Mara Cole

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Mara young.jpg
Mara Cole
Full nameMara Laine Cole
BornJuly 16, 1952
Blood StatusHalf-Blood
ParentsAsher Cole & Vera Cole
SiblingsJulia Cole, Miranda Cole, Ren Cole, Dahlia Cole


Mara had an unfortunate start to life, as her birth caused her mother’s death. She has only ever known her mother to be a ghost and figures some mothers are just like that. She is closest to her father, as most of her siblings have already left for Hogwarts and her mother teaches there as well. Her sister Dahlia is still at home but doesn’t seem to like her very much. Mara figures that’s just what sisters are like, too.

With her siblings and mother not always around and her father working, Mara has spent most of her time at the Daycare. She enjoys playing with the other children there and doesn’t realize how different her family is from most others.