Lysander Stone

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Biographical Information
Full nameLysander Gawain Stone
Born20th August 1944
BirthplaceLondon, England
ResidenceHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Blood StatusHalfblood
Physical Information
Hair colourBlond
Eye colourBlue
Skin colourFair
Family Information
ParentsMichael Stone, Tabitha Winters
SiblingsCyrus Stone (deceased)
Other Family MembersAgrippa Oceanus (Step Father)
Magical Characteristics
WandHolly, Dragon Heartstring, 12 1/4 inches
Special AbilityMagical Empathy


Early Life Pre-1954

Lysander was born to a muggle mechanic and a halfblood witch. After his father was sent home from the Western Front due to a war injury, they wasted no time in creating a life for themselves. They lived simply and happily without magic of any kind. The early death of Lysander's brother Cyrus proved to be too much for the couple, and Lysander was taken by his mother to join the wizarding world. It was a difficult time for Lysander, who attempted to run away from home several times.


Lysander attended AB&C Daycare. Met and befriended Imogen Renard. Met and befriended Beatrice Caulfield. In the summer he attended Camp Loki, where he fell in love with Marilyn-Rose Wilson.


Attended Hogwarts. Highlights include being rejected by Marilyn, breaking an arm playing Quidditch, buying his pet toad, Tsathoggua, surviving an acromantula in the forbidden forest, surviving a werewolf in the school quad, acting as bookkeeper for the Marquis' twins pranking service, testing potions for Lia, winning the quidditch cup, house cup, and dueling competition, and making many good friends.


Attended Hogwarts, held back due to behavioral issues so repeated his 'first' year. Made new enemies in Clara Darcy and Christoph Grey. Continued acting as bookkeeper for Mischief Managers, taking part in DSquad. Met Ronnie Beckham, a Healer at St. Mungos, who diagnosed him with Magical Empathy. Behavioral problems worsened. Made it to the Dueling Finals before being knocked out. Won the Quidditch cup. Fell in love with both Laurel Douglass and Astro Marquis.

Education and Resume


Muggle schooling 1951-1953
Informal Home Education 1953
AB&C Daycare 1953-1955
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 1955-present

Hogwarts Transcript

1955-1956 Term (Firstie)
Ancient Ruins Fail
Arithmancy Fail
Conjuring/Summoning Salutatorian
Divination Pass
Herbology Valedictorian
History of Magic Fail
Muggle Studies Pass
Potions Fail
1956-1957 Term (Repeat First Year)
Arithmancy Fail
Potions Pass
Conjuring/Summoning Validictorian
Transfiguration Pass
Herbology Salutatorian
Care of Magical Creatures Pass
History of Magic Fail
Magical Defense Fail

Honours and Skills

  • Camp Loki Duel Victor '55 (Junior Duelists)
  • Hogwarts Dueling Champion '56
  • Hogwarts Dueling Finalist '57
  • Hogwarts Hufflepuff Quidditch Team '55-'57
    • Interhouse Cup Winner '55-56, '56-57
  • Hogwarts Library Assistant '55-'57
  • Hogwarts Hospital Wing Apothecary '55-'57
  • Hogwarts Student Paper Writer '55-'57
  • Hogwarts Teaching Assistant '56-'57 (Potions)