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Created byMargaret Harkiss
Branch of MagicCharms
Intended effectsImbues tea leaves with the caster’s intention/question aimed to better divine the future
Taught InHerbology



Whilst frustrated with her innate ability to divine fortunes for Divination, specifically Tasseography, Margaret Harkiss attempted to shortcut her way through class with the use of Charms as a method to divine futures more effectively. This enabled what would ordinarily be seen as random specks of loose leaf tea against a white porcelain cup to more visible images able to be interpreted by the human eye. Images such as trees, humans, animals, or man made structures would be made more apparent, enabling them to better interpret their tea reading results.

This method of divination was practiced by Hogwarts students during Lesson 2 of Herbology class in the Winter of 1956-1957.


Imbu is Latin for wet or stain and object completely with a certain quality.

Known Uses

Tasseography interpretation.

Casting and Effects



Magical Rules

The spell's effects are best used if one is already good at Charms and/or Divination. The stronger the spell caster, the more clear the results. Successful implementation of the Imbibeme spell requires concentration on the intent of the question asked. It is also highly recommended not to touch the leaves in case one wishes to ask questions about another person. Touching imbued leaves will leave a mark of the person, distorting or creating bias in the results. Thus, levitation and magical handling of the leaves should be utilized from harvesting the leaves when they are ripe to steeping them when they are dried.