MRW,

I havent known you long but there's a determination there strong, soul searching

Don't lose it.

hope being an adult is worth it all

Poppy A.

Ella Galanis Mari,

Thank you for all the sweet treats -- I'll miss your lemon tarts.

I'm a letter away if you ever need me, whether that's in ten days or ten years.

Don't forget about me too quickly, Ella

Clara Darcy You were a great head girl. We're all going to miss you. You're voice doesn't sound like the dying sounds of a squished frog and you definitely don't look like one either.

I'm lying. :)



After having her heart broken (don't feel sorry for her it was entirely her own fault this time), Marilyn found herself without a place to stay post-hogwarts, so instead decided to take a leap and move to America. This was due to a number of reasons, such as the increasing job offers as her sister had already gone across the pond, the fact she could easily get a side job as a cheer coach, and her need for something new and something bigger.

So Marilyn went, and took that leap, and then stayed there for three years. She occasionally wrote to some of her closest friends, mostly kept her smile up and did exceptionally well for herself, as she ended up with a lot of work-- mostly due to the joys of nepotism and her (unknown) veela blood. Sending money home to help keep her littlest sister with new books and nice things, as well as generally to help out her parents, Marilyn thrived in the sun.

However, like most things this came to an end, and soon Marilyn-- presumably in a brief period of insanity-- left the country to return home to rainy England.



Having returned to England, picked up from the airport by one Newton Mariner, Marilyn managed to find a flat for herself and her many, many plants. To make ends meet, she ended up picking up a job at the Snake Pit in June 1962, though that did stretch her a little thin with the price of rent, fortunately a pregnant Shirley Webb moved in shortly after in July.